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NFT and art: Cutting-edge duo

NFT and art: Cutting-edge duo
Art has been accompanying the life of people from the beginning of time. But today, under the influence of tech progress, there appeared new ways to interact with it. Now we can observe the rise of digital art that can be sold and bought in the format of non-fungible tokens.
Art NFTs can be explained as unique tokenized artworks that have their market value. Over time flow their value can increase making it a more appealing piece for collectors. NFT art marketplaces unite artists, creators, designers, art lovers, traders, investors, and collectors from all over the world.

White label NFT art marketplace development

White label NFT art marketplace development
By using a white label solution instead of NFT art marketplace development from scratch, you can significantly streamline the project realization and reduce its costs. You can choose one of the available scripts that will have the desired structure and functionality and further customize it.
While label art NFT marketplace platforms can be branded in accordance with your corporate style and fully adjusted to the needs of users. Such solutions stand out from the row for their great scalability and flexibility as well as for a high level of ensured security.

Types of NFT Art

Digital versions of paintings can be presented in the form of NFTs for boosting their visibility.
Prominent paintings on the walls can be also minted as NFTs to attract the attention of collectors and art lovers.
Visual art
Tokenized visual art has great potential in the market and can bring high revenues to its creators.
This type of modern art has a huge army of fans and tokenization can push its value significantly higher.
AR and VR digital works are a new era in the art industry which explains the increased interest in them.
3D art
Tokenized versions of 3D print structures can become a good source of revenue for artists and collectors.
Digital twins
These are digital versions of real-life physical objects that are available to users in the form of NFTs.

How can artists benefit from tokenizing art as NFTs?

How can artists benefit from tokenizing art as NFTs?
NFT art marketplaces are gaining popularity among artists and designers who want to list their works. And there are several reasons for that. First of all, it is a convenient way to make their artwork visible and get fame globally.
Secondly, by selling digital art they can get good profits. They can indicate the desired prices as well as hold auctions. Moreover, artists and designers get royalties every time collectors resell NFTs. And there is a row of other benefits related to the protection of artists’ rights and the prevention of any fraudulent activities.

Why NFT art platform for Designers?

Why NFT art platform for Designers?
The NFT space also attracts graphic designers who are looking for new ways to present their works to a wide audience which can help them to give a new boost to their careers. Thanks to NFT digital art marketplaces, designers get an additional opportunity to monetize their work and get royalties in the future.
The interest in art NFTs from the side of collectors and investors is continuously growing. It means that designers can expect to attract a new wave of attention to their works and greatly strengthen their positions in the market.

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What helps you to earn with NFT art marketplace development?

Guaranteed royalty
Guaranteed royalty
NFT creators and artists will get royalties for every sale of their digital artwork via the platform.
NFT art sales
NFT art sales
Digital art is popular among collectors and thanks to auction systems creators can get the highest profits.
NFT art purchases
NFT art purchases
NFTs gain value with time flow. That’s why by buying and reselling NFTs, you can earn good amounts of money.
Staking & selling
Staking & selling
Investors can purchase and further sell digital art on different marketplaces to optimize their opportunities to earn.
No copyright breaches
No copyright breaches
NFT owners get entire ownership of digital art. The artwork can’t be modified, misused, or replicated.
No fraudulent activities
No fraudulent activities
As NFTs are stored on the blockchain, all transactions with them stay transparent and can be easily tracked.
No misattribution
No misattribution
Every digital artwork that is available on a marketplace always includes the identity of its creator.

What will you get with a white-label crypto art NFT marketplace?

Ready-made solution Ready-made solution
You can use a script of a reliable marketplace that will let users buy NFTs and phygital NFTs.
Customizable branding Customizable branding
Your art NFT marketplace can be branded in full accordance with your individual style.
Quick and easy setup Quick and easy setup
It won’t take long to prepare white-label art NFT marketplaces for the launch.
Decentralization Decentralization
Digital art marketplace NFT transactions will be conducted in a transparent and decentralized way.
Access to advanced features Access to advanced features
For your platform, you can choose the most innovative and highly-demanded functionality.
Security Security
White-label NFT art marketplaces offered by our team demonstrate a high level of data and asset protection.

Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • #1Admin Dashboard

  • #2Buyer Website & Application / Storefront

  • #3Easy buying and selling

  • #4Multiple payment options

  • #5Creator tools

  • #6Configurable fees

  • #7Multichain

  • #8Ready gateways

  • #9Customizable UI

  • #1024/7 support

  • #11Auction

  • #12Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

  • #13Authentication using crypto wallets and social networks

  • #14Making offers

  • #15Direct Sales

  • #16Fractionalized NFT

  • #17External collections

  • #18Real business tokenization

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Our expertise in sports NFT marketplace development

NFT launchpad development
Your digital art NFT marketplace can become a reliable platform for projects’ and artists’ crowdfunding.
NFT vesting solutions
With vesting features, NFT creators can lock and release tokens to attract attention to artworks.
NFT staking platform development
NFT staking and related rewards can become a good source of passive income.
Custodial NFT solutions
Thanks to such solutions, you can facilitate the way of managing private keys for marketplace users.
NFT wallet development
We can add a safe wallet to your NFT fine art marketplace for storing non-fungible tokens.
Crypto & fiat integration
By integrating both fiat and crypto payment options, you can enhance user experience.
Crypto wallet integration
A secure crypto wallet will help to ensure immediate transactions, as well as safe storage of users’ assets.
NFT marketing & promotion
There are special tools for increasing the recognition and visibility of NFT digital art.
NFT aggregator development
With this solution, users will get access to digital artworks on different marketplaces.
NFT security
You need to implement advanced tools to protect your digital art NFT marketplace from hacker attacks.

You can create digital art NFT marketplaces like

OpenSea was the first decentralized marketplace for non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers the possibility to tokenize various assets, including but not limited to different kinds of digital artworks. It is a non-custodial marketplace. Users can create NFTs, buy, and sell them. Traders can interact directly with each other and have full control over their crypto wallets on the platform.
It is one of the most well-known marketplaces and digital art galleries. But there is one thing that makes it different from the majority of similar platforms. Users can choose from several blockchains such as Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow to create their NFTs. You can launch a similar platform and enrich it with additional features.
It is a marketplace for curated crypto art that unites collectors, artists, and curators. The platform is built on Ethereum. Artists need to create their works authentically on the network and each piece of art is tokenized as a digital collectible asset. The functionality of your fine art NFT marketplace can fully resemble what SuperRare offers to its users from all over the world.
For your white-label NFT art marketplace platform, you can choose the model of Decentraland. Decentraland offers its users to create a fully virtual world and via its marketplace people can buy various items for that. While you are selecting items on the marketplace (such as wearables, land, names, etc.) you can view detailed information related to these assets, such as the history of transactions, rarity, etc.
Nifty Gateway
Nifty Gateway
It is a curated marketplace that has all the required tools and features for selling, buying, and storing digital artworks and collectible Nifties. The platform cooperates with the most prominent modern artists and well-known brands. And the result of this collaboration can be limited-edition collections of high-value NFTs that are available exclusively on Nifty Gateway. Your platform can be enriched with the same features but be launched under your unique brand.
It is a zero-fee NFT marketplace that runs on the Solana network. Users can buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens by connecting their wallets, Sollet Chrome browser extension, or Phantom. The platform provides tools for establishing communication between buyers and sellers as well as for launching new projects via the launchpad. You can opt for this marketplace script if you believe that the offered functionality is close to your project goals.
It was one of the first blockchain games in the world. It provides players with the possibility to create a furry friend of their dreams by breeding the rarest kittens. The platform also has its own Wrapped CryptoKitty token. Users can buy and sell kitties on the Ethereum blockchain, collect different types of unique Cryptokitties and even create their families which is possible via breeding two kitties. The entire idea looks quite engaging for users and you can use it as a core for your platform.
Today the collection includes over 10K unique collectible characters on Ethereum. The marketplace allows everyone in the world to sell, buy and trade Cryptopunks with any other person. While some characters are affordable for wide circles of users, the rarest punks can cost a fortune and represent special interest for collectors. This NFT marketplace is widely recognizable but with a white-label solution, it is possible to fully brand it to highlight the identity of our project.
The Alibaba NFT marketplace welcomes artists, writers, musicians, and other creative individuals on its platforms and provides them with the possibility to offer their works for auctions in the form of non-fungible tokens. The platform greatly focuses on copyright and ensures full protection for creators. The script of this marketplace will allow you to reduce the time required for building a platform with the same functionality.
Zed Run
Zed Run
Zed Run boasts high popularity in the crypto community today. It is a horse racing game that provides users with different earning opportunities. Horses are in-game NFTs and they have different attributes that have a great impact on the value of each non-fungible token. Players can participate with their horses in tournaments, trade them and breed them for gaining more profits.
Art Blocks
Art Blocks
It is a generative art NFT platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can choose a style that they like, pay for content generation, and receive content created by an algorithm. Now the platform also has a secondary marketplace that provides collectors with convenient tools for browsing NFTs from all the Art Blocks collections on different platforms. With a white-label solution, your platform can have the same capabilities.

NFT Marketplace Platforms



Our NFT art marketplace development company needs to deeply study your requirements.
BA and estimates
After gathering the necessary info, we will set timelines and provide you with estimates.
Blockchain network selection
Based on all the requirements, we will help you to choose the appropriate network.
UI/UX design
The interfaces of your NFT art marketplace will be created in accordance with modern design trends.
Token development
Unique tokens will be built to be used in transactions on your NFT art marketplace.
Smart contract coding
Our developers will build smart contracts that will be required for your platform to functione will develop smart contacts that will be necessary for your platform’s functionality.
IPFS and DB storage setup
Developers will ensure safe solutions for storing data and NFTs in your platform.
fter that, the frontend, backend, as well as databases and IPFS of your marketplace should be integrated.
All components of your NFT art marketplace will go through a series of manual and automated tests.
Our developers will proceed to the platform deployment after preparing the environment for it.
Post-launch support and maintenance will also be offered to you if you work with our company.
Promotion and marketing
To attract users’ attention to your NFT platform, you need to take care of its market positioning.


Do you provide NFT art marketplace consulting?
Our NFT art marketplace development company has rich expertise in this sphere and our specialists have a deep understanding of all the ongoing market demands and trends. That’s why if you need professional consultation related to the development and launch of an NFT marketplace for art, we will do our best to help you.
What are the advantages of using a white label NFT art marketplace?
The key benefits of using a white-label solution instead of developing an NFT crypto art marketplace from scratch are related to the possibility to reduce project costs and to ensure faster time to market. You will rely on a ready-made solution but you will be able to customize it and release it under your brand name.
Do you provide support for a white label NFT marketplace?
Yes, our team has enough skills, knowledge, and expertise that are required for providing software support services. We can continuously monitor the performance of your NFT art marketplace to maintain and update it when it is necessary.
What is the cost of white label NFT marketplace development?
The cost of NFT art marketplace development depends on a wide range of variables, including but not limited to the scope of work, the complexity of your future solutions, the desired functionality, the required tech stack, the size of the team, and others.
What are the top features of white label NFT art marketplace development?
The list of key functionality typically includes user onboarding, NFT minting and listing, bidding tools, payment options, and an NFT wallet. But your platforms can be also enriched with other unique features that will correspond to your project goals.

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