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Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

We create robust NFT marketplaces with multiple security levels and variable features to help you ride the hottest wave of the crypto world. We offer a full range of services, from marketplace development and maintenance to the creation of the NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Development
We thoughtfully develop user-centered NFT marketplaces where the users can easily create and trade their non-fungibles.
NFT Marketplace Support and Maintenance
With the immensely growing NFT market, you need to always stay in demand with the new features and updates. We offer ongoing support for your NFT marketplace to keep all the third-party upgrades tuned, software updated in time and all the nodes are up and running well.
NFT Smart Contract Development and Audit
We are ready to develop clear smart contracts and audit the existing ones to ensure the error-free functioning of smart contracts and bug-free processing of automated transactions for the most beneficial user experience.
NFT Development
Our team will create the non-fungible tokens for your marketplace and develop a platform feature that will let any user mint their own assets and non-fungibles.
Business Analysis
We would analyze your business needs to offer you the best solution for conquering the world of NFTs. Detailed research will help us to build an NFT marketplace that benefits both your company and the customers.
UI/UX Design
For such a revolutionizing sphere as NFT, the look and navigation of the marketplace really matter. We will create a smooth UI/UX design for a seamless and effortless selling and token creation process.

NFT Use Cases

Crypto Collectibles
The non-fungible nature of NFT is the best format for tokenizing the unique and rare items, the cards of famous football players or hyping digital collections such as Crypto Punks or The non-fungible nature of NFT is the best format for tokenizing the unique and rare items, the cards of famous football players or hyping digital collections such as Crypto Punks or Apes. The market of NFT collectibles is vast and demands well-designed marketplaces for sales and auctions.
As the earliest adopters of the technology, gaming projects use NFTs to create virtual real-life economies around gaming assets. Gamers can easily transfer their in-game assets like skins, avatars, and even the character attributes between the platforms and projects. Digital proof of authenticity provided by NFT allows users to really own all the objects.
Trading Marketplace
As the NFT market expands more and more users are willing to trade their assets, virtual properties, art objects, and collectibles. Launching your own decentralized NFT marketplace will set you for success in the growing and thriving industry. We will help you to create a platform resonating with your business idea and grant the branding of your project.
Content Subscription
With the use of NFT any public figure, celebrity, artist, or content creator can tokenize their knowledge and content, allowing their followers to buy a subscription and never miss any updates. It helps the content creators stay completely independent on any platform or authority while offering personalized content for the fans.
game for cryptocurrency
Thanks to the NFT technology artists from all around the world can tokenize any type of artwork and then openly and truthfully sell it on the NFT marketplaces without worrying about copyright violations and content thieves. Exposing their works on the NFT marketplaces helps creators to reach an even wider audience.
With the application of NFT, musicians can sell their music as non-fungible tokens and also get paid for their singles and releases. Create an NFT music sharing and streaming platform to attract visitors and provide the artists with full control over their content and royalties and eliminate piracy.
Real Estate
Join the revolution in the real estate market by launching your NFT marketplace, where the real estate agents and investors can digitize their properties, publish the offers and start the discussions and negotiations. The virtual maps of the real estate will help potential buyers and tenants to pick the best option and bid for it as well as purchase it as a digital asset.
Software companies
The software producers can apply the NFT technology to manage the licenses for their products. Each product is minted as a non-fungible token and thus signed and authenticated by the author. Every product purchase can be verified, tracked, and confirmed by the app owner.
Build an NFT platform for exposing and selling the best captured moments and memories minted as NFTs. With the integration of blockchain technology any picture, photo or video can be transformed into a valuable digital asset that can make their authors enormous amounts of money.
Enter a new era of the Internet, join an exciting new sphere rapidly gaining massive adoption and create a game-changing virtual experience using AR and VR technologies combined with NFT. Be among the first to offer an immersive experience of the innovative concept that soon will transform the way people engage digitally.
Be among the first to offer a huge audience of sports lovers digital opportunities to engage with their favorite activities. Create an NFT marketplace for the rare, trump, and unique sports cards and limited content by the stars of sports and attract numerous sports enthusiasts and players.
Get and hold a big variety of domains, use smart contracts to mint them as non-fungible tokens and put them for sale on your own NFT marketplace. Offer an ownership of a diverse ledger for any website or business owner who might need it now or in the future.

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens

On the contemporary marketplaces, the NFTs can be traded with high efficiency allowing their holders to benefit from the range of trading capabilities. The tokens can be bundled, bid on, and sold.
With the use of smart contracts, developers are able to imbue the NFTs with the verifiable scarcity, so no properties can be changed after the tokens were issued. As the number of the rare assets can be restricted it adds up to the uniqueness of each NFT.
The main difference between NFT and any other digital asset is that it’s impossible to spare or fractalize. Each token is unique and whole. It can either be purchased fully or not at all.
All the NFTs are developed according to common and inheritable standards for non-fungible tokens that can be created and then represented in the marketplace.
Personal User Wallets
Personal User Wallets
The owners of non-fungible assets store and manage them in personal crypto wallets. For the new NFT marketplace, existing wallets can be integrated or new storage for crypto tokens can be developed from scratch.
Custom NFT Listings
Custom NFT Listings
The listing system allows anyone to upload, exhibit and trade their digital collectibles on the NFT marketplace.
Bidding System
Bidding System
Once the NFT is listed on the marketplace anyone can bid to get it. The bidding system will automatically notify users about the auction deadline and the change in the current bid status.
Multi-currency Exchange
Multi-currency Exchange
As different NFTs are minted on different networks it’s essential that your marketplace supports multiple currencies and allows instant transactions.
Easy administration
Easy administration
With the thought-through admin panel, the management of the marketplace can be easy. The administration only requires editing of the NFTs descriptions, setting the prices, and taking care of the deadlines.
Because all the NFTs are created using unified standards, they can be traded across different platforms and marketplaces.
When it comes to designing, NFTs allow many different options just like any other digital asset. They can be programmed, minted, forged, and redeemed.
The possibility of instant trading of the NFTs boosts their liquidity, and. Additionally, non-fungibles can be used as collateral for liquid money or cryptocurrencies with the possibility to be transferred to instant cash at any moment.

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Top NFT Marketplaces

The biggest and the most known American NFT marketplace that allows selling and buying a wide range of digital collectibles during auctions for a complementary fee.
Magic Eden
Leading NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain, that hosts next-generation content creators and allows both amateur and novice users to trade non-fungible tokens.
The leading by trading volume, community-first NFT marketplace that rewards users for buying and selling their digital collectibles.
Larva Labs project on Ethereum blockchain featuring 10 000 pixelated algorithmically created unique characters.
Blockchain-based NFT game on Ethereum network, where the users can collect, breed, exchange, buy and sell virtual cats as NFTs.
NBA Topshots
Developed by Dabba Lab NFT marketplace for exclusive basketball snippets, rare players cards, and other tokenized souvenirs of NBA.
An NFT marketplace that specializes in fantasy sports and allows the users to take part in virtual fantasy league competitions.
An NTF marketplace that set a trend of converting tweets into the NFT and has also sold one for the highest bid of $2.5 million.
The reputed NFT marketplace mainly focuses on digitizing digital artworks and also deals with all the types of NFT genres.

NFT Marketplace Development process

Select an asset to tokenize
After getting to know your business idea our first and foremost priority is to help you to choose which assets will be tokenized and then take care of metadata, descriptions, and storage to start the process.
Define user roles and permissions
Determination of the user roles and permissions is a very important part of gathering the necessary information to plan the NFT marketplace development process. It’s recommended to allow the user to create their own custom profiles with the list of presets.
Outline the marketplace’s tech development workflow
To provide you with the best NFT platform that fulfills all your business needs, the architecture team will create a detailed plan of what, when, how, and by whom is going to be done. It will include the list of technologies, deadlines, and even the acceptance criteria for each part of our work.
Development of logic and smart contracts
Smart contracts are a necessary part of the seamlessly functioning NFT marketplace, as they are the main thing your platform needs to operate. Our developers will code secure and TPS-friendly smart contracts.
Token integration with the platform
At this stage, all the separately developed parts will finally start to connect into one robust system. We will deploy it on the server to see the idea materialize.
Quality assurance and user testing
The final launch is not possible without proper testing and trying the new NFT marketplace. It will help us to see all the possible bugs and undesirable corner issues, fix them and tune the product perfectly to provide exceptional quality.
The last and the most pleasant step is a final set to go. You will get your properly planned and build NFT marketplace ready to welcome the users waiting to start trading their assets.

Technology and Tools That Our NFT Marketplace Developers Use

It is the most used and well-known technical standard for creating tokens and smart contracts on the Ethereum network, that enlists all the necessary rules to follow.
This unique standard is applied for the exclusive NFTs creation. Each ERC-721 token is different and unique from the other one, they are not interchangeable or replaceable
The latest and most advanced Ethereum standards contain rules for creating both fungible and non-fungible tokens. This standard enables the efficient transfer of the assets in a single transaction.
Solana Metaplex
It is an open-source protocol of Solana that allows to create and mint non-fungible tokens with a standardized format across wallets and applications.
Deployed in March 2023 this standard for Ethereum introduces a new type of smart wallet with enhanced capabilities. It allows for more complex actions directly from the wallet, such as custom transaction fee payment methods, without the need for private key ownership.
Ethereum standard that introduces a universal way to handle royalty payments for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It allows NFT creators to receive a percentage of sales whenever their NFTs are sold on the secondary market.

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Why Hire Our NFT Marketplace Developers

Team of highly-skilled blockchain developers Team of highly-skilled blockchain developers
All of our team members have vast experience in creating complex blockchain systems with the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies.
Vast expertise in the NFT market Vast expertise in the NFT market
While building numerous projects around blockchain and NFTs, we’ve learned a lot about the process, the best technologies, and solutions. That’s why we’re confident in the offered service and willing to find a unique solution that will suit the needs of your business.
Quick and flexible development Quick and flexible development
To comply with the fast-changing market, we follow a quick and flexible Agile approach to project management, which allows us to work even with tight deadlines, while constantly adjusting new changes and improvements.
Cross-industry experience Cross-industry experience
While we have dedicated ourselves to develop perfect blockchain-based projects, including reliable NFT marketplaces, our team members have experience in closely related industries. It allows us to always find outside-of-the-box solutions, take the best of everything and discard the rest while seeing your project from an even bigger perspective.
Great communication Great communication
We’re always open to new ideas and projects, ready to carefully listen to and understand your vision while keeping the partnership clear and sound. Each client is appointed with a project manager that provides guidance and support at every stage of development.


What is NFT?
NFT or non-fungible token is a piece of data on the blockchain network that verifies its origin and ownership. Each NFT is unique, irreplaceable, and can not be divided into the parts like other tokens. Anything digital can be an NFT — drawings, music, even domain names or tweets, but it got mainly known for selling as digital art.
What is the NFT marketplace?
NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform that acts as an online store for the digital collectibles that run on the blockchain network, for example, Ethereum, Solana, or BSC. It is used for storing, exposing, and trading NFTs. The users can buy them for a fixed price or bid in auctions with all the payments made through crypto-wallets.
Why build an NFT marketplace?
NFT now is at the peak of its popularity with the active number of transactions growing every day, making the creation of the NFT marketplace a potentially profitable business venture.
How does NFT Marketplace make money?
The clients of your NFT marketplace will pay fees for creating an account, minting a non-fungible asset, and performing every transaction. Most of the platforms also charge some amount for bidding and exhibiting the items.
How to go with the NFT marketplace development?
The best thing to do if you decide to develop your own NFT marketplace is to hire a trusted team of professionals. It’s highly recommended to choose a development partner familiar with blockchain and NFT and who knows all the standards, major and minor requirements, as well as the current development and NFT trends.
What does the price of the NFT marketplace depend on?
There are several factors to take into consideration. Simply, it depends on the amount of work required that will include the chosen network, marketplace features and complexity, and timelines. Custom approach is used to estimate the price for NFT marketplace development for your business.

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