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Smart Contracts Can Make Your Life Better

Smart Contracts Can Make Your Life Better
A smart contract is a blockchain-based virtual contract between two parties that holds the terms of their agreement. Your business will benefit from using smart contracts as their blockchain basis ensures transparency, immutability, and security.
With smart contracts, you can forget about issues that traditional ones face, such as protracted and unreliable paperwork, third-party involvement, and massive costs.

Our team of blockchain developers can create custom smart contracts tailored to your specific needs.

Top Smart Contract Development & Consulting Services

Smart Contract Architecture
Create a smart contract implementation strategy, define the business logic for your future digital solution, and build an efficient, secure, and bug-free smart contract architecture.
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Smart Contract Development
Build a customizable digital solution with excellent features. Our blockchain experts can develop a smart contract adjusted to any specific business needs and deploy the solution on any compatible blockchain.
Smart Contract Audit
Make sure your digital contract works as intended and it doesn’t have security risks or any other vulnerabilities. Our team of blockchain professionals thoroughly tests and assesses smart contracts to ensure their reliability.
Decentralized App (DApp)
Build an effective and protected decentralized application based on smart contracts. We develop functional DApps that ensure responsiveness, high scalability, and unmatched performance.
Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) Implementation
We develop decentralized exchange smart contracts that provide business process automation and safety at decentralized platforms. Our solutions cover the privacy of end-user data, business logic, private key architecture, and data maintenance.
Digital Wallets
We are experts in developing smart contracts and digital wallet creation that allows making transactions without third-party involvement. We build multi-signature crypto wallets that provide managing, storing, and securing your digital assets.
Smart Contracts for NFT
Build highly secure smart contracts with our proficient blockchain developers. We can develop smart contracts with custom functionality for NFT so as to provide scalable solutions to all your requirements.
Smart Contracts for DeFi
Our team of blockchain developers has expertise in building smart contracts for the decentralized finance industry. Digital contracts can help to issue invoices, pay claims, track assets, and more.
Smart Contracts For Yield Farming
Want to passively earn tokens or fees just for storing your cryptocurrencies and need to ensure high security? Here come smart contracts that allow proper coding of agreements between the buyer and the seller.

Benefits of Smart Contract Development

No Middleman
Smart contracts eliminate the need for third-party involvement. Make arrangements with your clients faster and build trust using smart contracts.
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Automated Operations
Maximize the efficiency of business processes by bringing blockchain technology to them. Smart contracts instantly self-execute once preset rules are met.
Secured Data
Once the smart contract is placed in the blockchain network, no one can change it. Our developers use highly secure encryption protocols making fraud impossible.
Build trust with your partners with blockchain-based digital contracts. All transactions and agreements are verifiable as they are recorded on a distributed ledger.
Reduce transaction costs and time delays with autonomous and independent digital contracts. Thus you perform operations automatically and get rid of intermediaries.
Forget about paperwork and manual check for mistakes with automatically triggered smart contracts. They execute instantly when the predefined conditions are met.
Since every operation is performed automatically without third-party intervention, you don’t have to pay transaction fees and spend time managing multiple roles.

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Industries in focus

Smart contracts ensure transparent medical tracking by aggregating all patient data into one shared database. It provides fast and secure document management as all medical records are immutable and always accessible. Both patients and their doctors now have the ability to authenticate and verify all their medical payments and transactions. Implementing smart contracts in business helps to automate the data sharing process between hospitals and other healthcare providers, streamline medical care operations, guarantee treatment efficiency, and beyond.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Reduce delays and transaction costs by processing all payments in the cloud or in a distributed system network. Also, smart contracts can help you to get rid of intermediaries, automate bank operations, make instant approvals, and bring full transparency to all processes in the industry. The contracts are widely spread in decentralized finance as they can be used for creating invoices, tracing assets, settling claims, and more. Our smart contract development services can help you attract new customers by making entry to financial services more accessible.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Simplify the entire transportation flow by using decentralized technologies. Your business will benefit from smart contract implementation as they can make your supply chain management more transparent and traceable. Now you can thoroughly track product flow, automate payments, and reduce unreliable and time-consuming paperwork. Blockchain’s distributed ledger provides you with transparent monitoring of goods’ provenance which protects you from fraud and counterfeit goods.

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Industries in focus
Join the blockchain revolution in the industry and let your users enjoy a “play-to-earn” strategy in decentralized games regulated by smart contracts. Provide players with secure storage of their digital assets in the blockchain distributed ledger. Other advantages of smart contract implementation are the ability to increase the value of digital items by reducing transaction costs, enabling transaction immutability, and loyalty programs creation.
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Retail & eCommerce
Industries in focus
With blockchain technology, you can reduce transaction costs, create unique customer experience and loyalty programs, attract new clients, and build trust. The technology allows you to enable swift cryptocurrency payments, manage the supply chains and inventory, and detect counterfeit goods. Smart contracts can help you to digitize workflow, secure automated processes, and ensure product authentication. Moreover, you can build a blockchain-based platform with performance analysis tools, a crypto payment system, special bonus programs, and more.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Your oil & gas business can also get strong benefits from blockchain technology. For instance, now you can collect cash faster and thus reduce the time of the cash cycle as all transactions are transparent and shared between you and your partners. Another advantage is blockchain’s distributed immutable ledger which prevents you from fraud and helps to build trust between business partners. In addition to this, smart contracts allow you to get rid of intermediaries as they automate reconciliation processes.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
Blockchain implementation is a new way to attract new customers like unbanked people or low-income groups. With the help of smart contracts, you can build a sharing economy platform where the community will use the power of blockchain. People will be able to authenticate their identities, make swift and safe P2P transactions without intermediaries, and create immutable open ranking databases.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Blockchain technology in the industry allows you to digitize your property rights, store all property records in the immutable ledger, and thus make ownership provenance and document management more transparent. Ownership tokenization also increases your asset liquidity, while data traceability attracts new investors. Smart contract solutions we deliver help businesses in the industry streamline their management and sales processes, build trust between partners and customers, and more.
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Remove unreliable paperwork, perform easy error checking, and establish customer trust with blockchain-based solutions. With smart contract implementation, you can make fast data exchanges, enable transparency for all parties, and better manage insurance claims with lower handling process costs. Also, you can track policy purchases and sales in real time, bring more security to all processes, and manage payout calculations based on information stored in the smart contract.
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Blockchain Platforms We Work On

XDC Network
We use this open-source delegated proof of stake consensus ecosystem to build highly secure, applicable, and scalable solutions.
We develop interoperable smart contracts with high performance using Polkadot. The solutions built with this cross-chain platform are also easy to upgrade.
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We use Stellar to build smart contracts performing considered functions with user sustainability. Also, it makes network fees reasonable and provides high security.
Near Protocol
Near uses a multi-chain network to operate. The solutions built with Near are simple and sustainable and enable swift transactions with high security.
Ethereum is one of the most trusted blockchain platforms. We develop scalable, compatible, and secure dApps and smart contracts on the top of the platform.
Hyperledger is a distributed ledger platform that is used for supporting private business blockchain solutions like enterprise-grade decentralized applications.
EOS is one of the most actively used public blockchains in the world. It is used to build smart contracts that can manage notifications of other contracts.
We use Tron to design smart contracts that are used to facilitate the development of scalable, secure, stable, and efficient decentralized solutions.
We build reliable and secure smart contracts using this decentralized open-source blockchain that can be used to deploy digital contracts.
It is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that allows building interoperable and scalable smart contracts with low transaction fees and no damage to security.
Cardano is a highly scalable blockchain platform that provides paramount security. We use it to develop smart contracts because of its proof-of-stake timestamping.
We use Avalanche to build smart contracts and make swift transactions as it has a consensus protocol.

Our Smart Contract Development Process

Requirements Gathering
Requirements Gathering
First, we need to understand your needs and analyze your end goal. We can assist you in creating a product from scratch with the help of smart contracts. We identify the business logic, brainstorm, and create a roadmap for the product development process.
Technical Design
Technical Design
At this stage, we start to design and prototype your future product. We create data flow diagrams and the document that defines the smart contract, design technical architecture and UI/UX interfaces, and divide the process into sprints and delivery milestones.
We start developing the product just after you approve the blueprint. Our experienced blockchain developers build an optimal, secure, and bug-free solution. Then you estimate the result, give comments, and approve the final version.
To ensure that your product is ready to hit the market, we thoroughly test it to find possible vulnerabilities. We use rigorous testing methods to provide you with high-quality solutions free from bugs and weaknesses.
Deployment in Production
Deployment in Production
Your product is out to the market. We deploy it to a live blockchain network, which means no change can be made to the smart contract. Before taking this step, we also ensure a complete smart contract audit.
If you need to upgrade your product or platform, we start from the beginning. We gather your requirements, create the technical design, develop, test, and deploy the upgraded solution to the live blockchain network.

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What is a smart contract?
Any blockchain network is based on smart contracts. They are digital forms with a predefined set of transaction rules. When the rules are met, the transaction automatically executes. Also, the execution of the transaction is terminated if something goes wrong.
What are the benefits of smart contracts?
Smart contracts automate several processes, reduce costs and time required to negotiate, and enforce the terms and conditions of the agreement. Also, they are immutable, transparent, and secure which makes them tamper-proof.
Why are smart contracts better than normal ones?
When signing normal contracts, you have multiple rounds of discussion and need third parties like lawyers, etc. Negotiations end in a lengthy document that must be signed by multiple parties. Smart contracts are signed between two parties. Digital agreements are immutable, secure, transparent, and tamper-proof which allows you to build more trustworthy business relationships.
How much does it cost to hire you as a smart contract development company?
The cost of smart contract development is calculated individually as it depends on multiple factors. The most influencing ones are the complexity of future product development, business analysis, and support services.
How much time does it take to develop a smart contract?
Just like the cost of the product, the time needed to develop a smart contract is calculated individually. Future features and functionality influence it the most.

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