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Top EOS Development & Consulting Services

EOS Consulting
Our experts will find the best way to harness the potential of the EOS blockchain, provide recommendations and share valuable insights on how to turn your aspiration into practical application.
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EOS dApps Development
We specialize in creating the technology of the future when all of the Internet will be decentralized and can develop robust and secure decentralized apps for the needs of your business.
EOS Smart Contracts Development
We use our deep knowledge of EOS blockchain and smart contracts architecture to develop, test, and deploy innovative smart contracts suitable for your business goals.
EOS Wallets and Decentralized Exchanges
The EOS platform allows the creation of customized and scalable decentralized exchanges and connected to them multifaceted wallets, so the users can store multiple assets and easily trade with others.
EOS Token and Asset Issuance Contracts
Applying our deep expertise in the development of specialized blockchain solutions, we design airdrop programs, custom bounty programs, and tokens on the EOS platform, that you can easily run.
EOS Development
With massive experience in EOS development, we are ready to provide the best blockchain solutions for businesses with all the applications and smart contracts running smoothly and seamlessly on it.

Why EOS Blockchain Development

Free Transactions Free Transactions
Transactions on the EOS blockchain don’t require any fees, a small amount of the EOS tokens is needed only to use Bandwidth and Computation & Storage features.
Plugins Plugins
To keep the data synchronized with other systems EOS utilizes numerous plugins that allow access to the network with REST APIs and RPC, and push data to a wallet plugin.
Easy Upgrades and Bug Recovery Easy Upgrades and Bug Recovery
Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the EOS blockchain, bug fixing can be done without hard forking the entire work and the apps can be scaled easily and hassle-free.
Smart Contracts Smart Contracts
The smart contracts functionality of EOS is available through Web Assembly, which is supported by many programming languages and thus provides high levels of performance and security.
Programs and Tools Programs and Tools
Numerous tools and programs available for developing on the EOS, such as Node OS, Cleos, Keosd and etc. allow the features of solutions to be set specifically for your business goals.
Performance Performance
EOS moved one step ahead in terms of scalability and allows the processing of millions of transactions in seconds, resolving the congestion issue and letting the apps work smoothly.

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Industries in focus

Use the possibilities provided by EOS to organize a secure and transparent way to store and transfer patients’ medical records through the blockchain, making them easily accessible for any medical institution at any time, while defeating the current spending bubble with the smart contracts payments distribution. The EOS development solutions will help to improve the pharmaceutical supply chain’s security and transparency, allowing to verify the authenticity and making sure medical products have not been exposed to particular conditions.
Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
In the banking and fintech industry, the appliance of EOS development solutions can help to manage data breaking and other fraudulent activities, while also keeping an immutable record of ownership and enabling transactions of the asset amongst distrusting parties and implementing blockchain-based customer identification systems. With the use of EOS smart contracts complex accounting tasks can be simplified to easy operations.
Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
With the scalability of the EOS blockchain, the user base of any size can be supported by millions of supply chain and logistic service participants making them able to easily and seamlessly communicate through a decentralized ledger, while coordinating interdependent operations in supply chain management. Processing of all the product information from the source to end-to-end users builds trust among users and also reduces the cost of delivery and enhances traceability.
The high performance of EOS allows bringing real multiple players into gaming apps, providing them with a secure and transparent environment following privacy protocols of users for fair communication with numerous contests and tournaments that straighten the community. The data in such games can be transferred with low energy use and in high volumes.
Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
By application of EOS high throughput, as well as fast and cheap transactions, improves security and transparency of the payments, building more customer trust. It also allows users to offer new types of blockchain-based loyalty programs with rewards in tokens instead of points. Additionally, the retailers will get a more efficient way of managing their inventories, while saving money through smart-contract automation of the process of product shortages or surpluses based on real-time consumer demand.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
The speed and scalability of the EOS network will help to drive radical amounts of productivity and efficiency into the oil and gas industry, providing a single point of truth within a complex sector with multiple participants. The use of blockchain technology helps reducing friction when interacting with external parties and with the transparency and accessibility of supply chain data it will help the whole sector move forward more efficiently.
Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
The high throughput and ability to process data in parallel allow the creation of a new age of sharing economy services where users can interact peer-to-peer without any kind of third-party intermediary, while revenue will be shared between the users that generate content creating a completely fair and transparent environment, where the data stored in a specifically encrypted system. Moreover, digital assets can be created to represent the value of the service.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
The EOS blockchains allow for refined property verification with quick payment settlements through smart contracts that help to build more trust in the field. It also accelerates the time for each deal and reduces their cost. The fractalization of real estate ownership increases the investors’ pool that will be able to make more clear decisions in a transparent environment.
Applying the features of the EOS blockchain automates claims possibilities by verifying coverage between companies and reinsurers while enabling the real-time tracking by regulators of the financial activity of regulated entities. With automated claim payments, the EOS blockchain will help to lower administrative costs for insurance providers. The issuance of immutable data will allow the company to accept or reject any insurance claims immediately.

Got an idea? Let’s work together!

Write some words and sentences on 2 strokes.
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EOS Development Process

Business analysis
We will understand your business, its goals, and pains and discover the EOS technological solution that will satisfy the requirements and help you improve business processes.
Architecture Design
Once we clarify all the requirements, it is time to start imagining the possible user behaviors and designing the solution.
Proof of concept development
We always check the feasibility of the idea and then launch a private node to audit the speed and scalability, and take actions to prevent potential gaps in the solution.
Visual & Technical Design
Creating a flow chart of the design, defining blocks, and designing a robust UI for each component let us offer easy-to-use and pleasant for the eye solutions.
Our development consists of three phases: Pre-alpha, Alpha, and Beta, during which we code and program the solution according to the confirmed plan and design.
To make sure everything works as intended we perform in-depth QA-testing of each release to check if your product is ready to go on the market.
When the testing is perfect we test the product in Live environments and then deploy the solution on the main chain.
We render full technical support to the client, helping to maintain the solution, and upgrade smart contracts to keep your EOS product always up-to-date.

Why Hire Our EOS Developers

Experience in Diverse Projects
Experience in Diverse Projects
We have delivered top-notch solutions in numerous industries that always met the client’s expectations. Our developers can build solutions on the EOS blockchain of different complexity.
Great communication skills
Great communication skills
We believe that communication is a must in any business project, and know how to guide you through the process while keeping you at the center of it, delivering the results of each stage on time.
Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers
Each member of our development team is a professional with expertise in emerging technologies to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients.
Great Portfolio
Great Portfolio
In our varied portfolio, there are numerous blockchain projects that are solving specific clients’ requirements and are running without a single issue.
We provide only robust solutions, including blockchain development, dApps, and DeFi, where all the on-chain transactions are properly secured.
State-of-the-Art Tech
State-of-the-Art Tech
To deliver the best solution for your business we apply cut-edge technologies and in-depth knowledge of tools and protocols while following a transparent workflow.


What is EOS?
EOS is a decentralized platform that was built to simplify the horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralized applications. It works as a decentralized operating system and can process millions of transactions in seconds, with a transaction speed of less than 2 sec.
What are the major features of EOS?
As the project aims to solve the main issues bigger blockchains face, such as transaction speed, scalability, and flexibility, it offers permissionless schema, easier upgradability, lower energy consumption, and on-chain governance.
Is EOS better than Ethereum?
Even though there are a lot of factors to take into consideration to answer this question, there are several points where EOS outperforms Ethereum. For example, it has bigger throughput and lower transaction cost and the transactions can be performed on EOS much faster.
What is the time needed to develop a product of the EOS platform?
It can be stated for sure that the EOS development takes some time, though to define the period needed, more specifications about your project are required. At least, we would need to know the complexity of the desired solution, the functionality you’re expecting, technical requirements, etc.
What is an EOS smart contract?
It is specific software that runs on EOSIO nodes, with data stored on the node’s RAM. Smart contracts run when predetermined conditions are met, and are mainly used for automation of the agreements so the participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without the involvement of any intermediary.

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