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Blockchain development for retail and E-commerce

Blockchain development for retail and E-commerce
Retail and Ecommerce industry struggles with opaque, disparate supply chains putting at risk retailers of selling fake or damaged products that might undermine the reputation and customer’s trust. More so, customers’ sensitive information such as credit card details or identity data are distributed among weakly-protected databases.
Blockchain comes in handy with its potential to build a decentralized database where the information of customers and products is securely stored. This would allow customers to track the product position throughout the delivery process that will contribute to customer’s contentment. The technology might also help to reduce fraudulent behavior and streamline the process of making deals with P2P transactions that provide a direct and quick way to track and verify transactions.

Blockchain E-commerce Platform

Blockchain E-commerce Platform
Although E-commerce platforms are running quite smoothly these days, there are still some problems like untrustful reviews, security breaches and fraudulent transactions. Blockchain can be a game changer for the industry that requires large computing power and tremendous storage capacity to manage data properly.
Blockchain can help to handle data more efficiently, the platforms can store data in an organized manner with real-time access to everyone who has been given authorization. With blockchain-based E-commerce platforms you will reduce chargeback frauds, eliminate counterfeit products and you’ll be able to be more customer-centric making personalized offerings.

Top Services for Retail and Ecommerce

E-Commerce platforms
We integrate decentralized blockchain solutions into E-commerce platforms in order to have a single view towards all your data and provide extra layers of security.
3D Virtual Store
Our expertise allows us to offer customers an immersive and interactive shopping experience in Metaverse enabling users to enter virtual stores while preserving the comfort of shopping online.
Decentralized Metaverse
We create customized digital stores embedded with decentralized metaverse capabilities as per your project requirements, comprising everything from UI/UX to smart contract development.
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NFT development and consulting
To achieve smooth trading and earn customer’s loyalty we create feature-rich NFTs for your virtual store through E-commerce product tokenization.
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Virtual Shopping Experience
We develop online storefronts for retailers in a virtual world to let customers buy products as they would do in a brick-and-mortar retail store.
Blockchain Development
We hand-pick the tech that suits your needs and seamlessly integrate blockchain into your existing system to optimize your internal and external workflows.
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Blockchain Consulting
Expertise in blockchain technology allows us to provide precisely focused consulting services such as choosing the network type, architecture, as well as formulating risk mitigation strategy.
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Crypto exchange & payments
With blockchain integration you receive a more secure and efficient payment system promoting P2P transactions and cutting down the intermediaries.
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Metaverse Development
Our end-to-end solutions will help you to launch business in Metaverse. Our well-versed team of developers are an old hand at every layer of the Metaverse, including Blockchain, AI, VR, AR or 3D modeling.
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Wallet Development
We offer customized wallet development services with high-end security features and self-explanatory interface to let wallet users experience the true feeling of digital assets ownership.
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How Metaverse Store Setup Is Shaping E-commerce Businesses

How Metaverse Store Setup Is Shaping E-commerce Businesses
Metaverse opens up opportunities for retailers to create a never-been-before shopping experience. Metaverse bridges the gap between brands and the new generation that is keen on VR, AR and Blockchian technologies. E-commerce operating in Metaverse delivers interactive ways of shopping providing users with a real world-like purchasing experience.
Move your E-commerce business into the Metaverse to boost the user’s trust and engagement. We offer the services of 3D visualization, virtual spaces and digital channels that will bring your business on a new level.

How Can we Merge Offline and Online Commerce

How Can we Merge Offline and Online Commerce
We are on the cusp of a new era of commerce that is going on in the Metaverse. Through the aggregation of such technologies as augmented and virtual realities, NFTs and IoT customers will be able to virtually visit the shops, browse the inventory, view 3D images of items and try them on that allows them to assess the fit and quality of the product before making a purchase.
It eliminates the uncertainties of a customer when purchasing online while retailers will benefit manifold since the returns would be reduced. By the way, the customization will increase since the sellers will have access to your social media profiles that will allow them to create better offers.

Virtual Shopping is the new reality for E-commerce

Virtual Shopping is the new reality for E-commerce
One of the reasons for a successful retail business has always been the store location. Nowadays if you want to attract a younger crowd it’s recommended for brands to be presented in the Metaverse since people today spend more time online and explore the virtual space actively. This is the reason why businesses want to enter this untapped market and are vying for plots of land in a digital world.
ND Labs can turn your physical or online store into a virtual store and offer your customers an immersive shopping experience in the Metaverse. Our top-tier team of developers will build the entire 3D environment, avatars and 3D digital assets to create a fulfilling user experience.

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Blockchain and Metaverse solutions for retail and Ecommerce

Supply chain and administration
Supply chain and administration
E-commerce companies can keep a real-time track of products using blockchain technology. As transparency is provided throughout the whole process, store owners are always aware of what product is on their way and when it will come.
Product verification
Product verification
Customers can verify the quality of goods by tracking back its journey through the immutable records and be sure of the authenticity. Blockchain plays an essential role in preventing frauds in E-commerce.
Payments and delivery
Payments and delivery
Blockchain enables P2P transactions that settle payments instantly. Since the payment occurs within one network it is easily traceable and eliminates the risks of double-spending.
Document Management
Document Management
Retailers can remove paperwork by digitizing it and have a central pool for all electronic documents from where they could be easily retrieved. It will speed up the reconciliation and approval processes.
Peer-to-Peer Transactions
Peer-to-Peer Transactions
Simplified payment process thanks to P2P transactions that enable customers and vendors to perform direct transactions without intermediaries, just using a mobile app.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Integrating decentralized E-commerce solutions enable retailers to keep track of stocks and reduce the risk of low supplies and make sure that the excess inventory is not stored.
The traceability provided by blockchain allows customers to view information about products such as their origin, supplier, date of manufacture eliminating any fraudulent behavior.
Data Management
Data Management
Blockchain technology enables data storing in a decentralized network offering enhanced privacy and security of data. Moreover, it improves the reconciliation process between multiple parties.
Fraud Prevention
Fraud Prevention
As blockchain verifies all transactions, businesses put it in place to prevent chargeback frauds that are widespread in e-Commerce resulting in a loss for merchants.
Loyalty reward programs
Loyalty reward programs
Once buyers reach specific purchase thresholds they get rewarded by retailers, and these points could be used across multiple E-commerce websites. Since every purchase detail is kept on a decentralized network, merchants are able to present more personalized offers.

Perks Blockchain and Metaverse Bring Into An E-commerce Business

Product Authenticity Product Authenticity
The authentication of every touchpoint for the products give to customers a clear overview of where the goods come from, who and when manufactured thus verifying the authenticity of goods.
No Intermediaries No Intermediaries
With Blockchain there’s no need for middlemen to facilitate payments for the competition of transactions since it relies on consensus to validate each transaction allowing you to reach cost-effectiveness.
Automatic Processes Automatic Processes
Smart contracts enable automated transactions and inventory management based on predefined conditions, these processes are highly accurate and fast.
Enhanced Security Enhanced Security
The highest level of security is provided by blockchain since each transaction is recorded through the consensus, then it’s encrypted and added to the previous block by a hashing algorithm.
Instant Payments Instant Payments
With blockchain technology consumers can quickly make online payments thanks to automated processes of transactions verification and confirmation. Customers won’t need to wait hours or even days to complete transactions.
Real-time Tracking Real-time Tracking
By using blockchain to track the supply chain, vendors always have the updated information of what is in stock and what is in the pipeline that allows to never run out of the products and at the same time prevent the accumulation of excess inventory.
Increased Revenue Increased Revenue
Companies no longer have to pay banking systems to complete transactions as cryptocurrencies might be sent directly peer-to-peer saving you a ton of money and time.
Decentralized Decentralized
As the data is distributed amongst a network of an array of nodes, it’s extremely difficult for hackers to infiltrate because authorized actions happen only in case the consensus of all parties is achieved.

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Why choose us

Customer focus
We do not implement a one-size-fits-all approach, instead we focus on every particular business to tailor the products to individual clients.
Domain expertise
Strong expertise in Blockchain allows us to deliver bleeding-edge solutions, we understand how the industry works and how to overcome roadblocks while integrating Blockchain into E-commerce.
Reduced project cost
As we evaluate your project very thoroughly on the initial stage and pick up the right development model, it allows us to cut costs dramatically.
Strategic approach
We focus on your business needs and implement a strategic approach to give you a competitive edge and to offer business growth in the long run.
Experienced team
Our team of skilled and committed professionals offers you the best combination of blockchain services and technology solutions.
Cross Industry Experience
Having successful projects across various industries behind us, we consider things from multiple perspectives and think outside-the-box to deliver the solution that will thrive in the market.

Our Process

We conduct a thorough investigation of your business processes and systems and decide where and how to integrate blockchain into your project.
Then our BA team gathers requirements, understands your business objectives and creates a feasibility report of the future project.
We take on developing a blockchain solution meeting your business demands and facilitate your adoption of a new-age technology.
We help to bring about the development of your project by connecting you with our partners and technology investors.
Our team of developers delivers an end-to-end blockchain solution for retail managing the process from beginning to end.
Support and improvement
We continue the cooperation with you to ensure a hassle-free functioning of the entire system providing support and addition of new features.


How could smart contracts be used in Retail and E-commerce?
Smart contracts allow buyers and sellers to make agreements that are automatically executed without intermediaries according to the terms set in advance within a stipulated time. As a result, transactions become more quick and secure.
How Metaverse is changing E-commerce?
Metaverse can help to bridge the gap between traditional shopping and online one as consumers can try on products from the comfort of their homes. Users can shop through their virtual avatars and make a purchase that might be tested in 3D, allowing them to make well-informed decisions that result in lower returns and replacements.
How can Blockchain help B2B businesses generate more profit?
With blockchain retailers can reduce operational costs by eradicating intermediaries since there’s no need for retailers to go via banking systems that reduce the cost of transactions drastically. More so, you won’t need to engage workers who will supervise the performance of agreements in case of smart contracts implementation.
How to use Blockchain in supply chain management?
Online shopping experience is broken, when you buy something online you can’t be sure that you’ll receive the product that you have ordered and in a timely manner, but with blockchain shoppers can see exactly where their products are coming from and when they will arrive.
How to verify the product’s authenticity?
Blockchain is incorruptible since it’s impossible to change the information on the network that has already been set in place. It means that sellers won’t be able to substitute the ordered goods with cheaper ones whereas buyers cannot return “fake” goods.
How can Blockchain technology increase the level of trust?
The level of mistrust among businesses is huge since fraud payments take place quite often. The immutable and transparent nature of Blockchain makes any alterations of records almost impossible thus creating a reliable and trusted system that strengthens B2B relations and builds deep bonds with customers.

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