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Top Solidity Development & Consulting Services

Smart Contracts on Solidity
Choose the perfect platform that suits your specific business needs. Our expert team is here to give you consultations, design, develop, and deploy smart contracts.
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Digital Token Creation
Hire our Solidity developers to create digital tokens that can be used in almost every industry. You can mint, upgrade, and transfer the tokens.
Exchange Platform
Build an effective exchange platform tailored to your business requirements. Our experts will create robust solutions on the Solidity basis.
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DApps on Solidity
Make use of both on-chain and off-chain data with a dApp that is a perfect match to your needs. Our team will identify your dApp components and develop them rapidly.
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Full-stack Development
Hire our full-stack developers to make sure the whole process from mobile and web apps to back-end SQL and NoSQL databases is encapsulated.
CrowdSale Contracts
Ensure efficient and secure token distribution management with CrowdSale smart contracts. We can create CrowdSale contracts or customize existing solutions.
Solidity Integration
We provide you with top development solutions to enable Solidity integration with your existing systems like web or mobile apps, databases, etc.
Solidity Support
We offer you to hire our full-stack developers so that they will make the whole process covering mobile and web applications as well as backend encapsulated.
Solidity Consulting
Our experts will provide you with first-class consulting services on how your business can benefit from Solidity implementation. Also, we will offer you the best solutions.
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Peculiarities of Outsource Solidity Development

JavaScript-like Language
Solidity is written on a JavaScript basis, one of the most popular programming languages. Solidity doesn’t copy main functions but it has its own features.
Adapting to Your Business Needs
In the outsource Solidity development process, we build applications tailored to the customer’s specific business needs.
Integration with Ethereum
Solidity-based software is automatically converted into a byte code supported by the Ethereum cryptosystem. Thus, you need less time and resources to process data.
Code Documentation
The system of code documentation is composed on the basis of user explanations and call orders.
Solidity programming language provides multiple functions such as the support of complex variables and diverse inheritance types, binary interface, etc.

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Solidity Tools

Hardhat is a Solidity development environment that allows us to stay in the JavaScript and Node.js environments while developing smart contracts. Also, we use Hardhat to test our smart contracts.
We use OpenZeppelin to develop smart contracts for Ethereum and other blockchains with reduced risks. OpenZeppelin is easy to collaborate and audit, it has a focus on security.
We use to write and compile smart contracts, test them with Solidity and fuzzing and deploy them. Also, allows interaction with deployed smart contracts.
We use these frameworks to perform unit tests of Solidity smart contracts. The tests run sequentially, provide flexible and precise reports, and allow corresponding uncaught exceptions with the right test cases.

Industries in focus

Solidity smart contracts ensure crystal clear medical tracking as they accumulate all patient data in one shared database. It enables swift and secure document management as all patient-related records stay immutable and can be accessed at any time. Both physicians and their patients now can verify and authenticate all their medical transactions and payments. Smart contract implementation helps to automate sharing of data between hospitals and other healthcare providers, streamline medical care processes, ensure treatment efficiency, etc.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Use Solidity smart contracts to get rid of third parties, automate bank operations, make immediate approvals, and make all processes in the industry fully transparent and secure. Reduce delays and transaction costs by processing all payments in the cloud or a distributed system network. Smart contracts are widely used in the decentralized finance industry as they help to create invoices, trace assets, set claims, and many more. Our Solidity development services can help you attract new customers by making entry to financial services more accessible.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Simplify the entire transportation flow by using decentralized technologies. Your business will benefit from implementing Solidity smart contracts as they can make your supply chain management more transparent and traceable. Now you can rigorously track product flow, automate payments, manage orders and your fleet, and reduce unreliable and time-consuming paperwork. Blockchain’s distributed ledger provides you with transparent monitoring of goods’ provenance which protects you from fraud, corruption, and counterfeit goods.
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Join the blockchain revolution in the industry and let your users enjoy a “play-to-earn” strategy in decentralized games regulated by Solidity smart contracts. Provide players with secure storage of their digital assets in the blockchain distributed ledger and manage NFT marketplaces for in-game assets. Other advantages of smart contract implementation are the ability to increase the value of digital items by reducing transaction costs, enabling transaction immutability, and loyalty programs creation.
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Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
With blockchain technology, you can reduce transaction costs, create unique customer experience and loyalty programs, attract new clients, and build trust. The technology allows you to enable swift cryptocurrency payments, manage the supply chains and inventory, and detect counterfeit goods. Solidity smart contracts can help you to digitize workflow, secure automated processes, ensure product authentication, and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can build a blockchain-based platform with performance analysis tools, a crypto payment system, special bonus programs, and more.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Your oil and gas business can also get strong benefits from blockchain technology. Now you can manage your assets and fleet, analyze operational data, collect cash faster and thus reduce the time of the cash cycle. Another advantage is blockchain’s distributed immutable ledger which prevents you from fraud and helps to build trust between business partners. In addition to this, Solidity-based smart contracts allow you to get rid of intermediaries as they automate reconciliation processes.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing Economy
Blockchain implementation is a new way to attract new customers like unbanked people or low-income groups. With the help of Solidity-based smart contracts, you can democratize data and build a sharing economy platform where the community will use the power of blockchain. People will be able to authenticate their identities, make swift and safe P2P transactions without intermediaries, and create immutable open ranking databases.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Blockchain technology in the industry allows you to digitize your property rights, store all property records in the immutable ledger, and thus make ownership provenance and document management more transparent. Ownership tokenization also increases your asset liquidity, while data traceability attracts new investors. We provide Solidity smart contract development services that help businesses in the industry streamline their management and sales processes, build trust between partners and customers, and get rid of intermediaries.
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Remove unreliable paperwork, perform easy error checking, and establish customer trust with blockchain-based solutions. With Solidity smart contract implementation, you can make swift data exchanges, enable transparency for all parties, and better manage insurance claims with lower handling process costs. Also, you can track policy purchases and sales in real-time, bring more security to all processes, reduce fraudulent activities, and manage payout calculations based on information stored in the smart contract.
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Why Hire Our Solidity Developers

Core Solidity Development Team
Core Solidity Development Team
Our development team consists of Solidity experts who will work with dedication to bring the best results and satisfy your business needs.
Top Results
Top Results
Our Solidity developers have splendid coding skills and high motivation to deliver maximum results. You can rely on us as we do our best for full customer satisfaction.
Uncompromised Service Quality
Uncompromised Service Quality
At every stage of our collaboration, you will get high-class service. We develop cutting-edge solutions and are always there to provide further support.
High Level of Proficiency
High Level of Proficiency
Even though we have rich experience in the industry, we never stop improving our skills. Each member of our team has high qualifications and follows best practices.
Cross Industry Knowledge
Cross Industry Knowledge
We have experience in developing software solutions for diverse industries like oil and gas, healthcare, insurance, logistics, real estate, and more.
Competitive Pricing Structure
Competitive Pricing Structure
The final price of the product development is calculated individually for every client. We offer our customers to hire Solidity developers at hourly, monthly, or fixed costs.

Solana Development Process

Business Analysis
Before we start working, we need to analyze the business of each customer. Thus, we understand the purposes of the future product, identify business logic for smart contracts, define on-chain and off-chain entities, and create the project’s roadmap.
Architecture Design
At this point, we need to implement the logic of the project and develop its high-level infrastructure.
Proof of Concept Development
Here, we evaluate the feasibility of the future project. We need to make sure the entire product will work as intended and meet your specific business requirements.
Visual & Technical Design
At this stage, we start to design and prototype your future product. We create data flow diagrams and the document defining the smart contract, design technical architecture and UI/UX interfaces, and create sprints and delivery milestones.
After your approval, we start developing the product. Our Solidity development process covers Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, and Production stages.
To ensure that your product is ready to hit the market, we thoroughly test it to find possible vulnerabilities. We use rigorous QA testing methods to provide you with high-quality solutions free from bugs and weaknesses.
This stage is accompanied by provisioning, main chain deployment, and cloud or app store deployment if the solution is a hybrid one.
If you need to upgrade your product or platform, we start from the beginning. We gather your requirements, create the technical design, develop, test, and deploy the upgraded solution to the live blockchain network.


What is Solidity?
Solidity is a high-level and object-oriented programming language. The main Solidity features are the support of inheritance and libraries, complex user-defined types, and others.
What is a Solidity smart contract?
Any blockchain network is based on smart contracts. Solidity smart contracts are digital forms with a predefined set of transaction rules. When the rules are met, the transaction automatically executes. Also, the execution of the transaction is terminated if something goes wrong.
Where do we use Solidity?
It is primarily used for smart contract implementation within Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) or other blockchain platforms.
What are the benefits of Solidity smart contracts?
Solidity smart contracts automate several processes, reduce costs and time required to negotiate, and enforce the terms and conditions of the agreement. Also, they are immutable, transparent, and secure which makes them tamper-proof.
Why are Solidity smart contracts better than normal ones?
When signing standard contracts, you have multiple rounds of discussion and need third parties like lawyers, etc. Negotiations end in a lengthy document that must be signed by multiple parties. Solidity smart contracts are signed between two parties. Digital agreements are immutable, secure, transparent, and tamper-proof, allowing you to build more trustworthy business relationships.
How can I hire developers to build Solidity smart contracts?
It is pretty easy to hire Solidity developers from ND Labs. You simply need to contact us, share your project ideas and business needs with our expert team, choose a suitable hiring model, and start working.
How much does it cost to hire a Solidity developer?
The final cost of hiring Solidity developers is calculated individually as it depends on multiple factors. The main ones are the complexity of the future product features, business analysis, and support services. By the way, you can hire our developers at hourly, monthly, or fixed cost.
Do you offer maintenance and support services?
Yes, we offer such services. Get in touch with us at any time as we are always there to help you.

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