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What is a music NFT and how does it work?

What is a music NFT and how does it work?
Music NFTs are unique digital assets that run on blockchain and are linked to a music track, song, or album. In other words, they are digital representations of music assets. They can be also connected to a generative piece of music which can be defined as a composition created by a computer algorithm.
By selling music NFTs, artists and music producers can transfer ownership rights to buyers, who can be fans, collectors, or investors. Very often, marketplaces offer royalty-sharing features that allow artists to get passive income from every transaction that includes reselling their music assets.

Launch your own NFT marketplace for music

Launch your own NFT marketplace for music
With the help of a professional software development team, you can build the best NFT marketplace for music. Today there are two options for you. You can either opt for the development from scratch or rely on a white-label solution that will be launched under your brand name.
The development from scratch will be a large-scale project that will allow you to build a fully unique platform with any features based on your needs. By using a white-label marketplace script you will rely on the structure of the ready-made solution and significantly reduce project costs and the required time.

One platform for all your music services

One platform for all your music services
Today Music NFT marketplaces are cutting-edge products that can fully transform the industry. They can address a lot of issues that musicians traditionally face nowadays: low revenues from streaming, problems with accessing a wide audience, copyright infringements, etc.
But your NFT music marketplace can provide users with tools for accumulating and managing all their music-related earnings. Your solution can be equipped with reliable NFT minting tools, features for organizing communication with fans, royalties for artists, direct patronage, and others.

How can NFT music marketplace solutions help musicians?

Exclusive album release
Artists can provide their fans with exclusive digital content by selling limited copies of their tracks. As a rule, with time flow the value of these assets is growing.
Music can be directly bought by fans and collectors in the form of non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be either held or re-sold for gaining more profits.
Merchandise sales
Not only digital but also physical assets can be traded on the NFT music market. For example, various musicians’ belongings and merchandise can be also sold as NFTs.
Building a fan community
Musicians and artists can create their own virtual spaces for providing access to music NFTs and interacting with a wide audience of fans.
Immersive experiences
Music NFT marketplaces allow musicians not only to trade digital assets but also to hold virtual meetings with fans and organize other activities, like games.
Real-world utility
Via an NFT music marketplace, artists can sell different real-world assets like tickets in the form of NFTs. They can be categorized in accordance with tiers and provide different rights.
Each time when music non-fungible tokens are re-sold, music creators and artists will get their royalties. It means that NFTs can become a good source of passive income.
Thanks to music NFT marketplace development, musicians can stay in the memory of many generations. The minted NFTs will be on-chain for the long run and bring royalties to artists’ families.

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What will you get with a white-label crypto art NFT marketplace?

Ready-made solution Ready-made solution
When you decide to choose a white-label solution instead of building the best music NFT marketplace for users from scratch, you can greatly reduce the project costs.
Customizable branding Customizable branding
You can launch a top music NFT marketplace under your brand name and make it easily recognizable for a very wide audience.
Quick and easy setup Quick and easy setup
By turning to the services of an NFT music marketplace development company that offers white-label solutions, you can streamline your platform launch and minimize time to market.
Decentralization Decentralization
The transparency of all the transactions that will be conducted on your NFT music marketplace will be ensured thanks to the principles of decentralization.
Access to advanced features Access to advanced features
When you plan to launch a white-label NFT platform, you can choose the most appropriate script and enrich it with a row of innovative tools to enhance user experience.
Security Security
White-label music NFT marketplace solutions are known for being equipped with the most powerful tools for providing the desired level of protection of users’ personal data and assets.

Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • #1Admin Dashboard

  • #2Buyer Website & Application / Storefront

  • #3Easy buying and selling

  • #4Multiple payment options

  • #5Creator tools

  • #6Configurable fees

  • #7Multichain

  • #8Ready gateways

  • #9Customizable UI

  • #1024/7 support

  • #11Auction

  • #12Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

  • #13Authentication using crypto wallets and social networks

  • #14Making offers

  • #15Direct Sales

  • #16Fractionalized NFT

  • #17External collections

  • #18Real business tokenization

Our expertise in building music NFT marketplace solutions

NFT launchpad development
NFT launchpad development
With this platform, you can support musicians and NFT creators in crowdfunding.
NFT vesting solutions
NFT vesting solutions
Vesting features help artists and music producers to lock and further release NFTs.
NFT staking platform development
NFT staking platform development
By staking NFTs, users can get rewards that can become a good passive income source.
Custodial NFT solutions
Custodial NFT solutions
These solutions are known to be reliable and convenient tools for managing private keys.
NFT wallet development
NFT wallet development
Our team can help you to create a secure wallet that will be used for keeping music digital assets.
Crypto & fiat integration
Crypto & fiat integration
It will be a good idea to allow paying for music NFTs in crypto and fiat assets.
Crypto wallet integration
Crypto wallet integration
You can ensure quick and highly secure payments by integrating a crypto wallet.
NFT marketing & promotion
NFT marketing & promotion
It is necessary to apply innovative approaches that will help to attract music fans and investors.
NFT aggregator development
NFT aggregator development
Thanks to such platforms, users can view music NFTs listed on numerous platforms simultaneously.
NFT security
NFT security
Advanced security tools can be integrated into your marketplace to ensure the protection of music NFTs.

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NFT Music Marketplace Examples

Rocki Clone
Submerge Clone
Unchained Music Clone
NFT Genius Clone
Airnfts Clone
Openlake Clone


First of all, our NFT music marketplace development company will study your requirements and project goals.
BA and estimates
Then, we will estimate the time required for your project and the cost of our services.
Selection of a blockchain network
We will help you to choose the most appropriate blockchain to launch your NFT music marketplace.
UI/UX design
Our designers will create eye-catching and user-friendly interfaces for your platform.
Token development
We will also build a unique token that will be used in the transactions on your marketplace.
Coding smart contracts
The developed smart contracts will correspond to the future functionality of the solution.
IPFS and DB storage setup
To ensure the safe storage of NFTs and data, we will use IPFS and databases.
The next step will include the integration of the frontend with the backend, databases, and IPFS.
We will test all the features with a view to detecting and fixing the existing bugs.
After preparing the environment, your music NFT marketplace will be deployed.
When the solution is launched, we will provide all the necessary support and maintenance services.
Promotion and marketing
For attracting a wide audience, it is required to think about platform promotion.


What is an NFT music marketplace?
Music NFT marketplaces provide artists with the possibility to mint their albums and songs in the form of non-fungible tokens. These NFTs can be sold to music fans and collectors, who can further hold or re-sell them for earning purposes. Such marketplaces offer new tools for organizing interaction between musicians and their fan communities as they can be also used for conducting virtual meetings and other engaging activities.
Which is the best NFT music marketplace?
Despite the fact that all NFT music platforms have some standard sets of features, they can also be enriched with additional functionality which makes each of them unique. That’s why there is no universal answer to this question. The main task here is to find a solution that fully meets your requirements.
How can I develop an NFT marketplace for music?
There are several options. You can either develop such a solution from scratch or use a white-label solution that can be further branded and customized in accordance with your needs.
How long does it take to develop an NFT music marketplace?
The time needed for the project realization will depend on its complexity, the scope of work, the required integrations, and other factors. But the use of a white-label platform script can help to streamline and facilitate this process.
Can I sell and buy music NFTs?
Yes, thanks to modern music NFT marketplace solutions, everyone has this possibility. The first step that you need to make is to find a reliable platform that will be convenient for you to interact with.
How to invest in music NFT?
First of all, you need to find the assets that you want to invest in. To do it, you can use an NFT marketplace or an aggregator that allows you to view the assets listed on different platforms. Then you will need to follow the instructions provided by the chosen platform. You may need to connect your crypto wallet to make a transaction or you may be allowed to pay in fiat.

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