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What is DeFi?

What is DeFi?
DeFi or decentralized finance is a specific kind of blockchain-based financial solution built for the internet era and meant to revolutionize the way we interact with money. DeFi makes the major financial instruments such as lending, borrowing, trading, and investing easily available for everyone in the decentralized environment and also removes the intermediaries.
It gives the control and visibility over the money back to the people and provides them with alternatives to the local currency and banking options.

Transform finance with Defi solutions

Transform finance with Defi solutions
DeFi provides access to financial services to anyone who needs it, without stealing their personal data or blocking their assets. It has taken trading to a new level making it available to everyone at any time. Moreover, the money transfers became cheaper and faster without the need to purchase the premium products that create inequality.
DeFi systems are immutable and aren’t affected by politics or natural disasters. The automated liquidity outperforms the poor indicators of the traditional banks’ liquidity.

Defi solutions for your business

Defi solutions for your business
DeFi goes far beyond money lending and assembles the whole set of financial services. Investing in building a DeFi app can become a turning and uplifting point for your business. By connecting clients across the world in a more secure and transparent ecosystem without fraud and with fewer risks, your company can gain trust and attract new users.
The combination of decentralization with finance is set to lead the future for enterprises and you want to be on board.

Top DeFi Development & Consulting Services

Decentralized Exchange Development
Decentralized exchanges allow people to be automatically matched with buyers and sellers to store, trade, and exchange their money in the best conditions and without a third-party intermediary.
DeFi Tokenization Development
To boost the development and the outreach of your DeFi solution, we will use our expertise in blockchain and develop a native token for your project.
Market-Making Consulting
We help to find the best-decentralized solutions and apply customized features for the creation of the best systems providing liquidity to investors.
DeFi Wallet Development
To secure the funds of your customers and allow them to be their own banks, the development of a secure DeFi wallet is necessary as an essential part of DeFi infrastructure.
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DeFi Staking Platform Development
Staking as a way to earn profits from the owned token became one of the most popular and interesting features of DeFi, and thus developing your own staking platform will help to attract new clients.
Smart Contracts for DeFi
To automatically verify and execute the transactions, agreements, and settlements on DeFi platforms without third parties, smart contracts need to be deployed.
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Defi dApps development
To reduce the risk of failure related to the control from the central authority, we build and deploy decentralized DeFi applications that induce trust and transparency.
Defi Protocol Development
Empower the DeFi platform by creating the best Dei protocol for your customers that would appreciate high APYs and make use of the possibility to easily fetch interests on deposits.
DeFi Networks
Create a new decentralized financial system with contemporary features where the traditional intermediaries are eliminated with the use of blockchain.

Top Blockchain Development Platforms

Transparent Protocols
To provide users with a completely transparent experience, all the protocols in DeFi are free from intermediary involvement, open, and trustworthy.
The DeFi products run on the public and permissionless ledger and thus anyone without special permission can access it at any time, avoiding any kind of segregation.
Money Legos
Thanks to the nature of DeFi, the new products can be built using different blocks on the same blockchain base, making it easier for different platforms and projects to collaborate.
Global Access
All the DeFi features and parts are built online and are easily accessible by your clients from anywhere in the world.
The funds in the customers’ wallets can not be taken or even accessed by anyone else securing them from the hackers’ attacks while still making them available for all the necessary operations.
With all the information securely stored on the decentralized ledger, DeFi smart contracts are strictly unalterable, meaning no data is ever lost or tempered.
The development of DeFi apps and networks provides a high level of flexibility as almost anything can be set and programmed according to the needs of the business.
Сustomization and integration with 3rd party apps
The Lego structure and interoperability of the DeFi allow it to be easily customized for the needs of your project and integrated with all the necessary third-party services.
Highly Secure
The advanced blockchain technologies allow for peer-to-peer transactions on the platform, eliminating the chances of data breaches and the loss of data.
To provide your customers with the most useful and enjoyable user experience, multiple DeFi applications can be integrated into the same module.
Smart contracts functionality makes all the network operations on the network completely automated and independent from any kind of manual interference.
Pseudonymous Transactions
All the transactions happen on the blockchain network, meaning there is no need to reveal the real identity of the users.

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Defi in various finance fields

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
With the Decentralized Exchange, people get access to new, easy, and advanced investment opportunities in the transparent and secure world of blockchain.
Decentralized Crypto Banking
Decentralized Crypto Banking
The application of DeFi services boosts the new ways of banking services with the direct transfers of value between the participants in a secure and anonymous environment.
DeFi Lottery System Development
DeFi Lottery System Development
We will help you to build a no-loss beneficial lottery system that will motivate the customers to invest their assets and receive randomly distributed rewards to those selected by the smart-contracts random participants.
Decentralized Fund Management
Decentralized Fund Management
With the compound and decentralized fund management services your customers will be able to have better control over their funds to generate more returns at less cost.
DeFi Insurance System Development
DeFi Insurance System Development
To protect the funds of the DeFi users we will go through the details of emergencies, uncertainties, and market risks to find out the most powerful insurance solutions.
DeFi Lending and borrowing Platform
DeFi Lending and borrowing Platform
Provide the customers with an easy, flexible, transparent, and seamless loan facility that can be securely accessed through your DeFi platform.
DeFi Fundraising
DeFi Fundraising
Raise the funds with the use of modern DeFi technologies that open great opportunities for start-ups while providing the benefits of global reach, fast approval, and transparency.
Crypto asset management
Crypto asset management
A carefully developed DeFi solution allows managing their assets in their favorite way through the intuitive interface of their accounts.
Yield farming
Yield farming
Allow your customers to earn passive income by temporarily locking their funds in the liquidity pools of the most interesting DeFi projects.
DeFi provides the users with a way to participate in securing and governing Proof-of-Stake networks via smart contracts in exchange for rewards.
DeFi solutions for e-commerce
DeFi solutions for e-commerce
With the use of pragmatic tools offered by DeFi, any existing e-commerce can be boosted to new heights with the power of smart contracts.
DeFi for Real Estate
DeFi for Real Estate
Programmed smart contracts can be used to tokenize the properties, while the lending protocols can be used to buy the real estate and lower the entry barrier for wealth generation.

DeFi Development Platforms

With the appliance of this open-source blockchain network, decentralized applications with modular architecture can be developed.
The most well-known distributed ledger platform was the first to introduce smart contracts and still provides wide functionality.
The open-source and decentralized Stellar blockchain is an amazing choice for the DeFi project related to any form of digital money.
The projects that require an extra level of transparency, security, and efficiency will be launched perfectly on the Corda network.
An open-source blockchain protocol with one of the highest throughputs and a flexible ecosystem is a must for any business that needs fast transactions.
The main application of the Ripple network is making global transactions between financial institutes, payment systems, and digital exchanges widely available.
Hashgraph is a secured acrylic graph that can be used for the creation of fast, secure, and fair applications.
The self-upgrading and ever-evolving nature of the Tezos blockchain attracts a lot of developers working on creating decentralized apps and assets.
If you are looking to create a high-performance decentralized application, the Tron network is a perfect fit for the goal.

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Build Your dApp

Use-case analysis
After analyzing the needs of your business, we will define the right requirements and the token model to develop the most suitable solution for you.
External dependencies and integrations analysis
Depending on your product, there might be a need to integrate several third-party services needed for the transactions and extra features.
Choosing a proper solution
At this stage, we will suggest an optimal architecture design, a set of features, a tech stack, and a suitable blockchain platform to create the planned ecosystem.
Use-case smart contracts development and testing
According to the plan and requirements set before we start the work on the required DeFi solution and smart contracts, that is due to their immutable nature need to be tested well for bugs and errors before deployment.
Development and Deployment
Once all parts of the required Defi ecosystem are ready, we prepare the front-end and deploy the project on the mainnet.
Further advice
We will provide the ongoing support and upgrades the project might require so it will always be on the edge of technological development.

Why Hire Our Developers

Exclusive experience
Exclusive experience
We started to work with blockchain even before it went mainstream and have succeeded in creating customized decentralized solutions for enterprises.
Expert Team
Expert Team
Our highly skilled software developers have a deep understanding of the blockchain and DeFi industries.
Rapid Development
Rapid Development
If you want to deploy your product in no time we can offer customizable fully functional ready solutions perfectly adjusted to your needs.
Regulations and Compliance
Regulations and Compliance
We care about the law and provide only solutions that are compliant with local and global regulations.
Complete Support
Complete Support
Even after deployment, we are always there to help you maintain, manage and upgrade the product so it is always on the top of the game.
Business-centric Outcomes
Business-centric Outcomes
Our goal is to bring even more greatness to your company and idea, and we follow the visionary approach to make the business stand out.


What are the benefits of DeFi?
As decentralized finance projects are based on the blockchain they ensure no fraud or economical segregation. DeFi is available worldwide in a trustful, secure, and transparent environment. It also offers instantaneous liquidity and global reachability.
Is DeFi a future of finance?
We and most of the world’s experts think so. DeFi is a door to the world where the control over the finances belongs to the people and it opens wider day by day.
Why to launch DeFi?
At the moment DeFi is one of the fastest-growing markets in the crypto world, and according to the experts it’s gonna expand in the coming years.
How to build a DeFi platform?
The best way is to apply to a development company with prior experience and knowledge of how to make an effect in the industry.
How to make money with DeFi?
There are several ways that will vary depending on the engagement of the customers. The launch of DeFi tokens will help to accelerate the process.
Does it take much time to build a DeFi app, platform, etc.?
This will depend on the features you are seeking to have on your platform or app. We can help to understand what will suit your needs best and set up the roadmap for fast but effective development.

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