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Top Polygon Development & Consulting Services

Polygon dApps Development
We build decentralized apps using Polygon SDK, framework, and development tools like Truffle, Remix, and Web3js to provide solutions with paramount security levels.
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Polygon Wallet Development
Benefit from the new boundless era with custom Polygon wallets. We build secure multi-currency wallets providing cross-platform compatibility, QR scanners, etc.
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Polygon Smart Contract Development
We help our clients to create, automate, and execute smart contracts built on Solidity or Vyper. Polygon smart contracts are flexible, compatible, and affordable.
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Polygon NFT Marketplace Development
Build and launch a Polygon NFT marketplace with our blockchain developers. Our expert team knows how to overcome low transaction speed and high costs issues.
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Polygon Integration Services
Our team can help you integrate existing blockchain-based projects to the Polygon ecosystem and increase the product’s scalability, sovereignty, and modularity.
Polygon Blockchain Consulting
Want to benefit from Polygon implementation but don’t know how to start? Our blockchain consultants thoroughly analyze your needs and provide the best offers.
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Polygon Token Development
Our blockchain developers can assist you in tokenizing your digital assets on a consolidated network so that you can easily track them.
Web3 Application Development
Want to scale up your business with Polygon implementation but don’t know how? We develop user-friendly apps powered by Web3 to tackle the issue.
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Blockchain Games Development
Let your users enjoy a powerful gaming experience by launching an interactive NFT-based gaming ecosystem with play-to-earn and earn-to-play incentives.

Solutions of Polygon

Polygon Edge Polygon Edge
Polygon Edge is an extensible framework used for building public or private Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.
Polygon PoS Chain Polygon PoS Chain
Polygon PoS Chain is an EVM-compatible sidechain that adds a proof of stake security layer for Polygon blockchain networks.
Polygon Hermez (zk-Rollup) Polygon Hermez (zk-Rollup)
Polygon relies on ZK-rollups for token transfers and bundling a great number of off-chain transactions into a single one.

Polygon Tools

Matic JS
We use the Matic JS library to interact with various components of the Matic Network as the library provides APIs for transfers, deposits, withdrawals, etc.
Open Wallet API
We use Open Wallet API to create and implement custom wallet interfaces with extended functionality features.
Token Mapper
Polygon Token Mapper is a tool used for mapping mintable and non-mintable tokens and testing smart contracts.
Polygon Bridge Widget
Polygon Bridge allows users to connect their decentralized applications and extend their functionality utilizing Polygon widget.
Bridge API
Polygon Bridge API makes minting easier and lets users quickly transfer tokens and NFTs to the Polygon sidechain.
Polygon Faucet
Polygon Faucet is a tool that allows using a small amount of cryptocurrency without having to buy one.

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Polygon Benefits

Polygon provides all advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem like modern tech stack and tools, increases scalability and interoperability, and makes your business thrive.
Security as a service
Polygon enables “security as a service” created by Ethereum experts or a dedicated set of validators to obtain paramount security for Polygon PoS chains.
Build platforms with increased cross-platform functionality and a good user experience using Polygon as it is interoperable with EVM blockchains and Ethereum.
Robust architecture
Launch Ethereum scaling solutions that have four composable layers that handle Polygon staking, message relaying, validation, local consensus, block creation, etc.
User experience
Polygon is a layer two solution for the Ethereum blockchain that inherits its great user experience features and adds new ones.
Hire our Polygon developers to create scalable solutions using the latest algorithms, standards, and blockchains as per your specific needs.
Speed and Low gas fees
Polygon is a layer two scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain that inherits its best features and enables instant transaction finality and low gas fees.

Industries in focus

We develop blockchain-based healthcare apps and platforms that will enable new communication levels between doctors and their patients. With custom Polygon blockchain solutions, you can keep health records, protect sensitive patient data, and secure patient-related data transfers between multiple healthcare providers. Now your business has a modern safe instrument to quickly and accurately set diagnoses, effectively treat people, and track vital signs.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Reduce delays and transaction costs by processing all payments in the cloud or a distributed system network. Polygon blockchain solutions will help you to eliminate intermediaries, automate bank operations, make instant approvals, attract new customers, and bring full transparency to all processes in the industry. Blockchain solutions are widely spread in decentralized finance as they simplify creating invoices, tracing assets, settling claims, and more.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Streamline the full supply chain cycle and boost customer trust with our Polygon blockchain development services. We develop custom blockchain software that enhances supply protection, reduces operational costs, and prevents counterfeit distribution. Now you can reduce disruption risks with transparent monitoring of goods’ provenance and digital certification. We build blockchain-powered apps that allow you to optimize routes, automate document flow and detect existing workflow inefficiencies.
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We develop custom Polygon blockchain gaming solutions that provide paramount security. What is more, our blockchain-based software is highly protected from hacker attacks, system failures, and cheating. The solutions we create enhance monetization, verify and secure digital assets and tokenized funds, and instantly process payments. Allow your players to buy, sell and trade their assets, and exchange in-game tokens and currencies, and they will pay you back with increased involvement.
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Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
Create unique customer experience and loyalty programs, establish customer trust and reduce transaction costs with blockchain technology. Our Polygon solutions can help your company in several ways such as crypto payments enablement, inventory and supply chain management, and counterfeit goods detection. We help retailers to digitize and secure optimized processes, tackle import and export challenges, ensure product authentication and make fast and secure payments.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Your oil & gas business can also get strong benefits from Polygon solutions. For instance, now you can remove routine paperwork, track goods’ movement through the supply chain, and enable transparent monitoring of goods’ provenance. Another advantage is blockchain’s distributed immutable ledger which prevents you from fraud and helps to build trust between business partners. In addition to this, you can get rid of intermediaries and automate reconciliation processes.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
Tokenize your property rights and completely automate sharing economy business with the help of “smart objects”. Using Polygon blockchain apps in the industry is a new way to attract new customers like people with low income or unbanked ones who are estimated to be one-third of the global population. Also, the sharing economy platform community can create immutable open ranking and credibility databases, authenticate identities and make secure peer-to-peer transfers with low transaction costs.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Blockchain technology in construction and real estate allows you to digitize your property rights, store all property records in the immutable ledger, and thus make ownership provenance and document management more transparent. Ownership tokenization also increases your asset liquidity, while data traceability attracts new investors. Custom Polygon solutions we deliver help construction and real estate businesses streamline their management and sales processes, build trust between partners and customers, and more.
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Remove unreliable paperwork, perform easy error checking, and establish customer trust with blockchain-based solutions for insurance businesses. Utilizing Polygon apps and services, you can make fast data exchanges, enable transparency for all parties, and better manage insurance claims with lower handling process costs. Also, you can track policy purchases and sales in real-time, bring more security to all processes in your insurance company, and manage payout calculations based on information stored in smart contracts.
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Polygon Development Process

Vision & Scope
First, we need to understand the goals of the future project, its specification and features, and the product’s technical realization.
Business Analyses
Then we thoroughly analyze your business and competitors as well as provide consulting services to offer you the best options.
Project planning
Our team builds the strategy to visualize the roadmap of the project based on its desirability, viability, and feasibility.
At this stage, our skilled Polygon blockchain developers build your product following your requirements and fix minor bugs.
Quality Assurance
To make certain your product is ready to hit the market and has no bugs or weaknesses, we rigorously test it.
Deployment and Launch
We launch your product according to your requirements and help you to manage third-party upgrades or new OS releases by providing maintenance services.
Our collaboration is not finished after the product launch. We are always there to help you with any issue you face.

Why Hire Our Poligon Developers

Rich Ethereum experience
Rich Ethereum experience
We develop custom Ethereum-based products for diverse industries. We have the expertise to deliver secure, scalable, and compatible solutions in less time.
Wide Experience of Projects
Wide Experience of Projects
We have successfully finished dozens of blockchain projects. We have delivered solutions for a wide range of industries from healthcare and retail to oil & gas.
Inhouse Team
Inhouse Team
At ND Labs, we have a team of blockchain experts who never stop improving their skills. You just employ our professionals who will work exclusively on your project.
Fast and Global
Fast and Global
We have rich experience to provide the best solutions in less time. Our team is located around the world, so we complete projects faster as the work continues 24/7.
Client-Oriented Approach
Client-Oriented Approach
We respect your time and business needs and do our best to satisfy them. We are always there to help you turn ideas into reality.
Excellent Communication Skills
Excellent Communication Skills
We work hard to deliver the best solutions for your business, so your feedback is crucial for us. Our team will give you regular reports and help to solve any issues.


What is Polygon?
Polygon is a secondary solution that is verified by Ethereum. We use it to launch a platform that helps to connect blockchain-based solutions. Polygon tackles scalability issues and helps to overcome high gas fees as well as low transaction speed. It mainly aims at simplifying the communication between users and decentralizing it.

What are the benefits of Polygon development?
Polygon differs from other blockchains as it has compelling features like increased scalability, Ethereum compatibility, and interoperability. Other benefits that make Polygon stand out are paramount security, robust architecture, user experience, speed, and low gas fees.
What Polygon development services do you provide?
We build dApps, custom wallets, and Web3 applications; develop smart contracts and blockchain-based games, create Polygon tokens and NFT marketplaces to trade them, integrate existing solutions to the Polygon ecosystem, and provide blockchain consulting services.
Why should I choose ND Labs for my Polygon project?
At ND Labs, we assist businesses and startups in building and implementing blockchain-based solutions. We have the expertise to help our clients make use of Polygon solutions and benefit from their advantages.
How much does it cost to develop a solution using Polygon?
The cost of product development is calculated individually as it depends on multiple factors. The most influential ones are the complexity of the solution including its features and functionality, business analysis, and support services.

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