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We do our best to stay tuned with all the latest tendencies in the NFT and blockchain industry. It helps us to provide you with trendy solutions that will bring real value to your business and open new opportunities for gaining profits. Our flexibility, 100% transparency, the most secure tech tools, focus on your privacy, and attention to detail make us a reliable NFT development company.
We have experience in working in different niches, including NFT marketplace development, NFT virtual art gallery development, NFT sports marketplace development, creation of NFT games and utilities, and many others. And we are confident that we can satisfy any of your NFT development inquiries!

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens

Thanks to the test interoperability of non-fungible tokens, NFT companies, and interested individuals can trade them within various virtual platforms and marketplaces. Businesses can launch their own NFT collections for attracting investments.
Limited supply
Limited supply
When tokens are issued, NFT properties can’t be changed or updated. Each non-fungible token is unique and the total number of tokens in one group is limited. With the flow of time, thanks to their uniqueness, their value will continue to grow.
An NFT has a very important difference from a usual token or fiat currency. It can’t be broken into pieces and sold in parts. NFTs always remain unique and can be purchased only as an entire item.
Technical standards
Technical standards
As NFT development takes place on public blockchain networks, developers can create heritable reusable standards for NFTs. As a result, it is safer and easier to list non-fungible tokens on different platforms.

Top NFT development services

NFT Development
NFT Development
Over developers can help you to transform any artwork, video, product, music, or any other real-world object into an NFT that you can further trade on an online marketplace.
NFT Marketplace Development
NFT Marketplace Development
We can help you with designing and deploying your own marketplace with a unique interface where users will be able to safely buy and sell NFTs.
NFT Lending platform Development
NFT Lending platform Development
Let’s launch your own smart contract-based platform where NFT creators will be able to borrow and lend non-fungible tokens for funds.
NFT Cross-chain
NFT Cross-chain
We can build for you a solution that will allow users to seamlessly transfer non-fungible tokens from decentralized applications (dApps) built on different blockchains.
NFT Minting Platform Development
NFT Minting Platform Development
We can build for you an NFT minting platform that will enable users to issue NFTs even without any knowledge of technologies and coding.
NFT Consulting
NFT Consulting
Our blockchain consultants will provide you with all the necessary information related to the NFT project development and help to build the right strategy.
NFT Smart Contracts
NFT Smart Contracts
Smart contracts that are built by our developers ensure the best digital asset control by providing full transparency and immutability of the stored information.
NFT Exchange
NFT Exchange
Our team offers NFT exchange development services and can offer you a reliable blockchain-based platform for trading NFT assets.
NFT Wallet development
NFT Wallet development
Our developers create secure wallets with a user-friendly interface and clear navigation for storing and managing non-fungible tokens.

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NFT Use Cases

NFT Digital Arts
NFT virtual art gallery development is an important component of the general revolution that is taking place in the arts industry. NFT platforms are a good place for artists to share their works with a wide audience offering a fair price and securing ownership rights. And for businesses, digital arts can be a good option for long-term investments.
NFT Sports
Thanks to tokenization, sports clubs and athletes have the possibility to share key moments, sports cards, video clips, valuable photos, and other types of digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible. NFT sports marketplace development can become your great chance to explore a new field for your further business growth and to get additional profits.
NFT Gaming
Gaming NFT collectibles like avatars, weapons, clothes, cars, and various tools bring billions in revenue. These digital collectibles can be purchased directly in gaming apps or via common NFT marketplaces. With gaming NFTs integrated into your projects, you can enjoy a completely new earning opportunity while players will benefit from new gaming experiences.
NFT Collectibles
NFTs can be perceived as virtual trading cards. Just like baseball cards from limited editions that can be sold for thousands of dollars, NFTs work practically the same. But businesses can sell and buy not just trading cards but also some collectible items in the form of NFTs and enjoy a new source of revenue and growing revenues.
NFT Metaverses
The metaverse is believed to be the future of the internet and a good object for your business investments. This virtual world allows you to build practically everything you want and you have (or vice versa can’t get) in reality. NFTs facilitate a lot of transactions and procedures that can take place in the metaverse by ensuring a convenient way of ownership transfer.
NFT Utilities
There can be various NFT utilities including digital identities and exclusive membership rights. You can sell NFTs to grant your clients access to some events or organizations like DAOs. NFTs can also store sensitive personal data and be used for personality identification or serve as a certificate of authenticity for digital artifacts.
NFT Fashion
Already now some of the most prominent fashion brands are offering their unique limited collections as NFTs. The interest in fashion NFTs is gaining momentum as one of the main points that attract fashion lovers and investors is the scarcity of virtual assets provided by the leading designers and fashion houses.
NFT Music and Videos
Thanks to NFTs musicians and video content creators can share their products, including songs, albums, special concert streams, vlogs, video reviews, etc. in the form of tokenized assets on NFT marketplaces. This approach allows avoiding any threats to ownership rights and illegal claims.
NFT for infrastructure development
Just like in the case with real estate, you can create infrastructure for your land and further tokenize it for simplified transactions and paperwork. NFT infrastructure development can include architecture, infrastructure construction, interior design, and different elements of decorative design, etc.
NFT Finance and Defi
NFTs are being widely adopted by many DeFi and fintech companies today as assets of this kind have a lot of benefits for the financial domain. And the main of them is the capacity of NFTs to store value and function as proof of ownership. At the same time, DeFi projects provide the possibility to comfortably perform all operations with digital assets.
NFT Domains
Selling blockchain domains in the form of NFTs is one of the newest trends in the industry. These domains provide users with complete ownership of their stored data. Owning such a domain can also facilitate creating and hosting Web3 web pages as well as conducting crypto transactions as in such a case your wallet address can be replaced with the domain name.
NFT Fractionalized
NFTs can be fractionalized. It means that the original non-fungible token is kept in a vault, while some fungible tokens are issued in a limited supply to represent ownership over that NFT. There can be 10, 10,000, or even 10 million of these shares. They are sold at a fixed price on secondary markets and they do not have any impact on the value of the original NFT.
NFT Memes
One of the most interesting phenomena of the mass culture of the 21st century – meme – has turned into an asset that can be owned by anyone. All this has become possible thanks to tokenization and today you can buy the ownership rights for the meme the value of which can skyrocket already in the near future.
NFT and P2P Exchange
P2P exchanges are platforms where NFT owners, holders, and those who are just entering this community can feasibly sell and buy non-fungible tokens. Our seasoned developers can also integrate third-party wallets into such platforms to ensure comfortable and 100% secure trading of virtual assets stored on other exchanges.
game for cryptocurrency

Process of NFT project development

Project discovery and Collection of Requirements
To start, we need to examine your ideas, your business needs, and technical requirements. We conduct business analysis and provide you with consulting services to develop the most efficient strategy. At this stage, our team closely cooperates with yours in order to make sure that we completely understand what you expect to get as a result and can deliver the best solution for you.
Research and planning
Upon gathering and analyzing your requirements, our experts will conduct complete research to detect any possible risks related to your project. It will help us to avoid many issues or at least to be well-prepared for them. We will also create a roadmap and plan to document the set timing and milestones.
Whitepaper development
If it is required, we can develop a white paper that will provide a full description of your product, its goals, and its functionality. We will focus on the competitive advantages of your project, its uniqueness, and the provided monetization opportunities. We will also cover the business aspect itself, conduct risk analysis, and also add a project’s roadmap.
NFT prototyping
When all the requirements are agreed upon, our NFT developers will proceed to prototyping. At this stage, it is important to focus on user experience planning and to think about possible entry barriers and the ways to overcome them. We closely communicate with clients to discuss different elements of UI/UX design and the effects that clients hope to achieve with them.
MVP & NFT platform development
In order to test the viability of the product, we always recommend clients start with the development of a minimum viable product. An MVP helps to avoid unnecessary expenses and losses related to the launch of a solution that will further turn out to be inefficient. When we are sure that the solution fully satisfies the needs of end-users and does not require any improvements, we will build its full-scale version.
QA & testing
For us, it is crucial to ensure bug-free functioning and high performance of our solutions. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the QA stage and conduct different combinations of testing procedures depending on the specificity of the project. Before launching the project, we also perform a full system running on the testnet.
Launch & support
When everything is ready and we are sure that everything works as it is supposed to, it’s time to deploy your solution! But even after it goes live, our cooperation continues. We always stay by your side in case you need any maintenance services or assistance in expanding your solution and enriching it with new functionality.

Why choose us for NFT development

Pool of NFT Experts
Pool of NFT Experts
We are proud to have a strong team of specialists who have rich expertise in the NFT industry.
Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction
We know how to make our clients happy. Your satisfaction and product quality are top priorities for us.
Guaranteed Data Security
Guaranteed Data Security
We treat your sensitive business data with special care and attention and use only the most secure tools.
Competitive Rates
Competitive Rates
We always stay fully transparent and honest with you and offer our high-quality services at an absolutely fair price.
Output Beyond Expectations
Output Beyond Expectations
We guarantee the best quality of our solutions that bring real value to businesses and end-users.
One-Step Ahead to Market
One-Step Ahead to Market
We are always open to new knowledge and do our best to stay tuned with all the latest market innovations.
We are very flexible when it comes to establishing cooperation with clients and are ready to find the most comfortable model for you.
Cross-industry experience
Cross-industry experience
Our developers work with different types of solutions and technologies, including web, mobile, blockchain, and metaverse apps.

We highly value our clients and strive to deliver the most innovative, secure, and feature-rich products. To reach this goal, we use only reliable technologies for our solutions.

Ethereum Ethereum
We can cooperate with different degrees of engagement according to your requirements. You can hire a dedicated blockchain development team to get a high-quality solution. If you have your own development team, then you can extend it with our experts with the required for the project experience. Or we can collaborate just on a specific project.
Binance Binance
Binance Smart Chain meets the highest industry standards when it comes to its performance. It ensures low transaction fees, advanced liquidity, and interoperability. Binance also allows enjoying such benefits as Proof-of-Stake (PoS) authority, cross-chain transfers, and EVM compatibility. NFT projects launched on the Binance blockchain demonstrate a high level of reliability and security.
Polygon Polygon
It is an open-source protocol that provides developers with the possibility to create excellent interchain scalability solutions that stand out from the crowd for their interoperability, high liquidity, and security. NFT solutions built on Polygon facilitate the entry to the market for users who have no previous experience with crypto and lower barriers in the interaction between creators and the community.
Solana Solana
Solana NFT development is a very popular option today as this blockchain network enables active validator participation, comparatively low gas fees, high throughput, and quick and seamless transactions. Thanks to the provided benefits one could get by opting for Solana, the Solana ecosystem is actively growing.

NFT Standarts

It is the most common standard applied for issuing NFTs. Each token is unique and its price is set separately. This protocol is the core of the entire ecosystem and today it already supports billions of dollars worth of non-fungible tokens issued on different networks.
ERC-1155 standard is widely used for building both non-fungible and fungible digital assets as it ensures lower development costs. This protocol is unique as only it allows creating any type of digital assets, including crypto tokens, virtual real estate, and digital art.
ERC-998 is known to be an extension of the well-known ERC-721 protocol. This NFT standard ensures advanced trading options. It enables users to compose digital assets with assets of other types and transfer them together as a single entity.


What is a Non-fungible token (NFT)?
A non-fungible token (or NFT) is a unique digital asset that can be a representation of real-life or virtual objects. It differs from fungible assets as it has a special digital signature that doesn’t let it have copies and be replaced by any other token. The first NFTs were introduced in 2014 but they started gaining popularity significantly later, in 2021. And one of the main boosters for its popularity is investors’ interest in digital arts. NFTs are issued on blockchain. What can be sold as an NFT? Practically everything! Digital art, memes, songs, videos, designer clothes, virtual avatars, sports cards, in-game collectibles and even tweets.
I want to launch my own NFT project. How can I do it?
Everything starts with an idea. First of all, we recommend you analyze what exactly you want to get. It can be an NFT marketplace, exchange, or minting platform. You can analyze the projects that have been already launched and that boast great popularity in the market. You can use other projects for inspiration and create your own unique idea. You should have a clear understanding of what tasks your project will solve, who will be your target audience, and what goals you want to reach with it. But if you do not want to do it fully on your own, you can turn to an NFT development company whose consultants and analysts will help conduct market research for you, analyze the ongoing clients’ demands, conduct business analysis and help to develop the right strategy.
As for the development itself, if you do not have your in-house experts and you do not have plans to hire NFT developers, it’s time to find a reliable partner among the companies that offer NFT development services and start working on your project together.

How much does it cost to build an NFT project?
Just like in the cases of other software development projects, it is difficult to talk about costs without understanding the specificity of the project. Everything depends on the desired functionality of the solution, the technologies that should be used for it, and the number of NFT developers and other specialists who will participate in the development. When you turn to a software development company with your idea, experts deeply analyze your request and provide you with cost estimations based on the results of their calculations.
Where do people buy NFTs?
There is a range of NFT marketplaces. Some of the most famous ones are OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, and the NBA Top Shot Marketplace. Though there are already some strong market players, there is some space for newcomers. It means that today can be exactly a good time to wow the audience with your own unique NFT trading platform. You can launch your unique NFT exchange that will be built in full accordance with your requirements and needs as well as the specificity of your target audience that you want to reach.
What benefits will our company get if we start using NFTs?
Actually, the benefits will depend on the niche where you work. But for example, if we are talking about the real estate business, with NFTs you can avoid a lot of paperwork. NFTs can help you to facilitate and streamline a lot of business processes and simplify the procedure of transferring ownership rights.

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