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Top Cardano Development & Consulting Services

Cardano development
Enjoy customized Cardano solutions as per your specific needs and project vision accompanied by tailored protocols and logic.
Cardano consulting
Based on a thorough investigation of your company profile our consultants will anticipate the impact on your organization with Cardano implementation and present you business analysis.
Cardano integration
We can swiftly transfer your existing app or website to Cardano platform to take advantage of its benefits such as interoperability, sustainability and scalability.
Wallet development
We create Cardano wallets to store and transfer its official cryptocurrency ADA or other customized tokens operating as a full node, a desktop wallet or a browser extension.
dApp development
We serve our clients with dApps applicable to a variety of industries specifically financial, professional and social endowed with high level of security, scalability and performance.
Token development
We assist you in tokenizing native assets on Cardano so that you could join the platform with a custom token without the need to create a smart contract. Also, we provide minting of NFTs.
Smart contract development
Our developers have proficiency in the most applicable languages for smart contracts development on Cordano:Plutus and Marlowe, the latter is usually used for modeling the financing tools as smart contracts.
NFT marketplace development
Capitalize on NFT marketplace running on Cardano, we can help you launch the marketplace backed by end-to-end solutions including smart contracts development, UI, integration functions, auditing services and marketplace roll-out.
Cardano Metaverse Development
Use our high-end blockchain expertise for building a metaverse on Cardano. Our developers will create a truly immersive virtual reality where individuals can take their daily actions.
Cardano DeFi Development
Found out the new wave of flexible financial markets on Cardano where financial instruments are modeled in smart contracts. The platform offers lending pools and supports borrowers.
Cardano Web3 Application
Build a Web3 application on one of the most decentralized networks to scale your business. Permissionless and trust-based environments for everybody are key factors for the next-gen World Wide Web.
Cardano audit and support
Prior to mainnet deployment the source code undergoes testing to prevent loss of funds and shut every trapdoor within Cardano ledger nodes, smart contracts and tools. Contact us any time after product launch if any modifications are required.

Why Choose Cardano?

Scalability Scalability
Better TPS is attained by PoS, RINA technique decreases bandwidth and the question of data storage is solved by compression, pruning and partitioning.
Interoperability Interoperability
Users can perform transactions on Cardano using multiple currencies, besides Cardano offers addition of metadata to transactions to find out who made it.
Sustainability Sustainability
A special wallet called Treasury was created on Cardano where fees from transactions are forwarded and then allocated to developers by fair voting.
Fast transactions Fast transactions
Underpinned by proof-of-stake consensus mechanism Cardano has gained a hefty throughput of transactions per second.
Cheap gas fees Cheap gas fees
The average transaction fee on Cardano is approximately 0,1 ADA in comparison with 15 USD on Ethereum.
A higher degree of decentralization A higher degree of decentralization
Every network participant is responsible for block production in Ouroboros. The number of validators is increasing dramatically.
Cross-Chaining Cross-Chaining
Cardano tends to empower cross chain transfers with the help of side chains that perform transactions between the parties off chain.
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
Cardano proved to be energy-efficient thanks to the PoS mechanism that replaced miners with stakeholders cutting down computer power consumption.
Research-Based Research-Based
You can easily find information about the development process of Cardano as well as other studies promoting the platform.

Key Components of Cardano

Plutus is used for smart contracts execution on Cardano, full-fledged development is not necessary to be carried out, hence developers can enjoy plug-and-play process.
Marlowe is a Cardano’s purpose-specific language designed particularly for decentralized finance enabling modeling of financing pools as smart contracts facilitating peer-to-peer loans, contracts for difference (CFD), etc.
Rosetta is a set of tools in an interface that makes Cardano fully compatible, ensuring a seamless interaction with all the blockchains and integration of Cardano-based solutions to other blockchain networks.
Native tokens
Native tokens
Native tokens are created on Cardano platform meaning that users can perform transactions in ADA as well as other custom tokens without the involvement of a smart contract.
Cardano’s architecture provides “Testnets” a sandboxed approach to the developers for running an extensive testing of all the components in isolation to ensure the code’s correctness before deploying.
Virtual Machines
Virtual Machines
Virtual machines allow users to seamlessly execute smart contracts between Cardano and Ethereum blockchains by using bridges highlighting a high level of compatibility and interoperability.

Industries in focus

With blockchain healthcare businesses have access to the drug supply chain, where they can check drug authenticity and its expiration dates. Healthcare providers can view patient’s medical records at any time when they are updated thus providing a better user experience. Insurance settlements are automated and accomplished in a middlemen-free manner due to smart contracts implementation. Also, one is able to make an appointment with any doctor all over the world without third parties, which leads to cost reductions.
Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
The lack of intermediaries and completely internet-based money transfers provide significant reduction of operational costs and automation of business processes. Transactions, even overseas ones, are near-instant in comparison with the traditional fintech system. The accessibility of payment details to the permissioned users resolves the credibility and trust issues. With cryptocurrency being gradually adopted, blockchain paves the way for the emergence of new products. Since the data is stored in a decentralized network, it is less susceptible to fraud.
Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Blockchain allows tracking of the whole supply chain process from raw to final products ensuring timely moving and total inventory control. Users make sure of the goods’ authenticity by scanning QR code or barcode. Replacing manual work by automation helps to achieve better revenue levels. Blockchain can process a huge pile of data smoothly implementing smart contracts. Swift cross-border transactions accompanied by a quick and secure verification process will create an extensive user base.
Blockchain-based games enable players to buy in-app items such as characters or upgraded weapons in a secure and fast way using cryptocurrency. Also, users can make these purchases in the form of NFTs in case they want to confirm possessiveness and have assets that present monetary value. Moreover, there are ways to earn crypto during the game by getting rewards for passing through game quests that could be later used for in-game purchases or turned into real money.
Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
Blockchain is a game-changer in retail&eCommerce allowing near-instant transactions among multiple countries and eliminating fees for them to any intermediaries. Also, unbanked people have the possibility to shop online. The tamper-proof nature of blockchain allows merchants and customers to securely exchange data without putting it at risk. Since the products are completely traceable in a supply chain the buyer could be sure in its authenticity. The warranty review process is streamlined as the complete lifecycle of products is available.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
The supply chain of oil & gas industries is vast and intricate that makes the reconciliation process among all network participants time-consuming and complicated resulting in delays and additional costs to third parties. The blockchain helps to avoid the duplication of work and remove intermediaries by storing the data in the distributed ledger to which each permissioned user has access in real time. Fast cash cycle and unprecedented level of trust are also provided.
Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
The current sharing economy involves a central authority who acts as an intermediary between consumers that do not know each other while blockchain implementation provides direct contact between supply and demand in a more efficient way because one can authenticate a driver, for instance, without a central administration. It leads to cost reduction and creates a trusted environment because there’s no authority that regulates rates and reviews of services being provided.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Data integrity and append-only format of blockchain provide transparency in leasing, purchase and sale of property. Easy access to real estate registries gives trustworthy information about ownership history, its location, capital values, etc. Since blockchain operations are tamper-proof fraudulent behavior regarding title records is hardly possible. Simplified payments and service transactions are achieved via smart contracts. Tokenization is also changing the game allowing multiple people to possess one property by buying tokens.
Due to immutable record-keeping no alterations are possible on blockchain preventing fraudulent or duplicate claims. Smart contracts cut down employee costs by its middleman-free operations and offer easy management of insurance claims. After investigating a customer’s claim in the ledger an immediate payout takes place compared to several days of waiting in case of traditional insurance settlements. Customers do not need to worry about presenting their personal data as high-level security features maintain anonymity of the users.

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Cardano Development Process

Business analysis
At first, we explore the nitty-gritty details of your organization’s workflow and understand your business-specific needs on the basis of what we present as a blueprint of your project’s further development.
Architecture Design
Once we gather your requirements, we start designing, prototyping and testing the product.
Proof of concept development
We deliver a Proof of concept to verify the practical applicability of your project and make sure that it will function as envisioned.
Visual & Technical Design
Then we proceed with the front-end development, our designers take care of every minor detail to ensure a seamless user experience.
Once the design is approved, our developers take over and do their best to deliver a performance-based solution. There are 3 phases in the development lifecycle: Alpha, Beta and Release.
Your product goes through stringent test procedures to ensure there are no bugs, and it is ready to go for the market.
As soon as the product is created and tested our developers publish it in live environments on any desired platform.
We offer you round-the-clock support to ensure continuous improvement and optimization of your product.

Why Hire Our Cardano Developers

Technical Prowess
Technical Prowess
Our scope of activities is exclusively connected with blockchain and our experience in it is soaring at a breakneck speed.
Expert Team
Expert Team
Our experts in the field keep pace with the current market trends and know how to adapt them to your current working system.
Rapid Development
Rapid Development
We develop custom-built solutions suited to your business case. A well-organized roadmap with its strategic objectives of the project facilitate fast development and deployment.
Uncompromised service quality
Uncompromised service quality
We provide a high-end full cycle of services in blockchain to our customers that they keep coming back to us in order to deploy new solutions.
High level of proficiency
High level of proficiency
Our team is bestowed with top-tier blockchain pros who have created a number of blockchain solutions for an array of industries with a positive customer satisfaction rate.
Cross industry knowledge
Cross industry knowledge
Our team members possess cross-industry knowledge that helps us to transfer successful experiences and tools from other fields to adapt to a rapidly changing world and offer you business growth in the long run.


What is the Cardano platform?
Cardano is a third-generation technology being an upgraded version of the second-generation Ethereum network that eliminates its drawbacks, specifically high energy usage, scalability and interoperability issues. It is an appropriate technology for financial applications due to traceability and identity management. The consensus protocol in Cardano is Proof-of-stake called Ouroboros, the goal of which is to minimize energy consumption while block creating by removing excessive computational work as in the case of Proof-of-work algorithm.
What are the prospects of the Cardano platform?
Cardano is fully compatible with all the existing blockchains offering interoperability without the need of bridges or other connectivity tools. Moreover, the blocks are mined as epochs that could be divided an infinite number of times that allows the reduction of overload by distributing ongoing operations to other nodes. Besides, due to the simple development process the roll-out of the Cardano platform to the market is cost and time-efficient.
Where is Cardano used?
Cardano could be implemented in any industry with which blockchain is associated. Cardano-based apps are beneficial for trading and financing purposes, it ensures product authenticity, privacy of data, simplified workflow by smart contracts execution and many more advantageous use cases.
What is the process of Cardano app development?
The stages of Cardano app development are the same as with any other blockchain products. Smart contracts based on the Cardano platform using Plutus development environment have to be created. Then the front-end and feature-set should be developed to integrate smart contacts according to the functionality of the application. Once the aforementioned steps are completed, the app could be rolled out to the market.

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