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What Is Enterprise Blockchain?

What Is Enterprise Blockchain?
In and of itself, blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores immutable data blocks in decentralized places using cryptography.
When an enterprise would like to have a collaboration with multiple parties where all the participants are able to access information and share data securely, enterprise blockchain technology rises to the challenge. Blockchain can defuse mistrust in supply chain interactions and empower new secure connections getting rid of the third parties.

Driving Business Transformation with Blockhcain

Driving Business Transformation with Blockhcain
Blockchain development for an enterprise? Definitely be of use. Enterprise blockchain opens opportunities for digital transformation and revolutionizes a great many of business processes.Companies can benefit manifold from swift transactions to the ability of tracking money and storing sensitive information.
Approach us, and we will stand behind you every step of implementation of the enterprise blockchain solution and provide top-tier post-delivery services.

What can blockchain do for business?

What can blockchain do for business?
As a rule of thumb many companies want to work together but are not inclined to give full control to their partner but with blockchain multiple parties have access to the same, up-to-date data that provides data integrity and fast reconciliation.
Also, Blockchain is notorious for middleman free operations that lead to time and money savings of a company. For enterprises, the fact that you can see the whole lifecycle of a digital asset is a great plus too.

Our Top Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Consulting
Talk to our consultants to see how blockchain technology can benefit your business. You can get consultation on an existing project or develop a blockchain implementation strategy tailored to your business needs.
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Smart Contract Development & Audit
Automate your workflows, reduce costs and enhance the security of transaction-based processes with smart contract implementation. We make regular audit reports on smart contracts for you.
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RWA Tokenization Platform Development
We utilize cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency. Our comprehensive approach includes smart contract development, digital asset issuance, and seamless integration with existing systems, making it easier than ever to unlock the full potential of RWAs.
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Security Token Offering
We can offer you solutions that can turn any of your assets into digital ones. Succeed in security token offering (STO) and invest in crypto securely, transparently, and complying with the regulations.
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Metaverse Development
Want to build a community of people with similar interests and find a new way to increase sales? We can offer you metaverse development services for your blockchain-based projects.
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Decentralized Applications (dApps)
Make profit from decentralized applications we develop. DApps reduce shortcomings such as security gaps, lack of visibility, server failures and other operational restrictions.
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Blockchain Development
We develop custom blockchain solutions that are made to solve your unique challenges. Our experienced blockchain developers and consultants will help you transform the way you do business.
NFT Development
Need to convert your assets into NFTs or build a custom NFT marketplace? We are here to help. Enable transparent and fraud-free transactions, get rid of third parties, and directly connect marketplace users.
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Web 3.0 Development
We can develop decentralized and token-based platforms and applications or integrate advanced features with existing platforms to boost performance and data security.
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
Build and design an easy-to-use blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. Provide users with paramount security, swift transactions, and real-time digital asset trading systems.
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AI Development Solutions
Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency in your business. Our AI development services include custom AI solutions, machine learning models, and AI-powered automation to meet your specific needs.
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Our Expertise in Enterprise Blockchain Development Security

We deliver blockchains that are protected from unwanted interference providing seamless access to network’s members.
With a proven track record of our successful projects in the Blockchain domain our clients can fully rely on our expertise.
We create performance-focused blockchains that are defined as feature-rich and scalable supporting future growth and high throughput of transactions.
Improved Speed
Our developers have achieved dramatic results in terms of transaction’s speed between participants providing a flawless user experience.
We deploy the most advanced functionalities of blockchain to deliver high-quality solutions guaranteeing trouble-free operations.
Our blockchain is produced to chase suspicious actions eliminating any mistrust among participants while trading.

Redefining Businesses With Our Enterprise Blockchain Development Solutions

Public Blockchain Public Blockchain
Due to its decentralized nature public blockchain is immune to restrictions and gives equal rights to all users of the network making it extremely secure and transparent.
Hybrid-Blockchain Hybrid-Blockchain
The perfect blend of public and private blockchains contributes to data integrity, and enables access restriction to some sensitive data.
Private Blockchain Private Blockchain
Private blockchain is controlled by a single organization that is in power of permission level, accessibility and authorization. Private blockchain facilitates fast transactions due to its small size.
Consortium-Blockchain Consortium-Blockchain
Consortium-Blockchain is primarily a private one, but the control is not limited to one organization, conversely it is governed by a group of entities that provides decentralization.
Permissioned Blockchain Permissioned Blockchain
Permissioned Blockchain is designed to allow users to enter the network after verification of the identity and selectively give specific permissions to each participant.

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Industries in focus

Supply chain transparency, data accessibility, accountability and security are still a daunting challenge for businesses in a healthcare system, so blockchain comes on the scene to keep the industry upgraded. With blockchain businesses are able to validate the authenticity of drugs and their expiry dates, patients and healthcare professionals have access to the upgraded medical records 24/7, the integration of smart contracts doesn’t call for manual oversight any more saving time and money, and so much more from what you can benefit manifold.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Banks across the globe have realized that blockchain is not only about cryptocurrency and started actively harnessing its true potential to transform the way the industry is working. Blockchain facilitates instantaneous cross-border transactions due to its completely internet-based nature and middleman-free way of functioning, paperwork that is susceptible to vulnerabilities is converted into digital records increasing its security and efficiency. The decentralized type of blockchain successfully withstands cyberattacks eradicating any embezzlement. This feature-set solution will help you stay current with the rapidly developing world.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Blockchain helps in tracking the products at all stages of its supply chain from manufacturing to delivery. Client’s trustability of a product increases due to reduction of counterfeit products and sensitive data protection. Blockchain technology simplifies management data regarding transportation, storing, packaging and distribution of products. Moreover, the supply chain industry can monitor the inventory at the warehouse and get information on what is on demand. All this will make your user base wider and help to obtain consumer loyalty.
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Blockchain technology eliminates the promotion of cloned applications, only real human gamers can access the game thanks to the authentication process. The gaming community can reap a benefit from NFT tokens represented by premium game characters, weapons and so on. Due to the rising popularity of Metaverse, ordinary games are transforming into real games where people interact with each other by means of AR and VR. There is also a way for gamers to earn real money by developing play-to-earn games that opens the door for a sophisticated user experience.
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Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
Blockchain promotes fast, secure and middleman-free transactions utilizing Peer-to-Peer features. Blockchain-backed supply chain enables full traceability of goods from production to delivery in real time and proves the authenticity of the products. Businesses keep up to date with stocks avoiding shortages of goods that enhance customer satisfaction. Large amount of information about users, goods, deliveries and sellers is stored in an organized manner making data management to function seamlessly. Each transaction undergoes verification preventing any fraudulent behavior.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Companies in chemicals and petroleum cannot be isolated from the external world, and consequently they rely on supply chains to bring their products to live environments. With blockchain there is no need to spend time on the reconciliation process by making the same data available to each participant of the supply chain, it could be stored in a decentralized manner giving access to the updated information to all the authorized users. Additionally, businesses can have money remittances in a fraction of a second and the lack of intermediaries results in cost saving.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
The implementation of blockchain technology in the sharing economy opens the door for automatization and for giving the power to the users through decentralization. With the smart contacts deals are made without middlemen and consequently additional fees. Due to the immutable nature of blockchain the problems of reliability and transparency are resolved, because the platform’s owner cannot just delete reviews. On top of that, even unbanked people are capable of using the services being provided by the sharing economy because cryptocurrency is the means of payment.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Blockchain paves the way for a more secure and simplified procedure of buying and selling real estate. Buyers are able to trace the history of the property they are willing to buy whereas sellers can grant transparency of the whole sales process. The fact that transactions are recorded on a decentralized ledger and are not prone to hacking attacks increases trust between the buyer and the seller. Also, the records of ownership property that are kept in the decentralized network are safer than traditional ones.
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The implementation of blockchain can transfigure the insurance industry into an automated process through the use of smart contracts. Insurance claims processing becomes more accurate and quick, and thus customers get instant payouts. The claim management process doesn’t require any third parties that helps to reduce cost of each manipulation. By the way, clients are usually reluctant to provide personal information, but as blockchain is highly-secured, people should not worry about their data breach. The immutable nature of blockchain doesn’t allow any alterations in the network avoiding malicious activities.
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Enterprise Blockchain Development Process

Discovery Workshop
We do an in-depth analysis of your business needs and reconcile them with your requirements to present all the feasible solutions that will elevate the prowess of your company.
Blockchain consulting
Once we agree upon the future project, our professionals advise on the type of the blockchain that works best with your plans.
With our highly-developed prototyping techniques we create a minimum viable product that demonstrates basic operations of the current project and acts as a POC.
Strategy and Solution Design
In this phase we create high fidelity wireframes and prototypes of the product to render a user-friendly design that will grab customer’s attention.
On the basis of design being approved at the previous stage, our developers carry on code implementation to shape your business idea into a reality.
Testing and QA
Before its final release, the product is extensively tested to ensure there are no bugs and glitches, and only after this we hand over the product to you.
Launch and Maintenance
After your approval our devs launch the product on any desired platform and continue to provide on-demand support and resolve any issues connected with the new features integration.
Support and Customer Service
Our dedicated team provides optimization services to ensure a continuous improvement of the product when it’s already on the market. Any errors are fixed instantaneously.

Why Hire Our Enterprise  Developers

Dynamic Engagement Model Dynamic Engagement Model
We build strong relationships with our customers by constant communication and interaction while helping to reach their goals, grow their business and satisfy their needs.
Use of Latest Technologies Use of Latest Technologies
Our top-tier specialists are updated with the latest tech trends of development. This enables them to deliver performance-focused blockchain solutions.
Highly-skilled dev team Highly-skilled dev team
Our in-house team of devs employs cutting-edge technologies and tools to create enterprise blockchain solutions as productive and lucrative as possible.
Profound R&D Profound R&D
As blockchain is still in its infancy we conduct a thorough study to come up with new innovative approaches of utilizing blockchain to improve your product.
Cost-effective Cost-effective
​​Our set of tools and tech stack depends on your requirements and financial plan. You are entitled to choose the preferable way of payment: hourly, weekly or monthly.
Streamline Communication Streamline Communication
Ongoing reporting of the project via email or phone to guarantee better coordination with our customers and keeping them up with the development process.

Got an idea? Let’s work together!

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What is Enterprise Blockchain?
Enterprise blockchain is similar to private blockchain that is run by a single organization to deliver decentralized solutions equipped with security, traceability and transparency.
How is Blockchain used in business?
Blockchain offers a new way of storing data in a well-protected form. The blockchain technology enables numerous entities to have access to the same, updated data under one single rooftop, where the information is decentralized meaning no middleman is required.
Can a separate Blochkchain be created for businesses?
Sure. Despite the public blockchain being open-source, it’s not reliable for storing sensitive data of an organization. Private blockchain is well-suited in terms of confidentiality and transaction speed for operating locally within a limited network of users.
How secure is your enterprise blockchain solution?
Our solution is completely tamperproof embedded with the set of features that make it extremely difficult for hackers to infiltrate.
How can I identify the best blockchain for my business?
As soon as you approach us the choosing of the best blockchain for you becomes our top concern. We take a deep dive into your company’s profile, comprehend your needs and suggest the most appropriate solution to guarantee business growth in the long run.
Is it possible to customize your solution?
All of our solutions are available in end to end customizability. Do not hesitate to ask for any modifications and additional features you want to implement.
What are the spheres of blockchain implementation?
Blockchain is a quite multifaceted technology and is implemented in a variety of industries. Some of them are:
– Cryptocurrency exchange;
– Supply chains;
– Voting;
– NFT marketplaces;
– Gaming;
– Real estate;
– Medical data security and sharing
– Cross-border payments;
What types of Blockchain are there?
Public, private and hybrid are the major types of blockchain. Public blockchain is considered to be the most common type being open for each network’s participant, it is deprived of central power and restrictions. Private blockchain functions in a limited environment and the centralized authority defines who can enter the network and what manipulations can he perform. Hybrid type is a mix of the two mentioned above, the transactions are not made public here, but could be verified utilizing smart contracts if needed, the third party is able to access the network but with the limitations to certain information.

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