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ICO Development Company

ICO Development Company
Initial Coin Offering allows businesses or startup companies to rapidly raise funds for their auspicious crypto projects. When you launch an ICO, you may attract investments and secure a place in the market for your future product by creating tokens or coins and selling them for money.
ND Labs team helps businesses to launch a successful ICO campaign and focus on development. Our experts have deep knowledge and relevant skills to implement your idea over the blockchain.

Top Services

Top ICO Development Services
Pre ICO Services
Post ICO Services
Marketplace development
Whitepaper development
Our technical copywriters create a persuasive whitepaper to explain your vision of the project to potential investors and provide them with up-to-date information.
Marketplace development
Roadmap and Strategy
We build a meticulous strategy and create a roadmap to have a clear vision and growth path of the ICO development process and secure its stakeholders.
Marketplace development
Our marketing experts create a powerful strategy to promote your blockchain project across diverse platforms and bring the best results for your ICO campaign.
Marketplace development
Coin development
You can choose a token standard for your ICO. We develop crypto coins or tokens on it and make certain they meet your requirements.
Marketplace development
Blockchain integration
You can choose a blockchain platform to launch your custom token. Decentralization allows you to automate, standardize, and secure all activities.
Marketplace development
Our support executives are ready to help you solve any issues or queries. The support team will be there for you right from the idea creation.
Marketplace development
Market making
We start market making to ensure the liquidity of the token and prevent it from collapsing. We provide the necessary support to make the token succeed.
Marketplace development
PR and marketing
We thoroughly analyze your power and competitors to build strong PR and marketing campaigns and boost the marketing reach of your ICO.
Marketplace development
Our experts develop a whitepaper and a lightpaper to formally present your business to potential investors on the ICO and provide them with more details.
Marketplace development
Landing page
We develop an attractive and informative landing page with intuitive design and social proof to stimulate the investors to get started.
Marketplace development
Technology setup
Our dedicated experts define the pre-ICO technology solutions to overcome challenges in marketing, token development, and distribution effectively.
Marketplace development
Smart contract setup
Our blockchain developers have expertise in delivering reliable smart contract solutions to standardize your business and automate the business processes.
Marketplace development
Blockchain explorer addon
To provide more detailed information on bitcoin addresses, blocks, and transactions, our developers integrate a standard block explorer with your product.
Marketplace development
We create a comprehensive prospectus to document your vision of the project and its benefits to persuade the target audience to buy the coin.
Marketplace development
ICO customer services
Our support team is always ready to discuss any issues or queries about your future product in real-time and during the initial stages of ICO.
Marketplace development
Exchange listing
After the ICO, you need to make your token or coin available to the public. We assist you in listing your token or coin on exchange and merchant platforms.
Marketplace development
Price volatility
ND Labs experts provide our clients with outstanding price volatility hedging services that protect the token price from fluctuations and help to reduce future risks.
Marketplace development
Blockchain software development
After your successful ICO, our team provides custom blockchain development services to ensure a powerful blockchain foundation for your crypto venture.
Marketplace development
ICO support
Our support team professionals will be glad to help you solve any issues or queries about your product at any stage of ICO development and even after.
Marketplace development
White Paper improvement
We help you to improve your White Paper and keep the information up-to-date if there are changes in your entire product, ICO roadmap, or token issuance.
Marketplace development
Landing page UI/UX improvement
To boost the growth of your ICO project, our developers can help you to upgrade the ICO landing page and make it more user-friendly.

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Blockchain Networks We Support

Ethereum is one of the most trusted blockchain platforms. We use it to develop scalable, compatible, and secure smart contracts.
Binance Smart Chain is a well-known and easy-to-use blockchain network. We use it to build hack-proof solutions.
Cardano is a highly scalable blockchain platform with paramount security. We use it to develop smart contracts because of its proof-of-stake timestamping.
We use Avalanche to build smart contracts and make swift transactions as it has a consensus protocol.
Near uses a multi-chain network to operate. The solutions built with Near are simple and sustainable and enable swift transactions with high security.
We use Solana to develop business applications with high performance. The platform is efficient in handling thousands of transactions.
EOS is one of the most actively used public blockchains in the world. We use it to build dApps with instant transactions and no transaction fees.
It is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that allows for building interoperable and scalable smart contracts with low transaction fees and no damage to security.

Your Roadmap to Capitalize On the ICO Opportunity

Ideation and validation
Ideation and validation
Blockchain professionals from our team estimate your idea to determine whether it is desirable, feasible, and applicable.
White or Light Paper creation
White or Light Paper creation
Technical copywriters from the team create explicit, pertinent, and persuasive content to explain your vision.
Pre-ICO marketing and dashboard setup
Pre-ICO marketing and dashboard setup
We deliver persuasive content and brand messages via Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and other channels and set up the investor dashboard.
Landing page design
Landing page design
We create a captivating, informative, and user-friendly landing page to show and explain your idea to the target audience.
Token development
Token development
You can select the token standard, and our skilled blockchain developers will build a token on it or any other one.
Wallet development
Wallet development
To transfer, receive, and store tokens and coins, we build a customizable and secure multi-currency wallet infrastructure.
Post ICO marketing
Post ICO marketing
When all development stages are finished, we perform multi-channel marketing activities to attract prospective investors to your project.
We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to optimize, upgrade, improve, and keep your product up-to-date.

Industries in focus

Blockchain ensures transparent medical tracking by aggregating all patient data into one shared database. It provides fast and secure document management as all medical records are immutable and always accessible. Both patients and their doctors now can authenticate and verify all their medical payments and transactions. Smart contracts can help your business to automate the data sharing process between hospitals and other healthcare providers, streamline medical care operations, guarantee treatment efficiency, and beyond.
Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Reduce delays and transaction costs by processing all payments in the cloud or a distributed system network. Also, blockchain can help you to get rid of intermediaries, automate bank operations, make instant approvals, and bring full transparency to all processes in the industry. Smart contracts are widely spread in decentralized finance as they can be used for creating invoices, tracing assets, settling claims, and more.
Join the blockchain revolution in the industry and let your users enjoy a “play-to-earn” strategy in decentralized games regulated by blockchain-based smart contracts. Provide players with secure storage of their digital assets in the blockchain distributed ledger. With blockchain and smart contracts, you can also increase the value of digital items by reducing transaction costs, enabling transaction immutability, and loyalty programs creation.
Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
With blockchain technology, you can reduce transaction costs, create a unique customer experience and loyalty programs, attract new clients, and build trust. The technology enables swift cryptocurrency payments, manages the supply chains and inventory, and detects counterfeit goods. Smart contracts can help you to digitize workflow, secure automated processes, and ensure product authentication. Moreover, you can build a blockchain-based platform with performance analysis tools, a crypto payment system, special bonus programs, and other features.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Your oil & gas business can get substantial benefits from blockchain technology. For instance, now you can collect cash faster and thus reduce the time of the cash cycle as all transactions are transparent and shared between you and your partners. Another advantage is blockchain’s distributed immutable ledger which prevents you from fraud and helps to build trust between business partners. In addition to this, smart contracts allow you to get rid of intermediaries as they automate reconciliation processes.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction & Real Estate
Blockchain technology in the industry allows you to digitize your property rights, store all property records in the immutable ledger, and thus make ownership provenance and document management more transparent. Ownership tokenization also increases your asset liquidity, while data traceability attracts new investors. Smart contract solutions we deliver help businesses in the industry streamline their management and sales processes, build trust between partners and customers, etc.
Precious Stones and Metals
Implementing blockchain in your business can bring you strong benefits. The main advantages of the technology are providing reliable information about precious stones and metals, increased trust, and full transparency. Now you can store all important data like the asset’s origin, its quality, and custody in an immutable distributed ledger. Hence, you can trace the stone’s path through the value chain and prove its authenticity.
Venture Capital Funds
You can carve out internal funds for crypto investing, invest in other funds, or launch a separate crypto fund to make investments in blockchain projects, startups, existing coins, and ICOs. Also, blockchain-based smart contracts allow you to create and sign digital agreements with your partners and lawyers without intermediaries and tons of paperwork to protect your fund from crypto investment downside.
Illiquid Assets
Utilizing blockchain technology in the industry allows you to tokenize your assets and store your property rights and obligations in digital form. Then you can implement smart contracts to automate operations and make transactions without human intervention and third parties. Tokenization increases liquidity, enables faster settlement, reduces costs, and boosts risk management opening illiquid assets to investors throughout the world.

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Why Choose Us As an ICO Development Company

Exclusive tokens Exclusive tokens
Our expert team creates custom tokens that meet your requirements and integrates the tokens with your business needs.
NDA as per your requirements NDA as per your requirements
We value your privacy and offer a specifically composed NDA to secure the data and the ICO development.
Least turnaround time Least turnaround time
We will develop your ICO solution swiftly as we respect your business and know the importance of on-time delivery.
Cross industry experience Cross industry experience
We have experience in developing ICO solutions for companies from diverse industries, such as real estate, retail, oil & gas, healthcare, gaming, and more.
Post-delivery support Post-delivery support
With our support and maintenance services, every bug or issue will be solved after we deploy the product.
Multi-currency support Multi-currency support
We create custom tokens that may support multiple currency exchanges and crypto conversions if needed.


What is an ICO?
ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It is the mechanism to raise the capital required to turn the idea of your blockchain project or startup into reality. You create your own tokens and sell them to investors.
What are the advantages of Initial Coin Offering?
ICO is considered to be one of the most efficient ways of fundraising for blockchain-based projects. With Initial Coin Offering, you can easily reach the global market without any difficulty.
How can ICO help my business?
First, ICO development can help you to raise the investments required to support your grandiose blockchain-based projects. Secondly, you can attract like-minded people who have relevant expertise and skills to assist you in building your project.
How to launch my ICO?
You should start with rigorous research on your blockchain idea and its feasibility assessment. When you clearly understand the goals of your future product and required legal procedures, you choose an ICO development company and create a custom ICO token or coin. After that, you need to create a whitepaper, develop an informative landing page or website, and perform PR & marketing activities. Finally, you launch an ICO.
How do you ensure security in the ICO development process?
We use the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide paramount security to all transactions.
How much does it cost to hire your ICO developers?
The cost of ICO development is calculated individually as it depends on multiple factors. The most influencing ones are the complexity of future product development, business analysis, and support services.

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