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Why blockchain in NFT gaming platform development?

Why blockchain in NFT gaming platform development?
The gaming industry is one of those that can leverage a row of benefits thanks to adopting blockchain technology. You can also consider launching your own product. Blockchain and tokenization can bring players absolutely cutting-edge experiences and open new earnings opportunities.
Users will have the possibility to trade any in-game collectibles via transparent p2p transactions and be sure that ownership rights will be transferred in a highly secure environment. Our blockchain development company will be always ready to help you build a solution that will rock the market.

What value can NFT gaming bring to players?

What value can NFT gaming bring to players?
Traditional gaming can be excellent entertainment. But NFT games can offer players something more than that. While enjoying the playing process, you can interact with non-fungible tokens that can help you to earn real money. And there are a couple of opportunities for doing it.
First of all gaming collectibles can be traded with other players on online marketplaces. Secondly, such games are usually enriched with play-to-earn features that presuppose getting rewards for in-game achievements and victories. And thirdly, you can just collect them.

What is a gaming NFT marketplace?

What is a gaming NFT marketplace?
An NFT gaming marketplace is a blockchain platform that provides users with all the required functionality for selling, buying, and trading non-fungible tokens. In blockchain games, such platforms can be used in several ways. NFT marketplaces usually have tools for tokenizing in-game assets which can be used for gaming purposes.
There are games that are focused on tradable collectibles related to virtual worlds, arcade games, racing, and others. Players are allowed to buy and further hold ownership rights for collectibles. It makes blockchain apps different from traditional games where usually only developers can own in-game collectibles.

How to integrate NFTs in games?

How to integrate NFTs in games?
The introduction of non-fungible tokens in games can take place via the launch of a gaming NFT marketplace which will provide players with access to a row of new possibilities. For example, users will be able to mint, buy, and sell in-game collectibles that will be presented in the form of NFTs.
Different in-game characters, weapons, accessories, and various items can be traded or collected as non-fungible tokens and bring real profits to players. It is also possible to sell NFTs and cash out income via exchanges.

What will you get with a white-label NFT marketplace for gaming?

Ready-made solution Ready-made solution
You will have a ready software product and won’t need to build your marketplace from scratch.
Customizable branding Customizable branding
Your game NFT marketplace can be customized, branded, and enriched with unique features.
Quick and easy setup Quick and easy setup
Thanks to the flexibility of such solutions, they can be easily adjusted to your business needs.
Decentralization Decentralization
High transparency of all transactions on the platform will be ensured thanks to the principles of decentralization.
Access to advanced features Access to advanced features
With the integration with third-party services, users will get access to rich functionality.
Security Security
All NFT game marketplaces developed by our team meet the strictest security standards.

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Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • #1Admin Dashboard

  • #2Buyer Website & Application / Storefront

  • #3Easy buying and selling

  • #4Multiple payment options

  • #5Creator tools

  • #6Configurable fees

  • #7Multichain

  • #8Ready gateways

  • #9Customizable UI

  • #1024/7 support

  • #11Auction

  • #12Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

  • #13Authentication using crypto wallets and social networks

  • #14Making offers

  • #15Direct Sales

  • #16Fractionalized NFT

  • #17External collections

  • #18Real business tokenization

Our expertise in NFT game marketplace development

NFT launchpad development
NFT launchpad development
Platforms of this type help NFT projects to raise funds for further growth.
NFT vesting solutions
NFT vesting solutions
Thanks to such tools, tokens can be released and locked to attract more interest.
NFT staking platform development
NFT staking platform development
NFT staking rewards can become an excellent source of income for users.
Custodial NFT solutions
Custodial NFT solutions
With such solutions, users do not need to manage their private keys on their own.
NFT wallet development
NFT wallet development
Our professional team can build a digital wallet for safe financial operations on your marketplace.
Crypto & fiat integration
Crypto & fiat integration
You can offer users different payment options on your NFT marketplace for gaming collectibles.
Crypto wallet integration
Crypto wallet integration
With the integration of a safe digital wallet, you can ensure instant transactions and reliable asset storage.
NFT marketing & promotion
NFT marketing & promotion
We can provide you with solutions for making your game NFTs look more appealing to players.
NFT aggregator development
NFT aggregator development
Such platforms will provide users with the possibility to buy assets listed on different marketplaces.
NFT security
NFT security
Our team can build advanced tools for protecting your NFT marketplace for games.

NFT Marketplace Platforms


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Write some words and sentences on 2 strokes.
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Our Next-Gen NFT Solutions in Gaming

NFT in Action games
NFT in action games
This genre includes different kinds of games like shooters or fighting games. They all are focused on physical challenges such as reaction time and hand-eye coordination. But physical skills are often not enough for winning. And here is when special powers, weapons, equipment, and tools should enter the arena. All these items can be tokenized and listed on a video game NFT marketplace.
NFT in Arcade Games
NFT in arcade games
The use of non-fungible tokens can breathe new life into classical arcade games. Now game lovers can not only enjoy the process of playing online games but also earn money at the same time. These new earning opportunities are able to add even more fun to both traditional and cutting-edge games and ensure unique and secure experiences for players.
NFT for Adventure Games
NFT for adventure games
Modern adventure games are known for offering users engaging, highly realistic experiences in a digital environment. For achieving in-game goals and solving various tasks, players may unlock tickets, power upgrades, maps, costumes, and different tools that can be further used in the process of a game. On an NFT marketplace for game assets, users can tokenize, trade, sell, and purchase virtual items that can open to them new gaming opportunities.
NFT in PvP Battle Games
NFT in PvP battle games
To win an online player-versus-player battle, users should be well-prepared. And various special skills, weapons, superpowers, upgrades, and enhanced costumes are exactly what can be highly demanded in this case. Such items can be tokenized and presented on an NFT marketplace for gaming, which will allow users to buy and sell ownership rights for these virtual assets in a secure way.
NFT in Casino Games
NFT in casino games
NFTs can greatly change the online casino industry. Thanks to the new opportunities ensured by the introduction of blockchain and tokenization, non-fungible tokens can be used for playing. They can represent casino chips, as well as other real-life assets, and become a good alternative to real cash. NFTs can bring absolutely new experiences to players and make online gambling much more transparent and secure.
NFT in Sports Games
NFT in sports games
Fans of sports games can greatly benefit from tokenization and the introduction of NFTs. Various in-game collectibles, trophies, prizes as well as players, teams, and special skills that will be helpful in the online field, can be traded in the form of non-fungible tokens in exclusive deals. NFTs used in sports games can become attractive to collectors as their value tends to grow with time.
NFT in Simulation Games
NFT in simulation games
Such games are designed to closely mimic different events and processes. Very often such games are powered with AR/VR functionality and help to develop real-life skills within the gaming processes. For fulfilling in-game tasks, users may require to use different tools and items which can be traded or held as NFTs. Moreover, NFTs can be also received as a reward for various achievements.
NFT in Racing Games
NFT in racing games
You can enrich racing games with digital collectibles and NFTs for ensuring wider customization and performance opportunities for players. Our team can build for you highly engaging racing and sports games with various accessories, teams, vehicles, and trophies. And all these elements can be tokenized and further sold, purchased, and collected as non-fungible tokens.
NFT in Card Games
NFT in card games
With the wide range of earning opportunities that card games can provide to users, their popularity is continuously growing. NFTs can be applied in such games instead of traditional fiat assets. Thanks to the capabilities of blockchain technology, it is possible to create one-of-a-kind digital cards that can be not only used for playing but also traded and collected. As a rule, the value of such assets is continuously growing.
NFT for Fantasy Sports
NFT for fantasy sports
The introduction of NFTs is an excellent way to diversify the user experience in fantasy sports games. Unique sports cards represented in the form of NFTs can be successfully traded on special marketplaces with the possibility to get revenue in a successful deal. Moreover, users can tokenize their whole virtual teams or players and safely transfer ownership rights on the blockchain.


First of all, our team needs to analyze your requirements for your future NFT gaming marketplace.
BA and estimations
Based on the gathered information, we will estimate how much your project will cost.
Selection of a blockchain network
We will help you to make the right choice in accordance with your requirements.
UI/UX design
Our designers will create visually appealing interfaces that will be easy to interact with.
Token development
Tokens created for your NFT games marketplace will be used for conducting transactions on the platform.
Smart contract coding
We will need to develop smart contracts that are required for performing operations.
IPFS and DB storage setup
At this step, we will prepare databases for keeping data and IPFS storage for NFTs.
All the components of your platform, such as frontend, backend, and storage have to be integrated.
It is crucial to find and eliminate all the bugs before making your NFT game marketplace available to users.
When your NFT marketplace for gaming functions as it is supposed to, we will deploy it.
Our team will continuously monitor the performance of your marketplace to timely react to all the issues.
Promotion and marketing
You need to make sure that potential users can learn about the existence of your platform.


What are NFTs? How are they used in games?
NFTs can be defined as unique tokens that are stored on the blockchain. They can act as a digital certificate that proves that a particular user owns an indicated digital asset. The use of NFTs in games provides people with the possibility to get an additional source of income and earn real money while playing games, getting bonuses, as well as collecting and trading digital assets.
What technologies do you use to create NFTs for games?
Our gaming NFT marketplace development company uses only the most advanced and efficient tools and technologies for delivering highly secure and feature-rich solutions. For example, among blockchain platforms that we rely on for launching NFTs, we can mention Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB and others.
What types of NFTs can be offered on a gaming platform?
NFTs offer users a new way to interact with virtual assets. Different in-game items and accessories like weapons, vehicles, special attributes, as well as characters, can be tokenized and traded or collected as non-fungible tokens.
How long will it take to develop an NFT game?
It is impossible to name any time frames without knowing the peculiarities of your project, the scale of work, and the size of the team that will build a solution for you. The timeframes, as well as the project roadmap, should be discussed with the development team after you share your requirements for the game.
How much do NFT game development services cost?
As well as in the case of any other software solution, the cost of development services can greatly vary due to a row of factors. Among them, we should name the desired functionality of your platform, the required tech stack, the complexity of your app, and others. That’s why when we start working with our clients, first of all, we analyze their requirements and provide estimates.

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