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What are Decentralized Applications – dApps?

What are Decentralized Applications - dApps?
dApps are open-source applications used to interact with smart contracts that run on a peer-to-peer network of servers. They can run on one of the blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, Polkadot, and others. As they don’t rely on the central servers, it reduces the chance of failure and makes them more reliable than traditional financial services.
The absence of a middleman allows the creator greater freedom, openness, and transparency in the business environment.

Top Services

Decentralized Exchange Development
We build custom scalable and secure decentralized exchanges on the blockchain that allows users to complete peer-to-peer transactions without intermediary according to the clients’ requirements.
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dApp Consultation
To help your idea find the shortest way to success we will provide professional consultation based on detailed market research and the analysis of the best technologies, that will lead to actionable insights.
Smart Contracts
From planning and choosing the right platform to smart contracts creation, deployment, and testing — we are ready to take care of all aspects that will help in providing the needed functionality.
Decentralized Gaming Apps
Using technologies like AR, VR, spatial computing, unreal engine, and blockchain we can create the decentralized gaming apps of the new era that will attract many players from around the world.
dApp Upgrade Services
To prevent your dApps from downtime and improve the user experience we are ready to perform comprehensive upgrades to ensure that your business doesn’t face any complications.
MVP Consulting
With deep knowledge of dApps development trends we will help you to understand how to approach your idea to achieve success in the most graceful and efficient way.
dApp Design
An important part of any contemporary digital project is to offer users an intuitive, clear, and well-structured user interface that will make the process of using your app seamless and pleasant.
dApp Development
We will create a world-class product with flawless functionality built based on the in-depth knowledge of the industry, which will help to transform your product and will perfectly match your business goals.
dApp integration
To enable your business to operate in an innovative environment and to increase the efficiency of your project, we will integrate the error-free dApps without any barriers.
dApp testing
Before deploying the product we will perform deep testing of it to guarantee that the dApps are fully functional, bug-free, and efficient.
dApp maintenance
We intend to make your project beneficial, so we will update and support your dApp to make it work as intended and scale as your company grows.

Benefits of dApp Development for your Business

Thanks to the self-executing nature of smart contracts, the dApps are fully automated, enabling faster and frictionless peer-to-peer transactions. It also reduces the costs of auditors, legal advisors, etc.
All the data and transactions are encrypted on the blockchain network creating a censorship-free environment.
With blockchain-validated cryptography, all the users’ data are secured and protected.
User-governance and autonomy
As any blockchain works on the principle of consensus between all the users it guarantees that no one can dominate the network.
Being an open–source solution open for reviews makes dApps flexible, secure, and fraud-resistant due to higher input.
The decentralized infrastructure doesn’t allow a single user or authority to discriminate against the system, and the underlying algorithm helps to uncover and fix all the errors and violations.
The system is controlled by its users who get rewarded for validating the transactions or in the form of a bug bounty.

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dApp Development Platforms We Work On

The best-known blockchain network that offers smart-contracts functionality and carries the whole dApps ecosystem on top of it.
A multi-chain open-source blockchain network for hosting advanced cross-industry blockchain technologies.
An open-source blockchain DLT network to deploy the cross-industry apps on the regulated markets.
An open-source platform that allows the execution of peer-to-peer transactions and deploying smart contracts.
Open source decentralized protocol for low-cost money transfers and creating equitable access to the global financial system.
An open-source blockchain network with a big set of tools for the developers to build secure, stable, and scalable dApps.
An enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform based on a unique Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm.
An open-source blockchain-based operating system for creating the dApps with smart contract functionality.

Programming Languages We Understand

Solidity Solidity
An object-oriented language that supports libraries, user-defined types, and inheritance and is used for creating smart contracts for blind auctions, voting, multi-signature wallets, and crowdfunding.
Golang Golang
An open source statically typed and platform-independent programming language for creating chain codes in Hyperledger Fabric.
JavaScript JavaScript
A dynamic and prototype-based programming language that supports object-oriented and declarative styles.
Node.js Node.js
An open-source cross-platform programming language for creating back-end services in a real-time push-driven architecture.
A programming language that can interact with different database languages and is mainly used to build dynamic web applications on top of the network.
Java Java
A class-based object-oriented programming language for writing the code for microservices and various SDKs.
jQuery jQuery
A fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library that can be used to create special effects on the web app.
React React
An open-source front-end JavaScript library to build user interfaces in single-page applications for both mobile and web.
Angular JS Angular JS
A toolset for creating future-packed JavaScript frameworks used for the development of dynamic web dApps.

Industries in focus

The healthcare data will be more securely protected and faster acceptable by the right specialist with the use of dApps, so each patient can be treated more efficiently as the data, including medical records and results of analyses will be always securely stored on the blockchain and accessible by the needed doctor at any time. It boosts the whole industry as the information about new diseases and cures can be spread in no time with the use of dApps.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
By using the functionality of the dApps, banks, financial institutions, and organizations can improve and upgrade their services by enhancing security, transparency, and productivity. Well-developed dApp solutions will help to encrypt digital payments and expand the offered set of services while keeping the regulations in compliance with the local and global laws.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
With the use of blockchain technology, there will be no more issues and hidden problems in supply development. The dApps are created especially for the goals of a specific business and include digital certification and tracking proof of origin, the digitalization of the docflow, and the exclusion of the middleman to stop loss due to the human factor. All together it boosts visibility, trust, and transparency of the workflow.
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With the implementation of dApps, the gaming experience moves to a new level where the users can own their items as NFTs, buy, receive and exchange the in-game tokens and even monetize their skills and experiences. Thanks to the decentralized ledger technology, users can easily share their data across the network and enjoy playing new advanced games in the Metaverse with players from all over the world.
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Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
The development of advanced dApps solutions helps to improve the selling process, making all the payment processing completely automatic without the need for an intermediary. Thus, it helps e-commerce businesses to make the purchasing process seamless while saving up some money that can be put into loyalty programs, bonuses, and promotions to attract more customers.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Developing the dApps in the gas & oil industry will help to improve the process of managing all the oil and gas operations that will become more transparent and easier accessible. By capturing all the necessary data dApps will help to track the movement of the resources. The new technologies help to transit the industry to a technology-adopted, profitable, and sustainable future.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
Development of the dApps, will make the sharing really transparent and fair. Any participant will have access to all the information about any operation, user, event, etc. that will be stored on the blockchain. It will also enhance the speed and accuracy as everything in the shared economy service will be visible to other users creating a truly democratic space of equal users.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
The appliance of the dApps brings immutable and self-triggered property transactions to the real estate industry, enhances the pre-purchase through diligence while allowing tokenization of real estate assets, increasing the access to the real estate funds and investment opportunities for a wider audience thanks to ownership fractalization. The automation of the process reduces the cost of transactions. and the transparency of data helps to make better investment decisions.
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The decentralized applications help to bring more transparency and accuracy to the field of insurance. The new technology also helps to innovate insurance products and make the process of formalization easier, faster, and cheaper. Besides, the dApps help to increase the effectiveness of fraud and detection, pricing, and paying out.
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dApp Development Process

Business & technical analysis
First and foremost comes the data gathering and analysis, so you will get the best solution not only for the existing issues but also in the growing market. Our experts will define how dApp can help you to reach your goals and also which technology is the most suitable and which blockchain platform to build the solutions on depending on requirements.
Proof of concept development
To verify if the idea of the software and product is valuable we will check if the planned solution will work in the real business environment. We will emphasize technical specifications and the need for any third-party products necessary for the further functioning of the dApp.This empirical exercise will help you to see if the business idea works or needs some changes.
Architecture design
When the analysis is conducted and the concept is tested, comes the time to fit all the parts of the project together and build its architecture. It includes a plan of the front-end, back-end, and user interface and their interaction with each other.
Visual & Technical Design
After agreeing on how the dApp will work, we’ll need to decide how it will look and interact with the user. At this stage, we will also take care of the security components and think of the scalability possibilities. Once this stage is complete you will receive a dApp prototype and the blueprints for the product.
Development of smart contracts and wallets
To make your app decentralized, everything needs to be connected to the blockchain in the right way to execute the functionality and business logic of the app. The wallets development is also done at this stage to allow seamless token use and exchange within the dApp.
Backend and frontend development
At this point, both design and technical specifications are taken to the development stage, where everything is tailored together and finalized. The backend is connected to the right smart contracts calling to the backend to make your app fully functional.
After performing proper QA tests, and making sure the product works perfectly and is ready to be released in the world, we deploy the dApp on the mainnet making it available to the users through the market services.
To ensure constant improvements and a high level of your dApp performance we provide ongoing support and optimization of the product, revising the backlogs, upgrading smart contracts and microservices, and scaling your solution.

Why us

Extended Team
Extended Team
We know how to collaborate and are ready to combine the efforts with the in-house developers engaged by the client to fulfill all your business needs.
Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
Our dApp development team has years of blockchain expertise and focuses on delivering valuable products while easily handling all the requirements.
Project Based
Project Based
We are focused on delivering the product that will make your business thrive and choosing the best concepts, tools, and techniques to make it possible.
Experts on blockchain and business
Experts on blockchain and business
We always apply our skills in cryptography and tokenization to benefit real-world business and care for results, not just the code.
Focus on you
Focus on you
Your idea is our priority and we never forget to send regular updates and ask for feedback to make the solution that will satisfy your business.
We’re still learning, too
We’re still learning, too
No business or market stays still and neither do we. To offer you the most effective top-notch solution we continuously improve our skills and knowledge.


How do dApps work?
dApps operate on the blockchain or on the peer-to-peer network of computers, thus they engage users in the transactions and operations directly between each other without the central authority. They eliminate the risk of human error and increase speed.
The benefits of dApps?
There are no centralized servers to store the data, so no single authority is responsible for securing the information which is recorded on the blockchain, making the whole system extremely safe, because it is secured by the delegated users.
How can dApps be used for business?
There are numerous use cases for dApps including payment automatization, asset management, and data storage processes. In fact, they can be used to improve and automate the workflow of almost any industry.
What are some of the dApp development solutions?
There are many ways how dApps can benefit you and your business, from the development of decentralized exchange to the implementation of new-age blockchain-based games.
What is the cost of dApp development?
The cost of development can vary depending on your idea and its specifications. Talk to us and after analyzing your needs and choosing the right tech stack, we will be able to provide you with the estimation.

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