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NDLABs – top blockchain consulting company

NDLABs - top blockchain consulting company
What is blockchain? It serves as a shared or immutable ledger employed for storing the history of financial transactions maintained on a network of computers making it difficult for hackers to infiltrate. The decentralized core of blockchain eliminates any third parties, banks or governments empowering individuals to interact with each other at first hand.
NDLABs delivers advice and consulting services in the context of blockchain technology for various customers who indulge in supply chain, security, commerce, real estate, etc.

Blockchain Consulting Benefits

Being a distributed ledger, blockchain grants transparency of transactions. Every participant is able to access the network, but needs permission to make any alterations.
Improved Security
A secure validation mechanism that connects the network of computers where the data is stored minimizes the risk of malicious activities.
Increased Efficiency
As the system utilizes digital ledger, everybody has access to the same information eliminating distrust and making the workflow more efficient.
Since transactions are made on different devices around the world, no record could be changed without disrupting subsequent blocks.
Operational agility and speed to value
Optimization and stellar performance of the workflow through the credibility of data and accelerated money transfers.
Cost takeout and risk mitigation
Reduction of cost transactions is facilitated by middleman-free money remittances while risk mitigation by transparency and visibility of transactions.
New monetization opportunities
Increase of user base and customer loyalty through product authenticity, and new ways of making revenue through asset tokenization.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Strategy development
Strategy development
After screening your project description and understanding its needs we employ the right strategy that can easily be integrated into your organization and will optimize your business processes.
Quick PoC
Quick PoC
Our consultants analyze the applicability to your project of an energy-efficient consensus algorithm requiring users to have hard drive space available to validate transactions eliminating computing time.
Tokenomics development
Tokenomics development
We conduct an in-depth analysis of your tokens and cryptocurrency, assess its attractiveness, liquidity and popularity from the perspective of all network’s participants: investors, coin founders, users and so on.
Financial modeling
Financial modeling
We make a feasibility study of your project providing you with the estimated figures
and various ways of project’s development on the basis of market research and its prospects to make sure you gain maximum profit.
POC and MVP development
POC and MVP development
Endorse your idea implementing POC and create a minimum viable product that demonstrates basic features of the project and gives you extensive feedback from the audience.
Tech stack advice
Tech stack advice
Our blockchain consulting team provides recommendations on the type of blockchain and help you to make an educated choice of the bleeding-edge tools and services necessary for the rolling out high-quality products.
Integration with existing IT systems
Integration with existing IT systems
Our professionals can seamlessly transfer your existing platforms or systems on blockchain to elevate your business to a new level.
Smart contract audit
Smart contract audit
We can verify your smart contracts by performing an audit to ensure that they are working in a hassle-free manner and make a report with feedback for every issue found.
NFT consulting
NFT consulting
Our consultants provide you with all the information you need to transform your real-word objects like music, pieces of art, video and so on into a digital asset for further trading on marketplaces.
Web 3.0 consulting
Web 3.0 consulting
We conduct in-depth scrutiny of your company to discover how it can fit into the Web 3.0 market, and help to integrate the components of it to achieve long-time growth.
Metaverse consulting
Metaverse consulting
Our team gives you comprehensive info regarding metaverse app development, integration and support as per your project requirements and present an appropriate strategy of making revenue in the virtual world.
Security token offering consulting
Security token offering consulting
Our team of consultants analyzes your business processes and helps to pick the right security token and blockchain platform in compliance with stakeholders’ requirements.

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Industries in focus

Offering medical records disclosure, including drug interactions, across hospitals throughout the world allows doctors to increase the quality of care to patients whereas the latter have their data under control. Blockchain has transparency, accountability, data integrity under its belt and ensures that only permitted users can access the records.
Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
Completely internet-based nature of blockchain facilitates instantaneous overseas payments and accelerates the processes of trade supply chain. The dynamic crypto adoption plays a crucial role as functioning on blockchain it paves the way for massive innovation and emergence of new products and services. Being decentralized the blockchain technology is cost-effective as no trusted third party is required while performing transactions. Businesses are able to create personal identity systems that allow users to go through the verification process once and use this verified identity further to make cross-border transactions.
Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
The integration of blockchain technology will inevitably help to gain the trust of clients through its traceability and transparency. Only authentic goods could be part of the supply chain eliminating the existence of counterfeit. Since the manufacturer to customer chain involves many parties, data integrity and security of sensitive information play a significant role, and here the potential of blockchain is unquestionable.
Blockchain-built games allow users to buy in-game characters, weapons, power-ups, etc. securely and quickly. Moreover, there’s a way to confirm users’ digital possession of the purchases by using them as NFT. Players are able to even earn cryptocurrency within the game that could be later converted into real money or spent for in-app buyings. Sensitive data of players is given an additional layer of security. Players can access various blockchain games with one profile that is used for different blockchain platforms.
Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
The blockchain technology offers many benefits to retail&eCommerce industries including reduced cost and fast transactions that is possible thanks to decentralization putting away any central administration. An unprecedented level of traceability eliminates any counterfeits, proves the authenticity of goods and enables one to see where the goods are located in real time. As the complete lifecycle of goods is available, the warranty workflow is carried out faster and more well-managed.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Since oil & gas industries are global, the reconciliation process is time-consuming. Doing it quickly with transaction transparency and minimized overhead has become possible with blockchain. It provides ways for more efficient transactions by removing intermediaries and acceleration of transactions. Transaction visibility makes it difficult for hackers to infiltrate and decentralized manner of recordkeeping increases the level of trust.
Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
The blockchain technology is a backbone for direct connection of supply and demand in an efficient way. Blockchain allows individuals to share and transact without any intermediaries that allows vendors to make more money. With blockchain new markets emerge as even small activities are easy to monetize giving the possibility to earn money to a wider number of people. Vendors and consumers are the ones who set the rules of the sharing economy.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
The blockchain technology can bring a transformational value to such operations as property transactions, purchase and leasing. As it grants transparency and traceability of the property history there is no way for the seller and the buyer to practise deception. One more option of using blockchain is tokenization of a property. Instead of one individual owning a property, everybody can buy tokens of property and co-own it.
Blockchain facilitates the automatization of claims handling and settlements by utilizing smart contracts. P2P feature cuts down the cost for intermediaries during the insurance coverage procedure. Since the data kept in blocks is immune to alterations any fraud is detected easily providing an additional level of protection, and, thus, people have no fear of providing their personal information. Implementing blockchain will revamp your business.

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Blockchain Consulting Process

Research & analysis
Our team of consultants makes a thorough investigation to check whether blockchain suits your business case and finds out ways to apply it to the best advantage.
Feasibility study & business processes analysis
Our business analytics conduct in-depth scrutiny of your current business processes and come up with the solution that is feasible with your project idea.
Competition analysis
We evaluate the performance of your peers in the industry where the blockchain technology is implemented and pick the most successful ones to see how we can apply a similar feature-set to your project.
Initial requirements documentation
Before jumping into development we create initial requirements documentation that outlines the main purposes and functionalities of the project.
High-level estimation
Once the concept of the project is defined we can make a ballpark estimate of the potential costs you might expect from your project launch.
Functionality breakdown
We develop the so-called project schedule that boils the whole work load down to easier things to make the project more manageable.
UX & user flow development
Our top-notch consultants and business analysts visualize the user flow of your future solution, spotlight potential friction points or incomprehensible features that may confuse a customer and offer the solution that is easy and seamlessly to interact with.
Financial & tokenomics modeling
We estimate the potential financial performance of the project in terms of cost-benefit ratio taking into consideration internal and external circumstances, and evaluation of possible risks.
Detailed estimation
Once all the details of the project are approved we present an accurate estimate including resources, tools and time spent on each individual task that are then calculated into the overall budget.
Project roadmapping
To keep all stakeholders on the same page we provide you with the project roadmap where the main milestones and timeframe of the project are presented.


What is blockchain?
A blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions run by a network of computers, the data is kept in immutable blocks making any alterations hardly possible. Blockchain provides an elevated level of security and allows users to interact directly between each other eliminating any third parties.
How blockchain consulting will help your business?
Blockchain consulting facilitates cost reduction by removing a central administration, instant cross-border transactions help to run the business smoothly, authenticated information and high security give you and your clients a piece of mind, the availability of updated information to all network participants in real time saves a lot of time for reconciliation and avoids any discrepancies in documents. Being able to track goods on a real time basis allows you to identify any problems and solve them in seconds.
What does a blockchain consultant do?
Blockchain consultant delves into your current business processes then suggests growth strategies and gives advice regarding blockchain implementation in such a way that it won’t fall through the cracks instead will move the company forward.
How to scale your business with blockchain consulting?
Since blockchain consultants are trendsetters and solution architects they guide you through the ins and outs of Blockchain and help you to predict different roadblocks granting triumphant implementation.
How much does blockchain consulting cost?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer as the cost depends on your project’s idea, its scope of work and feature-set that defines expended resources, tools, time and effort of the team. You are welcome to consult us and we will make a preliminary calculation as per your vision of the project.
What blockchain consulting services do you need?
As far as we suppose each blockchain consultant journey must be tailored in diverse ways, we identify your project-specific needs, define the appropriate blockchain protocol and map out the services that match your business plan.

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