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NFT sports marketplace development

NFT sports marketplace development
Sports collectibles are gaining popularity which explains the growing demand for reliable sport NFT marketplace platforms. Such solutions should offer functionality for listing, trading, buying, and selling digital assets, as well as making bids for them during auctions and limited sales.
All the transactions are conducted in a decentralized and transparent manner. With rich expertise in this sphere, our team can create for you your own NFT sports marketplace that will be adjusted to your needs and will be enriched with unique functionality.

Reinforced NFT sports industry

Reinforced NFT sports industry
The introduction of blockchain and NFTs has breathed new life into collecting sports cards and other memorabilia. The supply of NFTs is limited which is one of the factors that boost the demand for them and their value.
Sports is one of the industries that can help users to enjoy excellent profits by trading non-fungible tokens. The numerous opportunities that are available thanks to NFTs attract sports fans from all over the world.

How do NFTs help the sports sector?

How do NFTs help the sports sector?
NFTs can become an additional revenue source for sports clubs and teams. Digital collectibles can be sold directly to fans and investors to get extra income. The issuance of NFTs is a great tool to enhance fan engagement and revolutionize the way sports clubs communicate with their communities.
Thanks to tokenization, people can take part in sales of rare and limited-edition non-fungible tokens, compete for exclusive rights, and use their virtual assets for getting unique content or other bonuses from their favorite sports teams.

What can you tokenize?

Digital trading cards
Collect NFT sports cards as a hobby or for investment purposes to further resell them.
The market value of digitized accessories like T-shirts, glasses, or caps is growing with time flow.
Such collectibles as sports awards, trophies, and autographs can be offered to buyers as digital assets.
Video clips
Some sports video moments have become popular. By tokenizing them, users can earn high revenues.
Virtual real estate
Tokenization allows you to fragment an asset into tokens that will represent sports real estate objects.
Player transfers
You can securely sell the ownership and other rights in the form of digital assets via an NFT platform.
Sports event tickets
You can sell and buy digital twins of tickets that can be used for their safe distribution and collecting.
Fan tokens
These digital assets are issued by sports clubs, teams, or players to boost fan engagement.
Match balls
Match balls can become highly valued items and tokenization allows owning them in the form of NFTs.
Physical collecting cards
These are traditional objects for collecting but ownership rights can be transferred on blockchain.

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Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • #1Sport teams

  • #2Federations

  • #3Athletic clubs

  • #4Retail brandsNFT Marketplace

  • #5Sport associations

  • #6Fan clubs

  • #7Coaches

  • #8Photographers

  • #9Bloggers

  • #10Nutrition companies

Popular sports for fantasy leagues


What will you get with a white-label NFT sports marketplace?

Ready-made solution Ready-made solution
You can reduce development costs by turning to a white-label solution tailored to your needs.
Customizable branding Customizable branding
Your sport NFT marketplace can be branded in full accordance with your corporate style and project idea.
Quick and easy setup Quick and easy setup
White-label NFT sports marketplace development allows you to streamline the entire process of project realization.

Decentralization Decentralization
Decentralized transactions do not presuppose the involvement of any intermediaries in peer-to-peer transactions.
Access to advanced features Access to advanced features
It is possible to seamlessly launch a feature-rich NFT sports marketplace with the most cutting-edge functionality.

Security Security
Thanks to white-label sports NFT marketplace development, you can ensure a high level of asset security and data privacy.

Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • #1Admin Dashboard

  • #2Buyer Website & Application / Storefront

  • #3Easy buying and selling

  • #4Multiple payment options

  • #5Creator tools

  • #6Configurable fees

  • #7Multichain

  • #8Ready gateways

  • #9Customizable UI

  • #1024/7 support

  • #11Auction

  • #12Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

  • #13Authentication using crypto wallets and social networks

  • #14Making offers

  • #15Direct Sales

  • #16Fractionalized NFT

  • #17External collections

  • #18Real business tokenization

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Our expertise in sports NFT marketplace development

NFT launchpad development
You can build such a platform to support sports NFT projects in raising funds from investors.
NFT vesting solutions
Thanks to vesting features, users can lock tokens for a set period of time and release them.
NFT staking platform development
NFT staking rewards can become an excellent source of passive income for users.
Custodial NFT solutions
By introducing such solutions, you can facilitate the ways of managing private keys.
NFT wallet development
Our developers can build a secure and reliable wallet for storing sports collectibles.
Crypto & fiat integration
You can offer your users the possibility to pay for sports NFTs either in fiat or crypto assets.
Crypto wallet integration
Thanks to integrating a crypto wallet, your users will get a secure and quick way to conduct payments.
NFT marketing & promotion
We can offer efficient solutions for making your virtual assets more visible to collectors and investors.
NFT aggregator development
With this marketplace, users can access the offers that are available on different platforms.
NFT security
Our team can provide advanced tools for ensuring a high level of protection of your sport NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace Platforms


NFT sports marketplace clones

NBA top shot clone
NBA top shot clone
It is a platform intended for trading, purchasing, and selling basketball video clips in the form of non-fungible tokens. As well as sports trading cards, the value of these clips is based on their rarity and is moving higher with time flow. You can also launch a sports NFT marketplace with similar functionality.
Sorare clone
Sorare clone
It is a football, NBA, and MLB NFT marketplace and game. Users are provided with tools for collecting, acquiring, and selling officially licensed digital player cards. By competing with others, players can win rewards. White-label platforms can have the same features and structure but be customized and branded in accordance with the client’s requirements.
Fantastec clone
Fantastec clone
The platform captures so-called “moments” of football clubs’ and athletes’ history and makes them available to fans from different corners of the world. The platform is continuously expanding which proves high demand for such collectibles. With a Fantastec clone, you can focus on any sports activity you wish to deliver a unique experience to future platform users.
Dibbs clone
Dibbs clone
You have the possibility to adjust a white-label sports card NFT marketplace to the ongoing market conditions and your needs. The platform can not just fully resemble the concept of the Dibbs platform. It can be also enriched with new functionality and integrations that can ensure instant collectible trading and enhance user satisfaction. clone clone
For creating your own NFT sports marketplace, you can take the structure of this decentralized sports platform as a basis. This solution provides users with access to sports utility non-fungible tokens, daily fantasy sports, and NFT staking among other features. This set of tools and features can be changed, customized, and expanded.


We need to understand the goals of your project and your requirements for a future solution.
BA and estimates
Based on the gathered information, we will calculate project costs and set timelines.
Blockchain network selection
We will help you to opt for the most suitable blockchain for your sports NFT marketplace.
UI/UX design
Our experts will offer interfaces in accordance with your requirements and the latest design trends.
Token development
We will create unique tokens tailored to the needs of your future marketplace.
Smart contract coding
Our developers will build smart contracts that will be required for your platform to function.
IPFS and DB storage setup
At this step, it is necessary to ensure the reliable and secure storage of your NFTs and data.
Now, our team will integrate the backend of the platform with its frontend, as well as IPFS and databases.
All features should be carefully tested for checking the correctness of their work and timely bug fixing.
When both the platform and the environment are well-prepared, we proceed to the deployment.
Our team will continuously monitor your platform performance to timely detect and eliminate existing vulnerabilities.
Promotion and marketing
After the launch, it is required to think about the right positioning and advertising of your platform.


What are sports NFTs?
These are utility non-fungible tokens that provide sports fans and investors with a convenient way of buying, selling, trading, and collecting memorabilia and cards. Quite often they can be not only used as collectibles but also utilized in games.
Are NFTs the biggest opportunity in sports?
NFTs change people’s approach to collecting sports-related items. Their use can fully revolutionize the ways of sports organizations to boost fan engagement and monetize their content.
How much does a white-label NFT marketplace cost?
The project cost will depend on many factors including its complexity, scope of work, the number of desired integration, and others. The company that will provide sports NFT marketplace development will share estimates with you after analyzing project requirements.
How long will it take to develop the NFT marketplace?
It is impossible to name any timelines without considering the specificity of the problems and the volume of work to be done. The time needed for building a sport NFT marketplace will also vary depending on the size of the team that will work on it.
Which is better: white label NFT marketplace or custom marketplace?
Both options have a wide range of advantages. The development of a custom NFT marketplace for sports offers greater flexibility but white label projects help to reduce costs and time to market.
What are the various payment methods that an NFT marketplace supports?
Your sports card NFT marketplace can support payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat assets and can process transactions conducted via digital wallets, credit and debit cards, as well as payment services like Stripe or Paypal.
What are the key benefits of an NFT marketplace for sports?
NFTs marketplaces ensure wide possibilities for purchasing, selling, and trading collectibles and memorabilia in a transparent and secure way.
Which is the best white label NFT marketplace script?
To launch the best sports NFT marketplace for your needs and choose the right script for it, you should take into account the goals and specificity of your project, your existing software infrastructure, and the target audience.
What are the top NFT marketplace features?
Sports NFT platforms always have tools that allow users to create accounts, list NFTs and search for them. It is also required to build functionality for making and receiving payments. You can enrich your platform with some specific features that will address your individual business needs.

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