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Scalable dApps Development
We develop scalable and user-friendly Ethereum dApps for the NFT marketplace, decentralized exchanges, payment gateways, etc. Our experts identify user personas and dApps components for dApps that improve usability.
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ERC Tokens Development
We develop a range of ERC tokens of different standards to support the economic purposes of your dApp and add smart contract features based on the functions of those tokens.
Smart Contract Development Audit
Our team will validate the authenticity of the on-chain code through detailed analysis and tests, making sure there are no errors, and the smart contract is free from vulnerabilities.
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Decentralized Finance
Our well-versed Ethereum development team can ideate the DeFi solution of any complexity with exclusive features, that will work seamlessly and will be compliant with regulations.
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Ethereum Wallet Development
We use smart contracts to design Ethereum wallets for holding and securing any types of tokens on the Ethereum platform that also will be connectable with other crypto-based applications.
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Ethereum consulting
We are ready to provide strategic and reliable advice for the successful implementation of Ethereum-based applications with a high level of operational efficiency.
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Ethereum testing
Each Ethereum product should be well-tested before the final deployment and we always put it through the extreme testing procedure to make sure it works fast and efficiently.
Maintenance and support
The best way to maintain ongoing efficiency, reliability, and integrity is to continuously maintain and upgrade the product. We offer support and improvement in aspects of architecture, audit, and optimization.
NFT Marketplace Development
To help you conquer the crypto business we will develop and launch a user-friendly, customizable, fast, and transparent NFT marketplace to facilitate the growth of your idea or products.
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Ethereum-Powered Games
Attract more users to your business by designing an Ethereum-powered and NFT-based Play-to-Earn conceptualized game with a safe, interactive and engaging environment.
Ethereum private networks
Applying the deep knowledge in Ethereum development we will build private networks with isolated access for your project that will offer you complete privacy, and cheap and immediate transactions.

Benefits of Choosing Ethereum for Your Next dApp Project

Mature ecosystem
Among the other networks, Ethereum is the most mature ecosystem for managing dApps with also the most tools available for their deployment.
Thanks to the ability of the Ethereum protocols to be united in modules to make the changes and alterations in the protocol whenever necessary.
Popularity / Big community
Ethereum is one of the biggest networks popular across the world with many developers building on it, so your project will never face compatibility issues.
Rich Ecosystem
A big number of world-class dApps participating in the growth of the ecosystem provide a rich environment and a spectacular space for growth for any kind of blockchain-based product.
Truly decentralized
Complete decentralization is one of the main features that attract enterprises. Not just the absence of central authority but also the well-thought architecture creates a sense of trust among all the users.
Seamless Development
With the full range of tools and customizable smart contracts applied in an open-source system, the process of implementing any kind of decentralized product is smooth and coherent.
With all the advantages the protocols and codes of the Ethereum network are simple and easy to implement while using a smaller amount of energy resources than other blockchains.
Private Networks
On Ethereum, anyone can set their isolated chains on private networks to organize the data stored on the chain in a more secure and reliable way.
Ethereum provides a wide range of fields where the possibilities of blockchain technology can be applied, and smart contracts can be deployed for any kind of use case.

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Ethereum Development Tools, We Use – Technology Stack

We use Truffle to test smart contracts and create custom decentralized applications on private and public networks.
Parity tools are perfect for creating the dApps on the Ethereum network with a rich set of features.
An open-source web and desktop application to develop, deploy, and administer smart contracts created with Solidity language on the Ethereum network.
Zeppelin is used for managing reusable smart contracts and to perform regular security checks of smart contracts.
We use the local test nodes of Ganache for deploying and evaluating smart contract interaction.
The Hardhat environment is applied for editing, compiling, debugging, and deploying smart contracts and dApps.
We use Embark to build custom dApps as it allows service monitoring, real-time use, and REPL-related modularity.

Industries in focus

Ethereum blockchain allows for the creation of more secure healthcare systems with the patients’ data stored and structured in decentralized databases and easily accessible from any medical institution on request thanks to improved document flow. The appliance of smart contracts streamlines and secures the data management, for example, patient consent management as well as drug and medical device tracking. Additionally, blockchain technologies allow incentivization through micropayments.
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Fintech and Banking
FinTech & Banking
The transaction in the financial systems will get easier and more secure with the implementation of Ethereum solutions. With the deployment of fully-functional loan processes and settlement solutions based on the decentralized ledger technology together with smart contracts the loan process will be fully expedited while counterparty and operational risks will be reduced.
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Logistics & Supply Chain & Warehousing
Logistics & Supply Chain
With the use of Ethereum services, interoperability and transparency can be achieved across all the supply chains with improved and accelerated transportation services, real-time updates, document flow automation and the possibility to easily track the transported goods, thus improving trust, reliability, and speed of the services. Thanks to blockchain no more delivery delays and frauds happen in any of the transportation stages.
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Ethereum allows the development of fully-functional blockchain-powered games with the NFT in-game assets that practically allow users to own the part of the game outside of the games in a transparent and secure way, and transfer them between different games. We can help you to build an Ethereum project that will attract many gamers, creating a great possibility for a profitable business.
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Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce
The new types of blockchain-backed retail and e-commerce platforms allowing payments in crypto with low gas fees and fast processing will ensure the absence of counterfeit and provide a secure environment for the customers to shop and for the businesses to grow. The appliance of new technologies like Ethereum that establishes trust and loyalty mechanisms helps new retail networks to thrive in a competitive environment.
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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
With the use of smart contracts in the oil&gas industry, the players can reach unprecedented efficiency, and reduce market frictions through new approaches to market contracts, price discovery, and the entire transaction life cycle. Ethereum development services in the Oil and Gas industry also improve the transparency and data security providing near real-time recording of transactions and visibility among the participants.
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Sharing Economy
Sharing economy
Blockchain technology can change the presence of a shared economy by facilitating direct access between the user and service provider and eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary. The open credibility databases and rankings help to maintain a fair and transparent environment with all the rights tokenized and stored on the blockchain.
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Real Estate
Through the tokenization of the properties many goals, such as ownership verification, improvement, and stabilization of the cadastre system, as well as allowing pre-purchase through diligence optimization and providing access to a broader investors pool due to the ownership fractalization be achieved to enhance the construction and real estate business.
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Ethereum-backed insurance solutions will allow real-time insurance policy tracking, and also automation of the claim functions by verifying coverage between the companies and reinsurers along with transparency and security in police sales and purchases. With the smart contract, the entire life settlement process can be automated thereby reducing the operational cost and settlement time.
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Got an idea? Let’s work together!

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Business analysis
First of all, we will understand the idea, goals, priorities, and business logic of the project to create the concept for future development.
Architecture Design
The next step is choosing the right platform and building the architecture of the future product based on its use scenarios.
dApp Ideation
With the understanding of business logic, we choose the right dApps and figure out the best way to migrate business logic to smart contracts.
Proof of concept development
It’s time to identify the technologies for Ethereum and Lightning networks and see if the chosen tech stack is feasible.
Visual & Technical Design
The process of creating the UI/UX and technical architecture will be conducted in sprints and milestones to provide functioning prototypes with a user-centric look.
Once you approve the design we move to the programming and coding process divided into Alpha, Beta, and Release phases.
To make sure everything works well and is bugs-free we perform the checks of UI, functions, and integrations through manual and automatic testing.
Your product is ready to go Live. After the first tries on the testnet we implement it on the mainnet, and launch the dApps stores.
To ensure continuous improvement we analyze business models, plan the backlogs, and then take actions to improve your profits.

Why Us

Experience in Diverse Projects
Experience in Diverse Projects
We have built numerous secure and customized dApp projects on the Ethereum network across different industries and know how to take care of all the nuances.
Best Results
Best Results
We are confident in our skills and never compromise the quality of the work to provide our clients with effective and cutting-edge business solutions on the Ethereum network.
One-stop Ethereum Services
One-stop Ethereum Services
We have enough skilled developers to take care of all the Ethereum development services, from simple wallet integration to building complex blockchain networks.
We apply the best security practices, including authentication, safe APIs, seamless payment integrations, and constant improvements for enhanced security of every client.
Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers
Our Ethereum developers are equipped with the knowledge about the right tools, frameworks, programming languages, and software development kits that they easily apply to create scalable dApps.
State-of-the-Art Tech
State-of-the-Art Tech
The appliance of the cut-edge technologies, digital protocols, tools, and platforms creates a transparent workflow with the quick regulation of any issues.


What projects are built on Ethereum?
As an open-source blockchain network with developed infrastructure and multiple tools and practices available, Ethereum allows developers to build projects across numerous industries.
How can dApps develop on Ethereum help the business?
Decentralization is a future and Ethereum is the leading platform offering smart contracts infrastructure that can be utilized to make the business processes automated and completely taken by smart contracts. It will save time and cost while removing any kind of third-party intervention in the business processes.
Do you offer professional Ethereum consulting?
Of course. It is an important part of the development process and we take it seriously, gathering all the requirements to create the whole ecosystem that will satisfy the needs of your business.
Does your Ethereum company provide after-launch support?
We do. We won’t abandon any steps in the development, business analysis, and further support, helping your solution to always stay up-to-date and grow your profits.
How long does it take for an Ethereum app to go live?
It may vary from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the scope of the project. We always do our best to deliver the solution as quickly as possible without compromising the quality.

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