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Personal AI Coach

Company Overview

Based in Germany, our client is at the forefront of innovation in personal development. He is a visionary investor, coach, and renowned book author. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, he has decided to create an app whose main mission is to inspire and equip individuals worldwide to lead fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

Project Overview

The ND Labs team is working on the development of a new app, revolutionizing personal development by merging AI technology with captivating design.
Our goal is to provide users with a lifelong ally, inspiring them to cultivate positive habits and acquire invaluable skills.
The app will deliver tailored advice, addressing individual challenges in work or relationships, and offering support during moments of adversity or solitude. Unlike conventional self-help platforms, our app will actively meet users’ needs, empowering them to unleash their utmost potential.

Project Objective

App that ND labs’ team developed aims to enhance users’ daily lives by providing a personalized AI assistant that recommends habits, encourages consistency, and fosters gradual self-improvement. Users complete habits aligned with their needs, becoming 1% better each day. The app’s intuitive interface, AI trainer, and community features create a holistic experience for users seeking positive lifestyle changes.
Who we are

Solutions and features developed using Flutter for both iOS and Android:

User Profiling and Habit Recommendations
The app collects user preferences through questionnaires. Based on their responses, it suggests daily habits tailored to their needs.
Daily Habit Execution
Users receive reminders to perform their selected habits. Consistency leads to gradual self-improvement (1% better each day).
AI Trainer and Context-Aware Reminders
Our AI trainer provides personalized tips and encouragement. Context-aware notifications ensure timely reminders.
Intuitive UI
The app boasts a clean, user-friendly interface. Clear icons and intuitive navigation guide users effortlessly.
Microservices Architecture
Backend services are modularized into microservices. Scalability, maintainability, and flexibility are prioritized.
Users earn points for completing habits. Streaks, levels, and virtual rewards keep them engaged.
Community Features
Users connect with like-minded individuals:Forums for discussions Interest-based groups

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