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Company Overview

The client, Dr. Blum Eugene, M.D., Ph.D., is a renowned professor and honored inventor from Russia with two clinics located in Marbella, Spain, and Moscow, Russia. Dr. Blum specializes in personalized treatment and rehabilitation for professional athletes, patients with severe musculoskeletal injuries, and individuals seeking to improve their overall health using his innovative recovery methods.

Project Overview

Pendex training machines are a revolutionary set of 12 simulators designed to provide superior training by analyzing exercises, identifying weak body parts, and developing personalized training programs. Each machine is equipped with advanced motion and force sensors that collect up to 300 biometric measurements per second, transmitting this data to the Pendex Gym platform for real-time processing and recommendations.
The project was initially started by another company but was left incomplete. Our task was to take over and successfully complete the development of the comprehensive Pendex Gym platform, integrating several standalone applications to manage the entire training process effectively.

Solution Development

The main objectives were to restore the platform, review and improve the existing code, and add new features to enhance functionality and user satisfaction.
The project also aimed to ensure the platform’s stable operation and minimal development and maintenance costs.
EOSIO blockchain was chosen for its efficient handling of smart contracts and instant transfer capabilities
Ruby on Rails was used for web application development.
Serverless Framework, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and TypeScript were used to build a robust and scalable backend.
Various libraries and tools such as Android support library, Dagger 2, Pushlink, EventBus, Lottie, Room, Lifecycle, Kotlin, RxJava2, and Retrofit2 were used to develop the Android applications.
Restored system functioning on local machines and documented deployment and administration procedures. Conducted a full code review, identified and fixed weaknesses, and improved solution design. Added new features based on user feedback and business needs.
Ensured stable operation of the platform by preparing recommendations for further stabilization and managing the coordinated efforts of training gyms in different countries. By successfully completing these tasks, we provided a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that supports personalized training and rehabilitation programs, ensuring high user satisfaction and effective outcomes.

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