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Blockchain Game with Telegram integration

Company Overview

Dooble is a blockchain-based betting game developed by a group of private investors aiming to create a unique and interactive gaming experience. The game is integrated into a Telegram digital bot, allowing players to place cryptocurrency bets on character battles, monitor bet statuses, and view competition outcomes.

Project Overview

The development of the blockchain game “Dooble” and its integration into a Telegram digital bot with the web app creation. The Dooble game offers players to bet on the victory of one of the characters, follow the bets status in a round, watch competition of a pair of characters and see its final result.
Behind the game blockchain technology allows taking bets in cryptocurrency, getting a random number for defining a winner and gives the possibility to any player to oversee the fairness of the competition by monitoring all the transactions.

Business objectives and current industry issues

Development of a smart contract of the game
Smart contract integration into a digital bot of Telegram.
App creation with embedment into the bot to improve game interactivity.
game for cryptocurrency

Team +10 members

Sales team
Consulting team
Design team
Development team
QA team
There were a number of meetings on the presale stage to define the client’s needs and develop the right approach to further work
BA gathered and traced requirements, wrote documentation and user manual
UI/UX designer was involved into all stages of the development process to create interface and user behavior model, and 2D artist to draw characters and create animation;
Architecture and system components were created by the architect. Front-end and back-end team of developers took on the development process
Testing was carried out by the QA team before publishing the game in a live environment. Also, the focus group was created whose feedback helped to improve the gaming UI/UX.

Work done

We provided the option to attach multiple crypto wallets to one gaming account with the possibility to edit the list of wallets for the convenience of players;
We deployed the smart contract of the game in a testnet for application and infrastructure testing;
We created a model allowing the scalability of the competitors number with the possibility of their uniting into teams for further product development;
We deployed the SCRUM methodology to provide effective development and continuous delivery since the distributed team was working under the project;
We held weekly online meetups for better communication and requirements gathering due to many stakeholders from the client’s side.

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