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Cross Blockchain Explorer

Cross Blockchain Explorer – Company overview

One control panel designed to audit transactions among all blockchains

Project overview

There was the need to develop a platform for Games of Zones, a series of adversarial testnet challenges built to make the Cosmos ecosystem ready for the forthcoming kick-off of the IBC module.

Business objectives and current industry issues

Design product architecture;
MediaFM team approached us for a consultation
Create and implement data models;
Build services that observe transactions from all recorded areas and analyze the data;
Create services that have accurate algorithms that identify types of transactions, determine cross-chain ones, and upgrade the data statistics;
Develop an API to display analytical data in a user-friendly graphical interface.

Project in numbers

Client location
Team size


The customer is a startup from the USA. The client company concentrates on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

Ongoing development and future plans

The final product was victoriously shown at the event as it gained high expert marks.
At the moment, the product is at the point of receiving funds for the next development steps.


The major issue of the project was to proceed with a huge amount of transactions per second. The transactions came concurrently from over 150 registered areas.
The requirement was to create a product that would catch and process around 10,000 operations per second. To do this, we turned to the microservice architecture approach. It means each service was interpreted by a node completing its own piece of work.
We used RabbitMQ to enable execution swiftness, safeguarding and keeping the ordering of transaction accomplishment.
We turned to PostgreSQL to save analytical data and GraphQL to rapidly deploy the API, namely, its implementation based on the Hasura GraphQL Server.
We used the Tendermint interchain communication protocol to determine cross-chain transactions.

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