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Crypto Exchange Platform

Crypto Exchange Platform – Company overview

A cryptocurrency exchange is a web-based platform where people can trade their crypto coins or tokens. When there was the legitimization of cryptocurrency use in Estonia, the company with EU residence turned to us with the idea of developing a solution for cryptocurrency exchange.

Project overview

One of the problems in the radio advertising industry is that it is impossible to collect as precise data about ad investments as we can do this in the internet advertisement
The idea was to build a blockchain-based platform allowing advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their advertisement on the air of various FM stations in real-time. MediaFM team approached us for a consultation. They needed a proof of concept on that stage of the project. We collected initial information, conducted research and validated the concept.

Business objectives and current industry issues

The most trending and upbeat non-fungible token is the technically secured and unique cryptographic token.
MediaFM team approached us for a consultation
Get reliable and fault-tolerant storage of transactions created by system members;
Provide transparency. System participants have access to the history of transactions within a blockage and thus can monitor the system.

Clients goals and requirements

Get reliable and fault-tolerant storage of transactions created by system members;
Protect records from being changed retroactively;
Store instant transactions and user balance status records;
Provide transparency. System participants have access to the history of transactions within a blockage and thus can monitor the system.

Project in numbers

$100,000 – $150,000
Dec 2017 – Ongoing
Period of engagement
Estonia, EU
Client location
Team size

The platform features

Cutting-edge user authentication
Diverse encryption types
Cryptocurrency support (BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, BTG, BCH)
Human experts that control funds origin and track doubtful behavior
UI/UX interface
Documented robot API
High bid processing speed


The customer is a brand-new company from Estonia aiming to globalize in the cryptocurrency industry. They turned to us to build a trading platform that would ensure security and have a user-friendly interface. The platform will let users trade cryptocurrencies on their behalf and with the API robot assistance. Initially, the platform is to support the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Dash (DASH)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


To enable identity verification, our developers made integration with Sumsub, an external know your customer (KYC) service. Confidential user information is operated and stored in a secured data center.
Our team created an intuitive user-friendly interface with visual components such as TradingView graphs with flexible display settings. To prevent money laundering and enable paramount security, we invited financial, banking, and cryptographic experts who gave advice to our developers. So, when a person needs to withdraw cryptocurrencies to any external wallet, the request is sent to the back office and a supervisor checks the operation limitations, safety, and legitimacy. Then the supervisor confirms the transaction if it satisfies the criteria.

Also, we built an API so as to streamline sale and purchase operations adopting safety procedures. Now we can program a bot that is able to perform trading in the name of the user automatically and compliant to the predefined logic. Adopting safety procedures means that if a person wants to control the bot and perform operations on their behalf, they must know the API_KEY.
Our developers built a tailored solution powered with HashiCorp Vault so as to store the private keys to the custodial wallets of the exchange. It empowers confidential data protection and excludes third-party involvement.Such cutting-edge technologies as an asynchronous framework AIOHTTP enable high solution operation swiftness.The solution is hugely extensible and ensures a swift application of other tokens or cryptocurrencies.

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