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Rapid Trade Binary Option

Project overview

Binary option for fast trading is designed to enable unsophisticated users to make money by predicting the expected change of cryptopairs’ value for short-term investing. Prior to obtaining an option one should replenish the balance by putting cryptocurrency ( BTC and ETH are supported by Rapid Trade) to the wallet. As soon as the account is replenished it is possible to start trading. The user should choose a preferred cryptocurrency pair, BTC/USDT for example, time span between 2 and 10 mins and cryptopair’s value direction (upwards or downwards). The user is able to see the total of bonuses he is likely to gain. The trader is given up to 90% return in case the direction of the price is predicted,in the opposite case suffers 100% loss of the option strike price.
The trader is given up to 90% return in case the direction of the price is predicted,in the opposite case suffers 100% loss of the option strike price. As a first step traders get tokens from the app for free to begin raising money that in turn helps drive user engagement. With the help of the third side data sources like Kraken, Huobi, Binance and etc. being integrated into the Rapid Trade there’s no way for manipulations with crypto value. Moreover, the verification of whatever option is provided. The withdrawal of funding is carried out from a built-in wallet to an external wallet anytime.

Business objectives and current industry issues

User -centric app being easy to interact with;
Multi-currency deposit and withdrawal processes;
Easy way of registration with the integrated social accounts like Gmail or Scatter;
Trading deprived of risks;
Free bonuses;
Truthful binary option: stakes and outcomes verifying online;
Landing page designed for advertisements;
User manual for newcomers.


EOSIO blockchain is behind Rapid Trade. The feature-set of EOS smart contracts facilitates instantaneous transfers of premiums to traders’ wallets and provides explicit rules to the users. The next technologies were applied for Front-end and Back-end development: AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, PostgreSQL,  ReactJs/ Unistore, NodeJs.
During the product realization we employed outsourcing services such as Infura, CryptoCypher, BitGo, Dfuse. We created our own trading charts both linear and candles with the help of D3.js library to achieve outstanding results by the app launch. Our team utilized Amazon Web Services, a cloud platform, to employ project infrastructure.

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