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Company overview

The largest data-center operator in CIS providing the equipment for energy-consuming and blockchain computing. It provides hosting services and ready-made solutions for large-scale eco-mining of cryptocurrency, data management, operations with blockchain and AI to institutional clients all over the world. Now the company is utilizing only extra hydropower for the work of the largest hosting provider that offers services of colocation for mining of digital financial assets.

Project overview

The investor’s account allows quick control of the dividends distribution on purchased tokens, tracking payments of rewards, and handling company-related crypto assets.
The module embedded into the system algorithmically calculates rewards and makes automated payments to all the company investors.

Client’s goals and requirement

Development of a smart contract
Release of a custom token in the ERC20 and BEP20 networks
Adapt to mobile devices for a great user experience

Team 10+ members

Sales team
Consulting team
Development team
QA team
There were a number of meetings on the presale stage to define the client’s needs and develop the right approach to further work
BA gathered and traced requirements, wrote documentation and user manual. UI/UX designer team was involved at the stage of system modeling to create interface and models of user behavior
Architecture and system components were created by the architect together with the Business analyst. Front-end and back-end team of developers took on the development process.
As soon as the product was ready it was exposed to testing by QA before rolling out to the market.

Third-party integrations

Custom project feature
ViaBTC, Nasdaq Data Link,
Custom project features
Crypto wallet to the module of the investor’s account

Clients goals and requirements

Get reliable and fault-tolerant storage of transactions created by system members;
Protect records from being changed retroactively;
Store instant transactions and user balance status records;
Provide transparency. System participants have access to the history of transactions within a blockage and thus can monitor the system.

Work done

Our developers presented a technical solution and prepared the proof of concept.
We created smart contracts in ERC20 and BEP20 networks for the token bridge;
We developed algorithms of data receiving not only using API mining pool, but also calculations collected from open sources of blockchain to improve system reliability;
We deployed the SCRUM methodology with two-weeks sprints and daily status meetings to provide effective development and continuous delivery since the distributed team was working under the project;
We held weekly online meetups for better communication and requirements gathering due to many stakeholders from the client’s side.

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