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Offer a wallet under your brand

Offer a wallet under your brand
Thanks to white-label development you have the possibility to launch your own branded non-custodial crypto wallet without investing serious development resources. Such a product will be well-recognizable and will help you greatly boost your brand awareness among your target audience.
Solutions built by our team are fully customizable. It means that you can offer users a unique brand wallet with all the necessary features and industry-specific tools. And at the same time, you can be fully confident in the high security, reliability, and usability of your non-custodial crypto wallet.

Create your own unique design

Create your own unique design
Working with our company, you can get a fully exclusive blockchain app that will allow users to store, manage, and conduct various transactions with their cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, and other virtual assets. Our developers can build such apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as web solutions.
The design of your non-custodial crypto wallet can be fully tailored to your needs and reflect your business identity. For delivering a solution that will meet all your expectations, our experts always conduct a deep analysis of all your requirements, project goals, and business needs.

Enrich a wallet with a messaging feature

Enrich a wallet with a messaging feature
The functionality of your crypto wallet app can be expanded with advanced features. Along with other cutting-edge tools, our developers can create a feature for allowing users to interact with each other and send instant messages directly from the non-custodial wallet application.
Messages are protected with end-to-end encryption to ensure the required privacy for users. Moreover, it is possible to block some addresses if you do not want to receive messages from some people. Such functionality can greatly enhance user experience and become a great competitive advantage for your wallet.

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Our Top Solutions

  • #1Use only one wallet at a time.

  • #2Create a new wallet or import an existing one.

  • #3See basic currencies in the wallet.

  • #4Customize the display of necessary currencies.

  • #5Add erc-20 tokens with contract address on the ETH network.

  • #6Transfer wallet address on the network to other users.

  • #7Set the type of transaction fee and see its cost in USD.

  • #8Review before sending a transaction.

  • #9Make transactions to an address on the network.

What will you get with a white-label NFT sports marketplace?

Ready-made solution Ready-made solution
Thanks to white-label solutions, there is no need to build a non-custodial wallet from scratch.
Fast & easy launch Fast & easy launch
We can help you to save time and develop non-custodial wallet apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web version.
Security Security
Thanks to relying only on the best white-label solutions, we can ensure the highest security of the products that we build.
Full support and updates Full support and updates
Our team will be responsible for all post-launch maintenance services in full accordance with your requirements.
Hosting on our network Hosting on our network
You won’t need to pay for third-party resources as your apps can be hosted on our infrastructure.
API integration API integration
While creating your customized crypto wallet, we can integrate it with eCommerce platforms for a smooth user experience.

Got an idea? Let’s work together!

Write some words and sentences on 2 strokes.
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What can you tokenize?

Help with setup
We will provide our assistance at all preparatory steps for launching your wallet and making it available on app marketplaces.

Version update
Our experts will help you to make sure that your white-label non-custodial wallet fully corresponds to the latest market trends.
Technical and marketing support
We have strong expertise not only in the technical field but also in software market positioning and advertising aspects.
Adapter’s dependencies
Seamless functioning of your wallet will be endured thanks to applying high-quality development tools and the introduction of regular updates.

Where can you use a non-custodial crypto wallet?

Non-fungible tokens are already introduced in different industries. They are unique digital assets that help to monetize physical-world items and various types of collectibles. They can be minted, listed on marketplaces, sold, traded, and collected. As their value tends to grow with time flow, collectors and investors can get excellent profits. For conducting any operations with NFTs, users should have crypto assets. And that’s when a secure crypto wallet should enter the game.
Though DeFi still hasn’t replaced the traditional financial system, today a lot of businesses and private users demonstrate their interest in blockchain-based solutions for addressing their financial needs. A reliable and secure crypto wallet is a must for interacting with crypto assets, making and receiving crypto payments, as well as providing any financial services related to the use of digital currencies. Our developers can create a solution that will fully reflect the specificity of your business and will help to satisfy all your needs.
Online shopping is gaining extreme popularity these days. With the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, a lot of merchants all over the world have started to provide buyers with an option to pay for their orders not only in fiat but also in crypto assets. The security of funds and payments has always been one of the key concerns related to online financial transactions. But with our white-label crypto wallet solution, you and your customers will be on the safe side.
Blockchain can fully revolutionize the gaming industry by providing users with a chance to get profits while playing their favorite games. It can be done thanks to the possibility to buy, sell, collect, and trade in-game virtual assets. For making any of these transactions, payments in crypto should be conducted. When a user wins a virtual asset during the gaming process, this asset can be further exchanged for crypto or fiat money.
Metaverse provides users with real-life experiences in the virtual world. People can buy different items, invest in valuable assets, and even develop their own businesses. For all these purposes, financial transactions are required. Crypto wallets in the metaverse have the same function as physical wallets with fiat assets have in real-life activities. Our team can build a reliable non-custodial crypto wallet to ensure the highest security of users’ assets in the metaverse.
Real estate
Real estate
Real estate is one of the industries that can significantly benefit from the adoption of blockchain technology. Such solutions can democratize the whole market, increase its availability for a very wide audience, ensure seamless ownership rights transfers, and enable secure transactions. With modern non-custodial crypto wallets, all market players can make practically instant payments and be confident in the safety of the storage of their digital assets.


What is a white-label non-custodial crypto wallet?
It is a crypto wallet product that can be customized and branded in full accordance with your business needs. Though for building your app, developers will rely on the ready-made solution, your project can be fully unique as it is possible to enrich it with a wide range of features and tools.
What are the benefits of a white-label non-custodial crypto wallet?
The most important advantages that you will leverage by opting for a white-label non-custodial crypto wallet are related to the possibility to reduce the time and money that are typically required for building a software product from scratch.
What are the security issues of a white-label non-custodial crypto wallet?
The main security concerns are related to situations when users may lose their passwords or when these seed phrases are stolen. But high-quality white-label wallet software itself is known for its security and stability of functioning.
Do you support different cryptocurrencies?
Yes, our team can build white-label non-custodial crypto wallets that will support different types of tokens which will allow users to store and make transactions in various crypto assets based on their needs.
How long does it take to start?
When you want to develop a crypto wallet from scratch, you will need at least 9-12 months to launch a product. But with a white-label solution, it will be significantly faster to set up an app and make it available to users. Developers will work with ready-made software that they will customize, brand, and enrich with new features in accordance with your requirements.
How much does it cost to build a white-label crypto wallet?
The costs of any project should be calculated individually as there are different factors that can affect the final amount, like the complexity of the solution and the size of the team that is involved in your project. But in any case, the development of a white-label solution will require less investment than building a crypto wallet from scratch.

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