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Oct 13 • 1 min

McDonald’s has begun to accept Bitcon and Tehter payments in Switzerland

One of the largest chain of fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s is dedicated to furthering bitcoin and stablecoin adoption in Switzerland, Lugano city.

The international restaurant has begun to enable Bitcoin transactions in the Switzerland Italian-speaking region, Lugano with a population of 63,000 people being known as a vibrant hub for blockchain in the west of Europe.

A video of making an order in Mcdonald’s electronic kiosk with further payment for it by crypto at a usual cash register through a mobile application was published on Twitter on October 3. The logo of Tether is seen alongside the Bitcoin one on the terminal and it’s no wonder as Lugano authorities declared Bitcoin, LVGA and Tether legal currencies.

On March 3, 2022 Lugano and Tether executed a memorandum of understanding putting in action “Plan B” under which Tether allocated funds of $106 million for crypto start-ups development, and $3 million to support adoption of the cryptocurrency in all daily activities of the citizens.

Local residents are supposed to pay for taxes, study fees, tickets for parking and other government services via cryptocurrency. Moreover, around 200,000 of various businesses in the region will integrate crypto into their payment processes.

Mcdonald’s has accepted Bitcoin payments in 19 of its restaurants in El-Salvador after it announced Bitcoin as a legal payment method.

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