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Oct 13 • 1 min

Moonbeam Parachain To Integrate LayerZero Protocol

Utilizing cross-chain messaging to build Web3 interoperability has grown into a trend. According to Polkadot, its Moonbeam parachain has integrated LayerZero protocol which facilitates cross-chain messaging to enable Web3 interoperability.

Moonbeam is a layer 1 blockchain-based protocol. As Etherscan states, the protocol is already making use of XCM, the Polkadot ecosystem’s inner messaging service. Derek Yoo, the CEO of Purestake, the team of developers behind Moonbeam parachain, says he expects LayerZero integration to provide a more comprehensive cross-chain messaging service across different chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and beyond. Also, he hopes that it will stimulate developers to use Moonbeam for the deployment of their apps.

As it was mentioned, utilizing cross-chain messaging to build Web3 interoperability has grown into a trend. For instance, several Solana-based products have cooperated to establish the Open Chat Alliance and build a standard for protocol communication. Earlier this year, Web3 data platform CyberConnect raised $15 million in Series A funding so as to pass users’ social information between various protocols.

Derek Yoo expects that Moonbeam will become “a hub of activity” with the help of the integration process. He predicts that applications on Moonbeam will become pretty widespread across chains due to the messaging systems and the ability to join together and establish a network.

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