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Oct 12 • 3 mins

Sega began designing the first-ever game with blockchain features in its history

The Japanese gaming company Sega reported about the intention to deliver its first-ever game on the blockchain. The idea is to be implemented by Sega in collaboration with the Japanese NFT solution provider Double Jump Tokyo, which specializes in designing blockchain-based games. The concept of the story comes from Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen franchise, a prominent Japanese video game, based on physical and digital card collectibles. Oasys, a Japanese scaling-based project will work on the blockchain integrations of a new product. 

The Sangokushi Taisen franchise is a series of tactical games, where users can manipulate virtual cards in in-game reality. Those cards as well as other aspects of the game not specified yet (supposedly, some skins, avatars, and so on) will be tokenized and traded between the players. The details of how all the elements will be interconnected and the gameplay will be organized aren’t out yet. No name of the future project was mentioned. Sega also didn’t specify the expected deadlines of the release, and at the same time, the Japanese gaming giant didn’t share any information about other upcoming near future projects.  

Oasys and the reasons Sega turned to blockchain 

As claimed by Double Jump Tokyo, the start-up that already working on the new game, a new project will utilize Oasys, an eco-friendly blockchain network for gaming as a base. Oasys is a Japanese enterprise in the blockchain industry aiming to offer players unprecedented scalability and make it possible for millions of simultaneous users to operate on its services. The upcoming release is considered a step toward the AAA game world for the young project. Oasys also has plans on developing more blockchain-based games.

Oasys is backed by large entertainment corporations like Bandai Namco, Sega, Jump Crypto, and Square Enix. They decided to try themselves as network validators and explore the advantages of gaming as an industry. 

The news came as a surprise from Sega, as it was expressing equivocal concerns about the blockchain games. At the beginning of this year, the company informed the audience that it might cease any development of the games with blockchain elements, as some users might see it as a “money grab”. A few months later Sega seemed to change the agenda and started to hint about including NFT and elements of Metaverse while talking about its “Super Game” development plan. 

Meanwhile, competitors of Sega didn’t hesitate to utilize the technology for a long back. For instance, Ubisoft launched its NFT marketplace and incorporated non-fungibles in several projects. Square Enix as well is working on integrating NFTs into its new products. 

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