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May 26 • 42 mins

Best Apps to Buy, Sell, and Create NFTs

Want to learn how NFTs have taken the world by storm since their inception. Digital artists, musicians, photographers, and many others love the concept because of the endless opportunities that come with NFTs. While artists are busy creating and selling NFTs, investors are looking for the best tokens to make a profit.

Enthusiasts searching for the best tokens to buy must consider the various marketplaces available, while those looking to become digital artists must consider the various NFT creator apps. Deciding where to create and trade an NFT is just as important as choosing the token itself.

In this article, we will look at NFT applications where you can buy, sell, and create tokens. In addition, we will take a closer look at the best NFT apps and try to understand if developing an NFT app is a good idea.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is a unique digital token that is stored on a blockchain and can’t be copied. NFTs are crypto assets that represent art, event tickets, in-game tokens, music, real estate, etc. NFTs act as certificates that prove the authenticity of digital assets and the ownership of real-world objects.

Let’s define tokens to better understand the concept. Tokens are digital assets that store value on a blockchain and are governed by smart contracts. The majority of blockchain-based tokens are fungible assets, meaning they are completely interchangeable and indistinguishable from one another. Therefore, any token representing 1 BTC is the same, and so on.

NFTs allow users to create unique data on a blockchain. In other words, NFTs carry their own codes and are, therefore, scarce. To sum up, an NFT is one-of-a-kind and doesn’t have a recognized market price. It also can’t be exchanged for an equivalent asset.

What is an NFT app?

An NFT app is a device-friendly application that allows investors to access, buy, and sell NFTs. These applications are similar to crypto wallets or crypto apps installed on your phone or computer.

NFT applications provide a quick and easy way for investors to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. What’s more, NFT apps facilitate a more organized workflow and allow investors to trade on the go.

All in all, such apps serve as an intermediary between the investor and the transaction. First of all, NFT apps provide an opportunity to improve or acquire unique digital creations. In addition, NFT applications play an essential role in shaping tokenomics.

NFT apps typically charge a compensation fee for promoting NFT marketplaces and exchanges on their platforms. The majority of apps charge a fee for completing a transaction from the seller. However, some NFT apps charge a service fee to both the seller and the buyer.

How do NFT apps work?

NFT apps allow users to create avatars, explore metaverses, store digital collectibles, and play built-in blockchain games. Such games provide users with numerous opportunities to earn money or win merchandise, NFTs, tokens, etc.

In addition, many of the best NFT apps provide a platform for NFT minting, which is the process of publishing a digital collectible on a blockchain where it can be traded and monetized.

NFT transactions are mostly governed by cryptocurrencies, so you need to buy any crypto to complete the purchase and pay any associated network fees. Just connect your crypto wallet to a platform, deposit some funds, and you’re ready to start trading NFTs. By the way, NFT minting also comes with a network fee.

Originally developed for desktop use only, NFTs are now widely available on mobile devices, allowing investors to manage their NFTs on the go. Different NFT apps support different payment methods. For example, some accept debit/credit cards and multiple cryptocurrencies, while others are compatible with various digital wallets.

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What do Android and iOS NFT mobile apps aim to solve?

As the NFT market continues to grow, so does the demand for Android and iOS mobile apps. NFT mobile apps allow users to interact with the NFT ecosystem in a convenient and accessible way. Let’s discuss the key issues that NFT apps aim to address.


First, NFT mobile applications allow users to access NFT marketplaces and manage their digital assets from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets.

In addition, by providing apps for both Android and iOS platforms, developers ensure that a wider audience will be able to join the NFT ecosystem.

User Experience

Second, NFT mobile applications aim to provide an intuitive interface to simplify the process of buying, selling, and trading NFTs for both novice and experienced users.

NFT applications tend to optimize the user experience, making it easier for users to explore the NFT space and interact with digital assets.


Next, NFT applications focus on security, often integrating with renowned and reliable crypto wallets to provide users with a secure storage and management tool for their NFTs and associated cryptocurrencies.

By integrating with well-established wallet providers, NFT mobile applications can ensure that users have a secure and reliable environment to manage their digital assets.

Curation and Discovery

As there are many non-fungible tokens available, NFT mobile apps focus on providing users with a customized selection of virtual assets, making it easier for investors to discover top-quality and relevant NFTs.

NFT mobile applications typically have search and filter options to help investors find and explore virtual assets that match their interests.

Cross-Chain Integration

NFT mobile applications also support cross-chain integration as the NFT market expands across multiple blockchains. This feature allows investors to manage NFTs within a single application, regardless of which blockchain they exist on.

Therefore, this cross-chain functionality ensures that users can access a wide range of NFTs and join the expanding multi-blockchain NFT ecosystem.

What can you do on an NFT app?

Let’s look at some of the key activities users can perform when using an NFT app.

Explore and discover NFTs

NFT applications typically provide a convenient platform for investors to explore and discover new virtual assets, often with customized collections of the best NFTs available.

Investors can browse multiple categories, including art, collectibles, games, virtual real estate, and others, to find the best NFTs that match their interests.

Buy, sell, and trade NFTs

Buying, selling, and trading digital assets are the main functions facilitated by NFT apps. Some applications that include the marketplace feature typically have integrated auction systems to make it easier for investors to trade tokens.

In addition, users can list their NFTs for sale, trade with others, or take part in NFT drops and exclusive releases.

Create and mint NFTs

Another key feature of NFT apps is that they allow users to create or mint NFTs. Minting is the process of turning a virtual asset into a crypto asset by tokenizing it on a blockchain. This allows creators to monetize their artwork, music, 3D models, and videos by listing them on NFT marketplaces.

NFT applications handle all the complex coding and programming processes, enabling novice users to access minting. In addition, many NFT applications support multiple blockchains, giving creators multiple options for hosting their assets.

Manage NFT collections

NFT apps also provide investors with access to a convenient platform for managing and organizing their digital asset collections. This enables users to view their tokens, monitor the value of their assets in real time, and track their transaction history.

Socialize and engage with the community

Many NFT apps offer social features, including chat rooms, forums, and messaging systems, that allow users to meet and communicate with other NFT lovers. These social features streamline the process of sharing information, discussing the latest trends, and creating collaborations within the NFT community.

Flip NFTs

Finally, you can use an app to flip NFTs, which is a subcategory of selling NFTs. Flipping NFTs is the process of buying a virtual asset at a low price and then trying to sell it at a higher price.

In fact, flipping is considered a risky investment strategy because there is no guarantee that a purchased token will increase in value. Nevertheless, experienced NFT investors are often interested in the strategy because it can generate high returns.

What are the top 15 NFT apps to buy and sell NFTs?


Price: Free

OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace, hosting over 80 million NFTs from a variety of categories, including digital art, collectibles, domain names, music, trading cards, sports, and even virtual worlds. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and so are most of its digital assets. However, OpenSea also offers NFTs from the Klaytn, Polygon, and Solana networks.

The app allows users to buy, sell, trade, and mint digital assets. In addition, users can follow NFT publishers, add NFTs to favorites, and access previously purchased NFTs on the go.


  • A wide collection of NFTs
  • In-app minting tool
  • User-friendly and secure platform


  • High transaction fees (2.5% for sales)
  • Users must have a crypto wallet to start trading

NFT LaunchPad

Price: Free

NFT LaunchPad is one of the best apps to buy, sell, and trade NFTs if you are a beginner. Users can quickly mint NFTs without any advanced knowledge. The app supports NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon blockchains from a wide range of categories, including art, collectibles, games, memes, metaverse items, photography, trading cards, videos, etc. The NFT LaunchPad platform also hosts big-name collections such as CryptoPunks, Ape Society, and Lucky Block NFTs. The app is compatible with MetaMask wallets.


  • Cross-platform app
  • Easy to mint NFTs and affordable
  • User-friendly and secure platform


  • Supports only Wrapped Binance Coin

Price: Free is a platform that supports a built-in exchange, detailed transaction history, and multiple currencies. The app hosts NFTs from a variety of categories, such as artwork, celebrities, games, music, sports, and many more. The platform also allows you to set multiple filters to help you find the most suitable NFT. hosts NFTs on Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. is one of the apps that allow investors to buy artwork from various brands, such as Heavy Metal, LA Kings, and others. The app also has a “drops” feature that showcases upcoming NFT collections and notifies users when they go live.


  • Debit/credit card payments accepted
  • Provides auction and “buy now” options
  • No fees for purchasing NFTs, competitive fees on sales


  • Not many NFT collections available
  • No PayPal payment option
  • Users must create an account to start trading

NBA Top Shot

Price: Free

As the name implies, NBA Top Shot focuses solely on NBA-related content. Namely, licensed video clips, memorabilia, player highlights, autographed trading cards, etc. The platform is backed by the NBA itself, ensuring a high level of credibility and security.

Built on the Flow blockchain, NBA Top Shot is a closed platform. Therefore, users can only buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace but can’t mint them. However, it is easy to make a purchase, as the app accepts debit/credit card payments and cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, USDC, DAI, and FLOW.


  • Accessible to users without cryptocurrency
  • Competitive fees
  • A licensed marketplace for the NBA


  • No minting feature available


Price: Free

Binance is an NFT app that allows users to create, trade, and show off digital assets. The platform operates in over 100 countries. It supports NFTs hosted on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.

The app has an outstanding “Mystery Box” feature that allows investors to purchase a mystery box containing a random NFT. This allows users to get a unique NFT at a lower price.


  • Simple onboarding process
  • Cross-chain functionality
  • 1% trading fee for NFT purchases


  • No PayPal payment option
  • The marketplace holds private keys


Price: Free

Rarible is an open-source platform for creating, buying, and selling digital collectibles, art, video game items, and other types of NFTs. The application supports the Ethereum, Flow, and Texos blockchains. The platform provides a minting tool to seamlessly create NFTs without coding.

Rarible has a native token called RARI, which allows its holders to vote on company decisions.


  • Creators can choose up to 50% of future royalties
  • OpenSea integration
  • Debit/credit cards and Google Pay accepted


  • 2.5% fee charged to both buyers and sellers

Axie Marketplace

Price: Free

Axie Marketplace is the internal marketplace for Axie Infinity, one of the most popular play-to-earn games. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The app is an ideal solution for users who need to buy or sell in-game items such as costumes, land, weapons, etc.


  • Available on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Potential to generate a legitimate amount of crypto


  • A user must purchase three Axies to begin playing
  • Sellers are charged a 4.25% fee
  • Only Axies are available


Price: Free

Foundation is an NFT marketplace hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. The app focuses solely on digital art and features over 12,000 unique NFT collections. All NFTs are listed via auctions and are typically up for 24 hours.

What’s more, the Foundation platform supports MetaMask and WalletConnect, so users can be sure that their digital assets are stored securely.


  • Fixed royalties for all creators
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • All purchases are made via an auction


  • Only ETH payments available
  • Comparatively high fees (15% for sellers)

Nifty Gateway

Price: Free

Nifty Gateway is a platform that focuses solely on exclusive NFTs, mainly artwork and music. The marketplace attracts celebrities due to its premium price point. In addition, Nifty Gateway tends to collaborate with celebrities and launch exclusive drops. For example, the platform has partnered with Beeple.


  • A trustworthy platform owned by Gemini
  • Artists can pick their commissions


  • 15% service fee
  • Only US-based investors can pay with a debit/credit card

Larva Labs

Price: Free

Larva Labs is best known for its CryptoPunks project. First of all, the app contains a wide range of NFTs with over 10,000 unique collectible characters. In addition, the platform features some Ethereum-based projects and digital art projects, such as Autoglyphs.

CryptoPunk NFTs have been selling for eye-popping prices, making Larva Labs the most popular destination for collecting NFTs from this collection.


  • Comes with 10,000 CryptoPunk characters
  • Supports MetaMask wallets


  • High transaction fees
  • Traditional payment methods are restricted


Price: Free

Enjin is a non-custodial crypto and NFT wallet that is focused on in-game currencies and special items. The app also includes dApps that provide access to major NFT marketplaces. Enjin is a secure application, so you can be sure your digital assets are completely safe.


  • Customer support desk available
  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports hardware wallet tracking


  • No desktop/web application
  • Supports only Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies

Price: Free is a secure NFT marketplace that allows you to display and track your NFTs in one place. You can also use search filters to find NFTs to collect as per your requirements. Support for the metaverse will be added, meaning that users will be able to show off their NFTs there.


  • Review NFTs with no authentication required
  • Find any NFT to buy now with wallet addresses
  • Get price information in 30+ currencies


  • Import a wallet to get started

Magic Eden

Price: Free

Magic Eden is one of the best NFT apps for Solana-based assets. It is a decentralized marketplace that hosts Solana-based and Ethereum-based digital assets. The platform focuses on art and gaming NFTs and hosts some high-profile NFT collections such as DeGods, HellBoyz, and Okay Bears.

The Magic Eden app has an intuitive interface and features a helpful “Launchpad” section that showcases some of the upcoming drops. The platform is cost-effective, charging a flat 2% fee for each transaction. In addition, NFT creators can set their own royalty percentage, with royalties paid instantly.


  • Supports debit/credit card payments
  • Buyers don’t need to own crypto beforehand


  • Additional fees for fiat payments


Price: Free

OKX is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and an NFT marketplace that hosts over 18 million NFTs from a variety of categories, including art, collectibles, domain names, music, sports, trading cards, and more. The marketplace is fully decentralized, giving traders complete control over their assets. OKX supports the Ethereum and OKC networks, so users can pay in ETH, AVAX, BNB, and SOL.

BAYC, CryptoPunks, DeGods, and hundreds of other top collections are listed on the OKX platform. The marketplace also has a special filter that highlights the NFT collections with the highest trading volume and most owners.


  • Only gas fees
  • Minting platform included


  • Doesn’t support fiat payments


Price: Free / $0.99

Talken is a multi-chain crypto wallet and one of the best NFT apps. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens across Ethereum, BSC, HECO, and Klaytn. The app also has an NFT minting tool, which means that users can mint a token from different chains and then sell it. Talken enables seamless browsing for supported chains and dApps.


  • Large community
  • Convenient, interoperable, and secure


  • NFT secondary marketplace is under development

Trust Wallet

Price: Free

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets because it allows users to buy, sell, and manage multiple cryptocurrencies in one place. In addition, Trust Wallet has a dApp environment where users can view, buy, and sell non-fungible tokens.


  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies


  • May be too complicated to use

Best top 15 NFT creator apps


Price: Free (subscription starts at $3.99 per week)

Autograph is an NFT creator app that provides a platform for celebrities to launch their own collections. Investors can purchase NFTs through a browser-based app that showcases top creators and upcoming drops. The platform also accepts PayPal payments, debit/credit cards, and bank transfers.

Autograph has an easy-to-use interface and offers a wide range of NFTs, including art, collectibles, music, and sports memorabilia. Users can also follow their favorite artists and collectors and interact with other NFT enthusiasts through chat and messaging.


  • Trustworthy and secure platform
  • Exclusive content
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Regular updates and improvements


  • Can not upload or sell NFTs
  • Limited support for various blockchains
  • Accepts only fiat payments
  • Fees are not clear

NFT Creator

Price: $49.99 per year

NFT Creator is a fast art creator for Apple devices. For example, the app allows you to upload images and get the artistic form of it almost instantly. What’s more, the platform allows you to trade with other creators and win non-fungible tokens. The NFT Creator app offers premium templates that you can customize. For example, you can create your own unique trading cards.

The app offers flexible subscription plans. You can try the app for free for three days to see if it is right for you. Then you can choose a weekly or annual subscription plan.


  • Numerous art filters and various fonts
  • Import photo functionality
  • 1000+ backgrounds


  • Compatible with iOS devices only


Price: $14.99 per month, $69.99 per year

SketchAR is one of the most innovative mobile apps that allows you to create, explore, and sell unique digital art. The application uses AR and AI to turn any surface into a canvas. Simply open the camera, pan the surface where you can draw, and follow virtual lines.

After that, you can convert your art directly into an NFT for free. The SketchAR community picks the best creator each week to encourage users. If your artwork is the best of the week, it will be automatically converted into an NFT, and you will get a PRO account.


  • Create NFT drawings using AR and AI
  • Convert artwork to NFTs and list them on the marketplace
  • Use step-by-step guides to improve drawing


  • Has fewer templates than competitors


Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $1.99)

GoArt is a photo editing tool and NFT creator app based on AI technology. The app focuses on transforming your photos into NFTs with its creative filters rather than simply creating your own NFTs.

GoArt allows you to apply different artistic styles to your photos and then turn them into unique artworks. For example, you can access Impressionism, Van Gogh, or Sketches filters. It takes no time at all, as you can turn your existing photo into an NFT-ready image in a matter of seconds.

The application also allows you to download your artwork in high resolution and print it on T-shirts, wallpaper, etc.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Filters make the art look realistic
  • Easy to adjust filter intensity
  • Instantly enhances the artwork


  • Premium filters are available only with a paid subscription
  • No other editing features

8bit Painter

Price: Limited Free (in-app purchases available)

As the name suggests, 8bit Painter is an app that allows users to create pixel NFT art. With this NFT app, you can create your own images and designs or edit existing ones. What’s more, you can export your images to PNGs and share them on social media later. To create an NFT, you need to select a canvas size that ranges from 16×16 to 160×160.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Purchase the paid version to remove ads

Dream by WOMBO

Price: Free

Dream by WOMBO is an AI-powered painting tool. It has a simple interface that helps you create high-quality digital artwork and use it for NFTs. AI technology allows users to work quickly and almost effortlessly.

How does it work? You enter a prompt (say Cherry) and select an art style from the list of options. Then you tap Create and get a unique painting within seconds. Magic, isn’t it? You can use this painting as a background for your artwork or inspiration.

Although this application is not crypto or NFT-centric, it is certainly worth your attention.


  • Completely free app
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multiple results generated
  • Flawless painting in seconds


  • No web/desktop version


Price: Free

Bueno is the best no-code tool for NFT creators. It is an NFT art generator with an intuitive interface and video tutorials for users. Bueno also has a blog where you can find advice and lifehacks from professional artists who have used the app to launch their collections. The app is free until you are ready to export your digital assets. The price depends on the number of tokens you need to export. For example, you pay 0.01 ETH for a collection of 100 NFTs.

In addition, Bueno has its own Microverse platform that allows you to bring your NFTs to life in a 2D world.


  • Accessibility
  • Future Metaverse support
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Limited blockchain support


Price: $22.4 per month

Photoshop is a popular application known for its amazing features and incredible graphics. With this app, you get all the necessary tools to let your imagination and creativity run wild and produce rich art. You can even create animations in Photoshop. That’s why it is widely used by professionals.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • A wide selection of tools
  • 7 days free trial


  • Can not manage and store files


Price: from $22.12 to $35.85 per month

Illustrator is not just about design, and that is just the beginning. It has many tools for creating icons, logos, packaging, web graphics, and more. What’s more, Illustrator is integrated with Adobe Sensei AI, which allows users to quickly create, adjust, and recolor effects.

The Illustrator app is designed for beginners, with tutorials to help users hone their skills and gain experience with the platform.

Illustrator offers several subscription plans for different purposes. There are plans for teachers, students, businesses, and practice.


  • Auto font activation
  • Advanced 3D effects
  • In-app learning panel


  • Occupies a lot of space on the device


Price: Free

Krita is an open-source, feature-rich application that helps artists create digital paintings. The application allows artists to create animations, comics, concept art, illustrations, and storyboards.

Krita is an innovative application and a powerful tool for all creators. For example, it has features that streamline your creative process. Krita also has customizable brushes and powerful filters for artists to explore.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Many advanced colors and color management systems
  • Readily available training materials


  • Less suitable for photos

Corel Painter

Price: from $199 per year

Corel Painter is one of the most convenient NFT creator apps. It has a variety of brushes, top-notch tools, and templates that make your work easier. What’s more, it has features backed by artificial intelligence to make the process easier for artists.

Illustrator allows you to create a smooth workflow so you don’t get distracted while you’re working. Another advantage of the app is its extensive brush library, which allows you to create unique artwork with tons of different textures.


  • The best brush library and color controls
  • Customizable tools
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows devices
  • Regular updates and improvements


  • Expensive


Price: Free, in-app purchases available

PixelChain is an NFT creator app that stores the metadata and information on the blockchain, solving the problem of losing graphic information and artwork. Therefore, the data stored on the blockchain is always directly accessible.

PixelChain can also encrypt, compress, and store the data on the blockchain. The application authorizes the stored information with the name and details of the art creator.


  • Increased trust and security
  • Shared data can be tracked
  • Efficient features help save costs


  • Has less features than competitors

Nifty Ink

Price: Free

Nifty Ink is considered the easiest platform for web3 artists to create, sell, and earn tokens without learning blockchain basics. It is an interactive platform for all digital artists who want to create digital art and NFTs on xDai.


  • Fully free
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Poor framework


Price: From $3.33 to $7.49 per month

Fotor is an app that offers all the tools you need to become an NFT artist. It is an AI-powered art generator app that allows you to create NFT art right from your images and photos. Fotor is so easy to use that you will not need any guidance to master its features.


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced AI effects
  • A variety of editing and filtering options


  • Poor autosave and file management functionality


Price: Limited free

NightCafe is another NFT art generator that allows users to create bulk artwork quickly and easily. The app has AI-powered tools that allow you to quickly sell your NFT creations.


  • Bulk creation of artworks
  • Available on mobile and desktop devices
  • Unique tools that can be combined to create art


  • No minting feature
  • Users have to buy or earn credits to keep creating art ($0.08 or $0.2 per credit)

How we rank the best NFT apps

Now that you know that not all NFT apps are created the same way, let’s discuss the key factors we have considered when choosing the best NFT app. This will help both buyers and sellers choose the most appropriate application.


Fees are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an NFT app. Most NFT applications charge a transaction fee when an NFT is sold. This fee is usually paid by the seller. In some cases, NFT applications charge both parties.

The most important type of fee is the gas fee. Gas fees are network fees charged by the associated blockchain when a transaction takes place. The fee is often impossible to avoid, although OpenSea and some other apps offer “lazy minting” to eliminate these fees.

Asset selection

The best NFT apps to partner with are those that offer a selection of the finest digital artwork and the best metaverse games. NFT applications offer a wide range of NFTs for investors to consider, typically with options from both ends of the price spectrum.

Another good idea is to consider NFT apps that offer multiple categories of NFTs. For example, artwork, collectibles, music, and trading cards, to name a few.

Supported cryptocurrencies

All non-fungible tokens are dominated by cryptocurrency, meaning that potential investors must have some crypto before purchasing. The list of supported cryptocurrencies depends on which blockchain the NFT app is connected to. ETH is the most widely used payment method.

What’s more, some NFT apps allow users to purchase NFTs with a debit or credit card. This process involves exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency through a payment processor such as MoonPay, which simplifies the purchase process for those who don’t own crypto beforehand.

Supported blockchains

Apart from the supported cryptocurrencies, it is also important to look at the supported blockchains. The more blockchains an application supports, the broader the selection of assets, which is a key factor for investors.

The majority of NFT applications support the Ethereum blockchain because it is the most popular network for NFT creators. At the same time, more and more applications are starting to support NFTs minted on the BNB Chain, Solana, and Tezos, increasing the number of potential investment opportunities.

Decentralized or centralized

Many NFT apps are decentralized, meaning the application doesn’t have custody of the digital asset at any time. This approach increases security because there is no central authority that could be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

However, some NFT applications are centralized, meaning that the platform has custody of the NFT unless the owner transfers it to an external crypto wallet. Even though centralized platforms are more vulnerable, such NFT applications are often user-friendly and suitable for newcomers to the market.

Wallets supported

Finally, it is also important to look at the crypto wallets supported by a potential NFT application. It’s a good idea to choose an application that supports a wide range of trusted wallets. Such NFT apps streamline the investment process because users don’t have to set up another crypto wallet with another provider. In addition, the wallets supported by an NFT app are directly linked to the supported blockchains.

Is it worth building an NFT app?

Any new technology comes with its fair share of risks, and NFTs are no exception. Some NFTs are sold at jaw-dropping prices, while the majority of tokens never reach such success. Although the NFT market is unpredictable, we see that the NFT community is growing every day as people realize the true value of digital art.

We don’t know for sure if this is a culture of ownership or a new trend. However, we believe that everyone can try NFTs and decide if they can benefit from the technology.

In addition, the mobile NFT market is growing in popularity, so now is the time to give NFT enthusiasts what they want. Therefore, it is a good idea to create an NFT application that allows users to join the NFT market right away.

If you are ready to join the NFT hype train and benefit from the opportunities it offers, contact our NFT marketplace development team and start your NFT journey right now!

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